How to Train Dog With Wireless Fence

The wireless fence helps you set boundaries for your pet by using radio frequencies. The wireless fence has gained popularity because you do not need to redesign your home and place actual fences since it is invisible. Having an underground fence has also proven effective since through it a dog owner can learn new ways of how to train dog with wireless fence in an easier and quicker way.

Advantages of Wireless Fence training

  • The dog owner will not have to worry about the dog leaving the compound and wandering off.

  • The owner can leave the house comfortably without worrying about the safety of the pet.

  • This lets the pet take walks on its own without a leash.

best ways on How to Train Dog With Wireless Fence

  • This also means that the dog can play on its own without constant supervision.

The Disadvantages of Using Wireless Fence Training

  • Dog training with wireless fence does not work on all dogs.

  • Some may react aggressively towards the wireless fence.

  • For the training to be effective, it is best to start while the dog is still a puppy since it is much harder to teach an old dog new tricks.

The Steps in Training Your Dog with a Wireless Fence

The how to train dog with wireless fence is simple because, the dog owner needs to follow the following simple steps:

  1. The first step the owner has to consider on how to train dog with wireless fence is to look for an underground fence that suits both the dog and owner. There are many in the market so the owner should make inquiries before choosing a brand.

  1. The second step the owner should consider on how to train dog with a wireless fence is to know the difference between a dog leash and the dog training receiver. A dog owner should avoid placing a leash on the receiver since this may affect the transmission to the wireless fence. It is fine to place a normal collar for the leash with the receiver.

diy underground fence

  1. After placing the receiver, the next step on how to train dog with a wireless fence is to place the receiver at the lowest correction level. The correction at this level could be the use of sound or noise. The noise should be able to go off when the dog goes past its perimeter.

  1. The next thing to do on how to train dog with a wireless fence is to help the dog owner understand the set boundaries. When it goes past the boundaries and the noise goes off, use a lease or your voice to guide it back. Let the dog try it on its own, by praising it or giving it a treat when it returns to the set boundaries.

Note: The biggest ingredient on how to train dog with wireless fence is patience. There are dogs that only need one session to understand, while others may take more than two. Take your time with the dog since it will soon learn the basics.

Wireless Dog Fence Installation 101

A pet needs to move around to be happy. The free movement of pets can however be inconvenient for an owner when a pet leaves the home and damage other people’s property. Such problems, caused by pets can be avoided by wireless fence installation. The wireless fence is an electronic fence that curbs a pet’s movement within set boundaries.

The wireless fence comes highly recommended by veterinaries since it has no negative effects to your pet. The underground fence is created with the intention of fitting different homes and compounds. You can also customize a wireless fence to fit your exact specifications.

best efficient Wireless Dog Fence Installation 101

What to Consider When Buying a Wireless Fence

A pet owner should consider the following before buying an underground fence and proceeding with the wireless fence installation:

  • Look at the different wireless fence brands in the market and determine the area it covers. Get a powerful brand for larger areas.

  • Know the size of the pet. A receiver is the collar the pet wears. The receiver helps corrects the pet from venturing away of the set boundaries. Make sure the receiver is the right fit since some pets may have small necks.

  • Find out if the make of the wireless receiver includes a single or multiple correction receivers. Understand how the level of receiver correction will help your pet before deciding on one. Stubborn pets may need multiple receivers which help in controlling the pet.

  • Always look at the warranty of the underground fence before buying. A warranty assures you that the product is good and gives you an option of returning it, should it be defective.

How to Install a Wireless Fence

An individual can however do their own wireless installation.

Tools Needed for Installation

  • Matching anchors screws

  • Wire cutter

  • Ruler

  • Level

  • Phillips head screwdriver

  • Shovel

  • water proof wire splice


best working underground fence

  1. Have the underground utilities like cables lines, gas and telephone lines marked, so as to avoid damaging them accidentally when installing. These lines are very expensive to replace.

  2. Placing the underground fence wire and transmitter needs patience and focus. When placing the transmitter, put it an outlet specifically chosen for it.

  3. Avoid having to move the transmitter around. It is important for the outlet to be protected from both the wind and rain.

  4. The wireless fence wire releases boundary signal around the wire’s a radius that is why it is important to place the wire several feet outside the areas the pet can access. You can also configure the radius size.

If unsure about do-it-yourself wireless fence installation or are too busy to do it, get a professional to do it for you. The benefits of getting a professional include the money back guarantee since the professional has done it before and understands everything there is to know about wireless fence installation. Some also offer extra services like pet training.

Wireless Dog Fence for Easier Containment of Your Canine

The world is advancing fast and the dog industry has not been left behind, especially with the introduction of the wireless dog fence. These fences allow your dog to be contained while still enjoying a certain level of freedom which is necessary for man’s best friend.

A Guide To Choosing The Best Underground Fence

When choosing the best digital fence for your dog, it is important to consider a number of factors. This will help you to enjoy quality services from your option.

  • The Dog Collar

great wireless dog fence

When choosing a quality dog fence, one of the things that you should consider is the dog collar to be used. Different reviews will help you choose the right kind of electric collar for your dog. Various Havahart wireless dog fence reviews show that the new collar strap has been improvised in such a way that it can be relied on owing to the improvements that have been added to it. The collar is made suing heavy weight nylon meshing that accommodates the antennas.

  • The Size of the Dog’s Neck

You will however need to consider the size of your dog’s neck when buying the wireless fence. There are different collar sizes available in the market and only that which is made to fit the size of your dog will offer you effective results.

  • The Correction Options

    There are also several correction options for the wireless collar although some
    digital fences such as Havahart allows for adjustments to any of the different levels depending with your dog’s character and needs. Using the wireless fences on your dog should be limited to a certain number of hours during the day for the sake of your pet’s safety.

Considering The Wireless Fence Reviews

One of the best ways to identify the best fence will be to look at various wireless dog fence reviews as this will help you understand what other customers have to say about the ones they have used.

It is also important to understand that different wireless electric dog fences offer different roaming allowances and therefore you should consider this keenly. Some digital fences are regarded highly owing to the advanced technology used in their manufacturing something that allows you as the dog owner to enjoy highly efficient results when using them. Checking different fence reviews will help you decide on which fence is ideal for you and your dog.

best wireless dog fence reviews

According to the different Havahart wireless fence reviews, the fence has an enhanced antennae technology that allows the system to be more reliable compared to many other digital fences. This means you can easily control the radius within which you want your dog to roam. The system works well by sending a signal between the universal collar and the controller thus ensuring quality control for your canine. The digital communication has been perfectly developed to allow for accurate tuning that makes it easy for the dog owner to set it up within a short time and with much ease.

It is therefore evident that the wireless dog fence has helped the dog owners to do away with the chains that are not very reliable and which could end up hurting your lovable pet. The different digital fences in the market today are sold at varying prices and you will need to consider this as you search for your ideal choice. Keep your dog within sight with advanced technology, use wireless electric dog fence.

An Electric Fence: A Different Approach to Dog Training

An electric fence is a pet training technique owners use to train their dog to stay close to home. In existence since the 1970s, the electric fence for dogs carries a lower risk for injury in case the dog tries to escape. Cheaper than the cost of a traditional fence, the electric fence takes only a fraction of the time to build.

FAQs About An Electric Fence

  • What is an electric fence?

An electric fence for dogs is a safe and humane method to teach your dog property boundaries. As the pet approaches the fence’s boundaries, the electric dog collar sends the dog a gentle warning.

best effective electric fence

The type of warning depends on the owner. Some owners prefer a certain signal smell while other prefers a light shock. The dog will receive another warning if he is successful in crossing the boundary. Working with your dog at least 15 minutes a day for the first two weeks helps the dog to adjust to the new pet fence. In order to be effective, it’s important that the dog wears the collar every time the pet is outside.

  • Is an electric fence safe?

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and veterinarians prefer an electric fence to the traditional chain link and wooden post fence. Animals, especially smaller animals, have a higher risk of injuring themselves or entangling their collar on chain link fences. The injuries can vary from small minor cuts to deeper gashes that require medical attention.

Because the wires of an electric fence are under ground, the home owner does not have to worry about the dog becoming tangled or chewing them. Wooden fences require constant repair to make sure the posts do not become loose, broken or present any other safety hazards. An electric fence is also a safer alternative to keeping the dog on a chain.

The underground fence adds to the appearance of the property because there is never an issue with corrosion or weathering. Since it’s not an actual erected fence, you are not limited by the homeowner association rules or any other city ordinances regarding erecting a fence. Regardless of your property’s landscape, the small wires make it easy to outline the boundary of your yard.

  • What’s included in the electric fence supplies?

best reliable electric fence for dogs

The electric fence for dogs has four basic parts: the dog collar, the lengthening wire, the electric fence charger and the transmitter. The electric fence charger energizes the complete fencing system and is available in AC, DC/Battery and solar power. For the best results, proper earth grounding is necessary. Choose rods that are galvanized, at least 6 to 78 feet long and have good ground clamps.

  • How do you maintain an electric fence charger?

Because the electric circuit must make a full circle back through the charger through the ground, a poor grounding may result in weak shocks.

Since the fence is supposed to act like a rubber band and not break if something runs into the wire, placing the posts closer than 80 feet apart may result in a post being knocked out of place or an insulator breaking. Separating the lower wire and installing a switch on them helps to preserve the charger’s power since wet grass will cause the charger to drain quicker.

Underground Fence for Dogs: Features and Uses

The underground fence is a wireless, powered fencing system that helps to retain trained dogs in their yard. If you have a pet that escapes your backyard like a hound Houdini, getting into trouble and risking life and limb for the sake of a big adventure, then an underground fence could be a great help to stop this from happening and to keep your pup safe.

Key Features of an Underground Fence

A popular alternative to regular wooden or metallic home yard fencing, the underground fence option is appealing for many reasons, including its reliance on both technology and dog training.

best underground fence

Really taking off in the 1970s, there are now a number of brands offering underground fences. Best of all, many of these brands have received hearty endorsement from vets and a number of pet humane societies such as the ASPCA. Safe for your beloved pet, the system is set up to warn your dog as it reaches or exceeds the boundaries of your yard. You can choose what warning system to use, including a warning sound, scent or a gentle static electricity shock.

An underground fence consists of three main components – an electronic transmitter, a dog collar receiver and a length of wiring that goes underground, to mark out the boundary you wish to create.

best reliable underground fence for dogs

Is an Underground Fence Right for You and Your Pet?

  • Assess your budget. An underground fence system will start at around $270, which is a lot cheaper than traditional yard fences. A chain or wood fence would set you back at least $1400.

  • Your dog needs to be trained by you to understand that staying within the yard boundaries will avoid a warning being triggered by the fence system. An underground fence for dogs will only be effective for trained dogs. The underground fence will not protect your dog from outside animals, as it only keeps your pet inside the boundaries.

  • For the underground fence corrective collar to work, your dog must either have a short coat of fur, or must be kept shaved around its neck. Otherwise, the corrective sensation will be ignored, or not even felt.

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  • When your home’s power is down, so is the invisible underground fence. If you live in an area with regular power outages, perhaps you should either reconsider this fence system, or establish a power backup solution.

  • The underground pet fence will require regular testing, to ensure it is still working. Different fencing systems come with varied testing modes, such as lights that allow you to easily ascertain that the power connections are all functioning properly.

best underground pet fence installation

  • You know your dog better than anyone. Do you think your dog has a suitable temperament for this underground fence treatment? Is your dog relatively easy to train, and likely to work well within this system?

Underground Dog Fence Reviews

Underground fences generally get very favorable reviews online from consumers. There are many reviews available online that also compare the effectiveness of different underground dog fence brands. It is good to read as many reviews of different brands as possible before buying a fencing system, as well as to look into vet recommendations.