Best Blender For Smoothies

There are plenty of people who made smoothies their daily habit. If you are one of them, choosing the best blender for smoothies should be your main concern. In order to obtain the most nutrients and the best taste from fruits and vegetables that you use, it is vital that you use the best blender for making smoothies.

A blender is a vital component in the preparation of smoothies. Without one, you will not have any smoothie to enjoy. It purees, mixes and liquefies anything that is put inside it. There are even people who use the blender in grinding dry ingredients. Choosing the best blender for green smoothies depends on the kind of work it will be used and the frequency. Getting the most expensive model does not mean that you will also have the best blender for your particular requirements.

Best Blender For Smoothies review

What is the best blender for smoothies then? There are certain features that you should look out for in shopping for the best blender for smoothies. Among them are the following important features and characteristics.

What To Look For

  • Wide and Sturdy Base – you should get a blender that is incorporated with wide and sturdy base, which will not vibrate while you are blending at high speeds. Some blenders have bases that are made from plastic while others are made of metal. In choosing your blender, select one that has a metal base as it is heavier, more durable and thus provides better stability.

best sturdy blender for green smoothies

  • Sufficient Power – the best blender for smoothies must have enough wattage or horsepower. If it is for home use, choose a model that has a minimum of 350 watts rated power. If you could afford one that has 500 watts, the better. Blenders that have lower power have to run at high rpm’s or revolution per minute. However, rpm is not an indicator of how good a blender is. If your blender has low power, adding ingredients will reduce the rpm significantly. In addition, making smoothies could require ice to be crushed and the blender must be able to do it efficiently, unless you like large ice chunks floating around in your drink. The best blender for smoothies should be capable of maintaining blade speed while mixing, no matter what the ingredients are.

  • Speed Settings – this feature differ among various brands but it ranges from a dual setting of low and high, to several speed variations. You do not really need to have multiple speeds to prepare great smoothies. However, it is essential that your blender has a pulse button, which will allow you to do quick power pulses while processing your drink.

best quality blender for making smoothies

  • Choose Glass – blender containers can either be made from plastic or glass. Some people prefer plastic because it will not easily break when accidentally dropped and its light weight. However, plastic is prone to scratches and it will not last a long time when repeatedly washed in a dishwasher. Plastic also absorbs the odor of ingredients placed in it and it will require several washing before it is eliminated.

know what is the best blender for smoothies

Aside from meticulously examining the features and characteristics listed above, it would also be helpful to get insights from reviews and consumer reports you can find online. There are actually dedicated third-party organizations that do benchmark tests on different brands and models to determine the best blender for smoothies. Such listings are also updated yearly as newer and better blenders arrive. Such reviews are great tools you can use to arrive with a sound purchasing conclusion regarding the best blender for smoothies you can buy today.