Proper Shoe Storage

When you have a proper shoe storage system, it will be easy for you to organize and coordinate all your shoes to be paired with your clothes. Not only that: it helps keep your shoes in great condition thus extending their lifespan.

On top of that, keeping your shoes in neat storages will help prevent the buildup of germs, fungi, and other microbes that could cause you skin problems when you decide to use them.

If you have a well-organized closet plus well-organized shoes, you can easily pick your outfit for the day. That would definitely cut your preparation time in the morning since you don’t waste important minutes hunting for which shoes to wear in a pile of disorganized shoes (or worse, hunting for the pair of the shoes you want to wear!)

DIY Proper Shoe Storage

If you like to know some tips or guidelines about proper shoe storage, continue reading this article.

  1. First, collect and sort out your shoes. Segregate those shoes that you will still wear and those you will throw away. Then you can now start sorting them. The Wedge bootie will be put together with your other boots. Do the same in your stilettos, flat shoes and sandals. You can also put together shoes by colors.
  2. Select your own storage system. You can think what proper storage you will use to keep your shoe collections together. If you have large collections, a dedicated closet is a perfect choice. There are others such as shoe bags, racks or cabinet.
  3. Maintain. Keep some products which will maintain the condition of shoes even if you are storing them. You can spend once a week in arranging and maintaining your shoes just to check on their conditions.

What are the types of proper shoe storage?

You can find many shoe storage accessories in which you can decide according to your space and number of collections. Get to know them so it will be easy for you to decide.

  1. The shoe rack. This is one of the most common shoe storage that can be bought anywhere in the department stores. There are shoe racks that you can purchase and place on the floor of your closet. There are also taller racks or even a rotating one to be placed in a walk-in closet.
  2. The shoe shelves. You can purchase this in a store which sells organizing materials. Typically they are made with woods and works good for children’s shoes. You can just place them on the floors.
  3. The shoe bags. Shoe bags are for limited space rooms. Instead of racks or selves, you can use bags and just hang them on walls. They are also preferred for shoes with delicate materials like authentic leather and suede.

Wedge Bootie Storage

Now you already have ideas about proper shoe storage and the types you can use.

The Do’s and Don’ts in Wearing Boots

When the winter season sets in, the first thing you can see are different boots styled in different outfits. The shoe stores have gotten rid of their sexy T-straps and flats to give way for the more cold-ready boots and wedge booties.

Shopping for boots can get very tricky. This is because of the wide choices of boots out there on the market. There are also women who find it hard on how to wear them as much as how to shop. Boots like the wedge bootie are footwear which you can pair in almost all types of clothes. All you need is a little bit of coordination and mix up.

Uniquely Styled Wedge Bootie

Here are the do’s and don’ts in wearing boots. These things may help you get through the tough fashion needs of the entire winter season.


  1. Do try riding styles. You can look cool and nice when you can pair your cozy boots with your tailored blazer and tight jeans.
  2. Do tuck the skinny jeans into your boots. Leggings and skinny jeans are very natural to be paired with boots. For a sleek look, tuck the skinny jeans into the tops of the boots.
  3. Do dare bare-legged. If you have these amazing legs, why not try to flaunt them.
  4. Do wear tights. The best pair with ankle boots are black tights. The look can flatter you and is good enough for any cut of ankle boots.


  1. Don’t overdo your look. If you have collections of boots that are in daring color and bold, you can keep your appearance as simple as possible.
  2. Don’t wear longer skirts. The basic rule is, the taller the shaft of the boots the shorter the skirt must be. When you wear skirts that reach your knee pairing them with boots can make your legs shorter.
  3. Don’t mistake boots for formal wear shoes. Boots can never be a good replacement for stilettos or strappy sandals during formal events. They may be trendy but they must be worn on the right occasion.
  4. Don’t wear too much fringed and furry boots. It is cute when your boots are designed with fur but too much makes it look like little mammals eating off your feet.

Simply Awesome Wedge Bootie

Apply these do’s and don’ts in wearing boots and you are sure to survive the harsh winter weather – the biting cold and the coldness of a fashion faux pas.

Advantages of Black Wedges

Buying shoes is not an easy task. For most of us, it is more of a chore than a happy shopping experience. This is because finding the right shoes can be very painstaking. There is a lot of variety in the market today and picking out the best is indeed an arduous task. You need to take in consideration the style, elegance and comfort when you buy shoes which is mainly the reason why buying them is so difficult. However, there are certain pairs of shoes such as the black wedges that satisfy all the factors you are looking for. Not only are they highly elegant, they are also comfortable and a perfect wear to the office. It is very important to be comfortable in the office because you will be wearing them for long hours. Furthermore, looking fashionably chic is important which is why these black wedge shoes are the ideal choice for you.

Stylish Black Wedges Shoes

Advantages and Functionality of Black Wedge Shoes:

  • Black wedges are especially made for those who want to increase their perceived height, spice up their personality and exude elegance.

Beautiful Wedge Bootie

  • The heel part in typical wedges is usually uniform and thus very comfortable. The strain on your calves is minimized so that you can wear them for long hours without feeling any pain or pressure. Thus, you can have the feel of high heels without straining your legs as you would in stilettos.
  • There are numerous brands of black wedges available today and you can pick the best one based on your budget and your needs. There are black suede wedges that are gaining popularity because of the fact that they are very fashionable and great to look at.

Fashionable Black Suede Wedges

  • There are wedges that come as platforms too which have a heel but give you the feel of flats. These types are comfortable and great for those who are repelled by the idea of stilettos. There are also black peep toe wedges that allow your feet to breathe because they are open in the front. If you want complete shoes, you could try the wedge bootie which is extremely stylish and trendy.

Elegant Black Peep Toe Wedges

  • These black wedges shoes are so versatile that you can even find different patterns such as safari style. They are still professionally looking but still very stylish. Instead of choosing the basic black color, you could go for such patterns to add some hue to your daily wear. These also add a touch of sexiness that makes them very appealing.

The huge variety is the reason why black wedges are such a hit. You can wear different styles to different parties and occasions without restricting yourself only to the office. There are many ideas to explore and try on.

Desirable Wedge Shoes for All Occasions

Wedge shoes are comfortable and versatile and these two factors made them popular these days. You can wear them to college; you can wear them to your office, to parties and just about anywhere. However, these shoes are not new innovations. They have been around for several years and they are still a huge fashion statement even today.

Versatile White Wedge Shoes

The reason why wedge shoes are so comfortable is that the heel is even down to the front. Hence, your feet are not inclined. The shoes are raised but not inclined which makes walking in them easy.

Here are some more benefits of wearing wedge shoes:

  • You can wear them for hours without numbing your feet or causing any pain to yourself. You don’t have to worry about cramps when you finally remove them at the end of the day.
  • Your body weight will be spread evenly from heel to toe and thus, the comfort level will be very high. Hence, you will be able to walk easily in these shoes.

Luxury Wedge Shoes for Women

  • Your calf muscles will be safe from any damage because of strain.
  • The open-toe variety of wedge shoes allows your feet to breathe easily without any problem. Moisture in your feet is greatly lessened which makes them fresh throughout the day.
  • These shoes are very elegant and stylish along with other benefits.
  • If you are petite, this is the perfect gift you could give yourself to increase your apparent height and boost your confidence.
  • The fact that they can be worn with just about any kind of outfit makes them highly desirable. There are many designs that you can choose from based on its purpose.
  • You can choose from various colors like black wedge shoes, white wedge shoes and neutral colored wedge shoes depending on your outfit or its intended purpose. You will never fall short of variety when it comes to these shoes. There are acrylic heels, transparent shoes and even wooden shoes for you to choose from. The standard sole is usually wooden though.

Grand Look for a Black Wedge Shoes

  • The boots and the wedge bootie are ideal for the winter season because they can keep your feet warm and protected. For the summer season, you can go for the wedge sandals which are very comfortable and stylish.
  • You don’t even have to worry about the price because these shoes will fit your budget easily.

Red Elegant Wedge Bootie

As you can see, there are a lot to choose from when it comes to wedge shoes. Pick your favorite and get fashionable while being comfortable and carefree at the same time.

Wedge Bootie: Fabulous Ways to Wear Them

Majority of women will agree that the wedge bootie provides a certain level of beauty, style and comfort. Something seems so special in wedge boots that they seem to have an alluring quality that is not shared by most other shoe styles. They have high heels like stilettos but they provide the same comfort provided by pumps. They are very versatile as well. You can pair them with something formal and sophisticated such as a wedding dress and then transition easily into something like a business attire. There are also many designs available like the lace up wedge bootie and the leopard wedge bootie, making it possible to wear one anywhere with any outfit and on any occasion.

Stylish Leopard Wedge Bootie

What is a Wedge Bootie?

Most shoes have heels that sit right under the heel. The wedge heel is different since it goes under your foot from the back or heel to the front or middle of the shoe. The heel has a wedge shape, which you have probably guessed by now, although not all wedge booties have high heels. They range from high to low, the length and shape of the heel classifying the footwear as a wedge shoe.

Stunning Style Lace Up Wedge Bootie

What Makes the Wedge Bootie So Special

Now you may be asking what wedge booties can do for you. For a start, and possibly the most important thing, these booties are very comfortable while enhancing your general appearance by increasing the length of your legs at the same time.

Most women know how to look fabulous in a skirt but in case you missed fashion 101, you need to satisfy one of two criteria to look fabulous in a skirt. First you need to have long legs naturally and second, you need to have the illusion of having long legs. However, since not all women are blessed with long legs, the next best option is to add an illusion of long legs by wearing wedge booties.

Here are the unique features of the wedge bootie:

  • Wedge booties add height but you can walk in them easier than stilettos
  • Eye catching, sophisticated and endowed with very cosmopolitan look
  • Great with almost all lengths of dress or skirt
  • Wedge booties are fashionable option by nature. By wearing one, you increase your fashion quotient.
  • A wedge bootie will increase the shape and definition of heavy ankles, actually making them look thinner.

Simply Elegant Wedge Bootie

Most women achieve the perfect look by pairing the wedge bootie with a mini skirt. However, do not make the mistake of thinking that wedge boots work only with skimpy skirts. A wedge bootie will look hot with shorts, flowing skirts, bohemian styles, short skirts, wrap dresses, gauchos, flared or wide pants or jeans as well as thin and gauzy fabrics. Avoid wearing them with capris, straight or narrow legged pants and pencil skirts. They can make even dressy attire more fantastic.

Classic Black Wedge Bootie

There is a wedge bootie for every woman out there that can make you look so playful and sexy. For a classier look, you can wear a black wedge bootie.