Underground Fence for Dogs: Features and Uses

The underground fence is a wireless, powered fencing system that helps to retain trained dogs in their yard. If you have a pet that escapes your backyard like a hound Houdini, getting into trouble and risking life and limb for the sake of a big adventure, then an underground fence could be a great help to stop this from happening and to keep your pup safe.

Key Features of an Underground Fence

A popular alternative to regular wooden or metallic home yard fencing, the underground fence option is appealing for many reasons, including its reliance on both technology and dog training.

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Really taking off in the 1970s, there are now a number of brands offering underground fences. Best of all, many of these brands have received hearty endorsement from vets and a number of pet humane societies such as the ASPCA. Safe for your beloved pet, the system is set up to warn your dog as it reaches or exceeds the boundaries of your yard. You can choose what warning system to use, including a warning sound, scent or a gentle static electricity shock.

An underground fence consists of three main components – an electronic transmitter, a dog collar receiver and a length of wiring that goes underground, to mark out the boundary you wish to create.

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Is an Underground Fence Right for You and Your Pet?

  • Assess your budget. An underground fence system will start at around $270, which is a lot cheaper than traditional yard fences. A chain or wood fence would set you back at least $1400.

  • Your dog needs to be trained by you to understand that staying within the yard boundaries will avoid a warning being triggered by the fence system. An underground fence for dogs will only be effective for trained dogs. The underground fence will not protect your dog from outside animals, as it only keeps your pet inside the boundaries.

  • For the underground fence corrective collar to work, your dog must either have a short coat of fur, or must be kept shaved around its neck. Otherwise, the corrective sensation will be ignored, or not even felt.

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  • When your home’s power is down, so is the invisible underground fence. If you live in an area with regular power outages, perhaps you should either reconsider this fence system, or establish a power backup solution.

  • The underground pet fence will require regular testing, to ensure it is still working. Different fencing systems come with varied testing modes, such as lights that allow you to easily ascertain that the power connections are all functioning properly.

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  • You know your dog better than anyone. Do you think your dog has a suitable temperament for this underground fence treatment? Is your dog relatively easy to train, and likely to work well within this system?

Underground Dog Fence Reviews

Underground fences generally get very favorable reviews online from consumers. There are many reviews available online that also compare the effectiveness of different underground dog fence brands. It is good to read as many reviews of different brands as possible before buying a fencing system, as well as to look into vet recommendations.