Fun and Cool Gadget Gifts

Do you have someone on your Christmas or birthday list who can’t seem to get enough gadget gifts? Find the best gadget gifts for the man, woman, child or even pet in your life. From helpful gadget gifts when you’re on the run, to just plain fun gifts to play around with, cool gadget gifts are never disappointing.

Ideas For Gadgets To Give

Green Gadgets

Some of the most unique gadget gifts are the ones that use solar power. These gadget gifts are perfect for backpackers and travelers.

  • The Solar Gadget Charger from Red Envelope lets you charge any electronic device that has a USB port, like your phone, camera or GPS. The internal battery charges via solar power and in turn charges your electronics.

best gadget gifts

  • Charge large devices like your Apple iPad with Voltaic Systems’ Spark Case. It has eight-watt solar panels charge and can put out up to 12 volts of power.

Practical Gadget Gifts

  • One of the best gadget gifts for photographers is the Polaroid Z340 Instant Digital Camera. Print out your picture immediately without the hassle of loading film.

  • iPhone cases do a lot more than just hold your phone. There are several different iPhone cases on the market that will also hold your credit cards, license and cash, along with your phone. You can also find iPhone cases that will charge save your phone’s battery life.

  • Power your must-have devices when you’re on the road with the coffee cup-shaped gadget charger from Red Envelope. The charger fits right into your car’s cup holder and let’s you charge three devices at the same time, including your laptop and DVD player.

  • Get a Perfect Portions Digital Food Scale for the dieter in your family. Users can choose the food they’re going to weigh and easily figure out how much one portion is.

best cool gadget gifts

Fun Gadget Gifts

  • The Floating Desktop Globe from Red Envelope is a conversation piece that’s small enough for the desk in your office.

  • Golfers will love gadget gifts that help their game. The golf putter laser helps both amateurs and pros by lining up the perfect shot.

  • American Eagle sells earmuffs with headphones buried inside them. Keep warm while listening to your favorite tunes.

  • Pet owners who hate leaving their pups for a few hours will feel comforted with the Puppy Tweets Dog Collar. Slip the collar onto your pet’s neck to be alerted via Twitter every time he moves or barks.