Various Types of Projectors and Their Benefits

The technology of using projector has been in use as a presentation tool for long. As any other technology there are various types of projectors in the market. There are three types of the device on the market currently.

3 Basic Types of Projectors

1. The Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) projector

  • This is the largest and oldest type.

  • They do not have a fixed number of pixels making the machine capable to produce clear images from a lower or higher resolution.

  • Due to their size they are used in a fixed position.

  • The main drawback of these projectors is they do not produce very bright images as compared to the others.

Various Types of Projectors and Their Benefits for office purposes

2. Digital Light Processing (DLP) projector.

  • This type is based on an optical semiconductor chip.

  • It uses the pixels to set the resolution.

  • It produces high quality images.

  • However, its drawbacks are slightly expensive compared to the others. A problem of light leakage is another problem.

3. Liquid crystal display (LCD) projector.

  • This type of projection is much cheaper for presentation.

  • It is much light efficient and produce brighter images.

  • In terms of color contrast it produces saturated colors.

  • This is the best consideration when it comes to color production as a critical factor.

Because of the variety of projectors arising and quality of image varying then arises the need for projector mount. Also, the need to ensure a projector is fixed in professional way.

Different Types of Projector Mounts

  • Wall mounts which are important for devices accessible at hand. They can be fixed at a certain appropriate height.

  • Ceiling mounts this is where the projector is mounted on the ceiling and at a height out of ordinary manhandling.

  • LCD mounts which is useful for LCD projectors. It’s mounted in a position that is vital when image size is put in consideration.

Different Features to Look for in Projectors

However, the type of projector an organization needs should depend on various factors which include:

how to select best projector mount

  • Portability: This is key for enabling you to move with your projector and simplifying your installation setup. It provides you with an option to try various screen sizes, distances and rooms.

  • Brightness and contrast: This helps in viewing clear pictures and images.

  • Screen: The best display is one that can be viewed at any angle and a little long distance with clear images is much vital.

  • Cost of the projector: This is important especially if there is a specified budget that you have to allot for it.

  • Externalities: Also the size of the room and audience which will be using the projector can determine the type that is suitable.

In conclusion the best type of projector only depends on the organizational or even personal choice and the cost constraint of the device in line with the budget. However, going for the best projector and projector mount saves you the cost of troubleshooting and repairing your projector every time. In addition maintenance of the projector is the best way to keep it. Also achieving the best image quality depends on which projector mount you select in the market. The best brand can give you amazing results.