Various Types of Blenders

Technology has changed life in nearly all households. Gone are the days when for every small kitchen needs like chopping, blending, mixing, whipping or even grinding, people use to depend on manual methods. With the invention of a variety of kitchen appliances and electrical gadgets, life has become so smooth, simple and fast moving.

Counter top kitchen equipments like blenders have changed the scenario in each and every household. It has even reached the commercial applications where hoteliers, restaurant owners and café joints has commercial grade of blenders that are installed to handle food in bulk. Today, almost every popular home appliances brand has come up with various types of blenders to match variable consumer needs.

Various Types of Blenders to use

Top 3 Types of Blenders and their Features

With changing lifestyle, market is oozing with new designs that not only meet the requirements of your kitchen but also adds style and aura to the surroundings of your kitchen. They are a great combination of style and features. Depending upon your requirements and your budget, you can choose from below mentioned different types of blenders available today in the market:

i. Basic blenders

The most domestically accepted versions of blenders are the basic blender. It is found in almost every household around us.

  • These blenders are driven by electric motors and one can find blenders fitted with different capacity motor like 300 watts, 550 watts or 700 watts. Depending upon your blending and grinding needs, you can make a choice.

  • Usually, the higher the power of motor, the better is its performance in smooth and fine grinding.

  • These blenders are usually sailed with 2 big and 1 small polycarbonate or glass jar.

  • Again they can handle kitchen jobs of blending, mixing and chopping.

  • Popular brands like Cuisinart, Oster, Black and Decker offers some of the most performance-efficient models of basic blenders.

ii. Immersion blenders

Immersion blender in layman’s language is a hand blender.

  • It is a handheld stick blender with blade fitted at the bottom.

  • The basic job of immersion blender is blending semi liquid ingredients in their own vessel or in blender’s vessel.

  • Usually, immersion blenders are used to make soup, whip cream, pureeing vegetables, blending baby foods, smoothies or stir milkshakes.

  • The benefit of immersion blender is that it is very handy and slick to get accustomed in kitchens with scarce space. It can fit in almost all vessels and blend well without spraying out food.

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  • It is also beneficial to use them with hot food which otherwise can create accidents if blended in closed jars of basic blenders.

  • One can choose from variety of popular immersion blenders among which Cuisinart immersion blender range is worth of its value and known for its efficiency.

iii. Food processor

Food processor is all in one appliance that can handle different tasks, such as: chopping, shredding, grinding, blending, mixing and even kneading flour.

  • It comes with different blade attachments and different jars meant for blending liquids, grinding dry ingredients, chopping and shredding vegetables.

  • Basically it is designed to handle all tasks that are usually done using hands and they are great help to working women to smoothen their fast moving life.

  • They are also available in different sizes, designs and capacity. They are even designed to match commercial needs.