Tips on How to Get Beach Waves for Hair

Curly or wavy hair generally looks amazing and that is not to be doubted. This has therefore led to most asking questions on how to get beach waves. Beach waves are generally the curls or waves that are created on hair regardless of your hair type, after swimming in the sea. This is mainly due to the salty water that oceans or seas have which create a minimal curling effect on your tresses. This therefore makes salty water one of the various methods of how to get beach waves. If you do not live close to a beach, no cause for panic as simple styling, too, can make beach waves on your hair. Here are some of the methods that one can use to get those beach waves perfect for spring or summer.

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  • Saltwater sprays – One can either choose to go for a home salt spray which is simple and cheap to make or buy a salt spray online or at your nearest drugstore. There are many different types of salt sprays thus one should carefully choose which spray specifically works best with one’s hair type. If you choose to make one yourself, you will need some sea salt, water and a spray bottle. Use one teaspoon of salt for each ounce of water. Salt sprays are simple to use but they can be extremely drying and it is not advisable to use them everyday even if they do not have a lasting effect on hair.
  • Hair rollers or buns – This is another trick on how to get beach waves. It is best done at night after washing your hair in the shower. It is a common method and works best with damp hair but depending on one’s hair type. One can add little amounts of salt spray to enhance the waves. This method requires patience to segment the hair, roll the parts on rollers or twisting the hair into buns then wait until morning or when the hair dries to undo it again. Use a curling spray or mousse to hold the curls. It may be disappointing, however, to hair types that do not hold waves well.
  • Wand curling iron – If you are one of the many who seek answers on how to get beach waves, then this is undoubtedly one of the easiest and best solutions you should try out. A wand curling iron heats up to curl hair according to how and where one wants the waves, either loose or tight. It has the longest lasting effect on any hair type out of all the reviewed methods. A wand curling iron is used on dry hair making it very simple and quick to use. It is usually the last and only resort to those who cannot find a lasting solution on how to get beach waves on their hair.

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Knowing how to get beach waves on your hair depends on the method that is going to be used. This is because there are different hair types and conditions. Beach waves are sexy and admirable, making the perfect combination for a fun look which most girls envy. Hair styling may seem complicated for many women but it is only as simple as knowing the right methods and products that work best with your hair. Knowing how to get beach waves should not be stressful to women as it is one of the simplest ways of styling hair.

History, Types and Uses of Hair Straighteners

Hair straighteners have been in use for a long time, starting from way back the 1900s, a time when tools used for hair straightening were two pieces of iron. These pieces were used by clamping them between hairs for straightening. Since then, hair straighteners have evolved to incorporate more features and designs. It is no secret that women all over the world like having their hair styled differently. They could choose to get services for hair straightening is offered in hair and beauty salons, although other people prefer doing their own hair at home.

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Types and Methods of Hair Straightening

Since the first hair straightening procedure was performed, it has evolved to more methods. These methods are listed below;

  • Permanent Straightening technique is performed using chemicals. These chemicals cause sulfur bonds in a person’s hair to separate, allowing it to take new shape and straight form. Neutralizing elements are used thereafter to reconnect sulfur bonds. This technique should be carried out by a professional.
  • Chemical Treatment is another method used as hair straighteners. Alkaline chemicals are used to swell hair and break bonds of sulfur. Caution should be taken while using this method, because, if the chemical is left on a person’s hair for long it can cause irreversible damage. Application of a protective cream to your scalp is highly advised before procedure.
  • Most popular method and tool used as hair straighteners are the hair irons. They have wide plates to accommodate large hair sections at a time while straightening. Available in markets today are ceramic hair straighteners, which have plates coated with ceramic. These plates enable even distribution of heat through hair while also preventing damage.

Current hair straighteners have an allocation for changing settings according to your likes, as well as different hair types. Performing this using the best hair straighteners gives quality results therefore, always look out for good hair straighteners from your salon or retailers of straighteners.

On the other hand, for those that prefer having curls on their hair, a wand curling iron is a great investment as they are easy to use at home.

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One thing that you should keep in mind is the aftercare given on straightened hair. Regular care should be given to your hair to avoid damage. Several products can be used to help in this like shampoos and conditioners. Deep conditioning of hair at least every two weeks is advisable to keep hair in perfect condition after hair straightening treatment. For more information about hair straighteners, you can search online, and you will be amazed by the information you will find. User reviews will help you in making final decisions on the type of hair straighteners to buy.

Flat Irons: Every Girl’s Must Have

Different people have different types of hair. Some are contented with theirs, and some due to fashion reasons are not. This is how and why flat irons were invented. Though they do not permanently straighten your hair, they can give you the best and instant straightening for your hair when going for a date, wedding, party and even a cocktail event. All this is due to the fact that when your hair is ironed, it is a lot easier to play around with and style it according to your desired coif.

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The idea of flat iron was introduced in 1872 by a lady called Erica Feldman. She begun by using heated iron rods to straighten hair. Although she was not the creator of flat irons, she was the first to begin using something similar to it. Flat irons were, thereafter invented by Lady Jennifer Bell Shofield in the year 1912. This device consisted of two plates that were hinged together.

Though not safe, they were more durable compared to the ones used today. However, flat irons were not commercialized until the year 1990 when they became available in salons, and most customers had to pay a handful of money to get their hair ironed. People with curly and wavy hair were the most common patrons of this hair device.

Types of Flat Irons

Today, they have been modified into different types that come at different costs. Below are types of flat irons:

  • There is the basic type of flat iron. This type comes with metal plates and usually has no settings. Although, there are rare ones that come with settings but they are quite limited. Due to this reason it is easy to burn hairs since they cannot be controlled.
  • Tourmaline type of flat iron is one of best flat irons. Their versatility is impeccable in that you can style your hair in various styles without any worries of outcome.
  • The ionic flat iron is result oriented. This type of flat iron locks in your hair moisture and gives it a shiny look.
  • The most popular type of flat irons for hair is the ceramic type. This flat iron burns less and ensures that there is stability in heat distribution.

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Professional flat irons are used for commercial purposes. They have various settings thus considered safe to use. However, they are expensive. Another type of a flat iron is the wand curling iron. Advantage of using a wand is that it preserves your hair.

Flat irons are handy especially for those women with curly hair. They are easy to use and readily available and affordable.

Important Guide In Buying Wand Curling Iron

A wand curling iron is a grooming device used by most women and stylists to create waves or curls to the hair. The wand works in the same principle to that of ordinary hair irons where the metal or iron portion of the wand is heated and when this heat is applied to the hair, curling and shaping is made possible.

The only difference of the wand-type iron from the popular hair irons that most women use is its function and form. Common hair irons have two metal plates heated and pressed to straighten or style the hair while the wand-type iron has cylindrical rods or barrels.

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Styles And Types Of Wand Curling Iron

There are several styles and types of curling irons. Most of the time, classifications can either be based on the size of the barrel, its make or the material used, the type of handle, or based on the shape or design of the barrel.

  • Based On The Size Of The Barrel. The size or diameter of the curling iron usually determines the size of the curls produced. Curling irons can come in distinct diameters but standard sizes available in the market ranges from ½ inch, ¾ inch, 1 inch, and the 1 ½ inch curling irons.
  • Based On The Style Of The Handle. Except for the clipless curling iron, the handles can features clips that are spring-loaded or the manual Marcel type. Between the two, the spring-loaded type of clip is better in providing precise control on the tightness or looseness of the clip.

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  • Based On The Material Used For Heating. Instead of using bare metals that may pose risks to the hair, the iron cylinder or barrels can either be made or coated with Teflon, ceramic, tourmaline, titanium, or other precious metals like silver or gold.
  • Based On The Style Of The Barrel. The barrel can either be any of the following:
  • The bare and simple cylinder or rod type barrel used to create generic curls.
  • The conical type of barrel which is shaped like a cone used to create larger curls on base of the hair and smaller curls towards the tip.
  • The reverse cone barrel which works in exactly the opposite manner to that of conical type of barrel.
  • The barrels with brush attachments used to create soft waves
  • And the double and triple types of barrel which can create wider and layered or patterned hair waves or curls.

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Two Of The Best Brands Of Wand Curling Iron

Several companies or brands produce their own line of wand-type curling irons, but the most trusted and popular brands include the following:

  • Remington

One of the highly rated brands when it comes to curling irons is Remington. Among its most sold wand is the Pearl ceramic wand curling iron. It is a professional curling iron yet can be easily used by all women at home. It caters to all hair types, the curls or waves produced last longer, and it features automatic shutoff to avoid overheating.

  • Conair

The Conair wand curling iron is also one of the most in-demand. Some its products feature a spiral guide which makes the creation of waves smoother and easy, plus, it avoids hair tangles. High levels of heat can be restored in an instant and there is also an automatic shutoff feature to prevent risks of overheating.

bed head hair tool ceramic curling iron

A wand curling iron has been considered an essential for regular hair grooming and styling of almost all women. And when shopping for the best wand curling iron, safety is the priority consideration. Other choosing factors include the right size, the proper type of barrel to create the desired curl or wave, and of course, a good purchase price.