Everything You Need to Know When Buying Wallets for Men

Whenever you are out shopping for wallets for men, it may seem as a daunting task as there are various types and designs available. What you need to understand while making your purchase is functionality. Wallets for men are made into designs that accommodate placement in pockets. Wallets for men are used to keep documents and money safe on day to day activities and when travelling. Easy access is also another advantage of using wallets as the owner is more organized rather than having credit cards, business cards and money in all pockets on his body. The best wallets for men are made using different materials like leather, denim and plastic.

all black leather wallet for men

Popular Brands for Men’s Wallets

Several designers have come up with cool wallets for men. Materials used to make these wallets are carefully selected and treated, and, on the final product, the brand name is embellished for a final touch. Amongst top brands available are as follows:

  • Polo
  • Givenchy
  • Armani
  • Dolce & Gabbana and Versace
  • Royce Leather

Leather wallets for men are most preferred due to their durability and present-ability, not to mention, the classy look they naturally give. It is said that a leather wallet has its own scent which no other wallet has. Most designer wallets for men are expensive, but one can find similar styles and at favorable prices from Paul Smith wallet who offer all types of cool wallets for men listed below:

  • Bi-fold wallet, which folds in two, and has slots allocated for money, business cards and credit cards. This is good for those who like their wallet in the back pockets of their trousers.
  • Trifold wallet is another version of folding but folds three times; they also have an allocation for business and credit cards.
  • Travel wallets best used by people who like wearing coats, these types are longer enough to hold travel documents, checks and even money. They do not fold, and thus money is kept straight.
  • Zipper wallets have zippers to lock contents of a wallet safely
  • Money clip wallets are becoming the in thing today with almost everyone going for one. This is due to the fact that they incorporate the usual wallet design plus a money clip at the middle of wallet. This is convenient for safekeeping of documents and easy access of cash from a clip.

royce leather mens tri fold wallet

While purchasing wallets for men, it would be important to know more about them and the functions they carry out. If are purchasing a wallet for a special person, look into buying a leather wallet that fits the functions he carries out. If he travels a lot, then a travel wallet will score you enough points.

Safekeeping Money In Style With Designer Wallets

Wallets are a must have. But today they are more than just a necessity. There are many different variations in wallets today and wallets have indeed become a style statement. This is why designer wallets such as the Juicy Couture wallets have become so famous. There are great designer wallets for both men and women and the variety is huge. There are leather wallets that have always been a rage and there are also aluminum wallets that are becoming popular slowly. No matter what your choice may be whether you are choosing wallets for men or wallets for women, there are a few things to keep in mind. While shopping you have to make absolutely sure that you buy the best and get the best deal. Here are a few shopping tips of designer wallets to help you out.

Must Have Juicy Couture Wallets

Shopping For The Best Designer Wallets

  • You should know the kinds of wallets available. When you look through the shop you will find bi-fold and tri-fold wallets. The latter are thicker and give you more space to put your things in. Bi-fold wallets on the other hands are broad and lighter and you can slip them into your pocket with ease. You should choose among these two depending on your convenience and preference.
  • The money compartments are crucial when you select designer wallets. You should make sure there are an optimum number of compartments for you to keep your money. A coin compartment is also very important in order for you to keep your change safe. There will thus be no need of putting your change in your pocket all the time.

High Fashion Wallets for Men

  • You should never compromise on the quality of your wallet. Durability is a very important factor. You should only choose good quality designer wallets even if they cost a little more. Always buy branded wallets only since you would want to keep your money in something durable and stylish as well.
  • The material you choose will also play a role in durability. While leather wallets are the most durable, there are also plastic, nylon and fabrics to make a pick from.

Quality Leather Wallets

  • Credits cards are essential these days and it is always important to carry them with you. This is why your designer wallets must have enough slots to hold your credit cards too. Hence, you should ensure that the slots for credit cards are well protected from dents and scratches.

You could make your purchase online as well as in stores based on your choice. There are greater chances of getting discounts over the internet though. There are many different brands and designers to choose from and thus you can settle for your favorite brand with ease.

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