Types of Snow Clothing and Accessories

Winters brings in with them freezing temperatures, windy climate, and snow. Northern hemisphere of the world is highly affected by winter season. Countries falling in this part of the World tend to freeze and people residing there need to take intense care to safeguard themselves from being extremely affected by the winter season.

Best Types of Snow Clothing and Accessories

Different types of snow clothing and accessories are meant to protect human beings from snow and dripping temperatures are nowadays available in the market. Wide range of products are manufactured by popular brands and put forward for people to choose from.

Layers of Winter Clothing

To get protected from freezing temperatures, people tend to make layers of clothes on their bodies. Clothes meant for protecting each and every part of human body are designed and put forward in the form of accessories.

Usually people residing in northern hemisphere of the world tend to dress with below mentioned three layers of clothing:

Inner layer

  • Inner or basic layer of clothes are meant to keep away moisture from the body and induce heat and dryness.
  • Basic clothing for inner layer can be either light weight or medium weight.
  • Avoid wearing clothes that absorb moisture like cotton clothes.
  • It is preferable to wear thermal wear or clothes made out of synthetic material.

Center layer

  • Center layer is where you can bring in some fashion. Thicker center layer can keep moisture away and make you feel warmer.
  • One can go in for 2-3 light weight clothes or one single woolen wear cloth like a light weight sweater or pullover.
  • Pants made out of combination of wool with other materials are better over those made using jeans material.

External layer

  • External layer is meant to have protection against direct knock from external climatic elements like snowfall, cool breeze and drizzle.


Men's Insulated Snow Bib

Types of Snow Clothing and Accessories

  • Thermal wear: Variety of thermal wear is made available in the market. Thermal wear are made using synthetics like polyester, nylon and polypropylene and are available in two pieces to be worn under shirt and pants. They are light in weight, comfortable, safe to the skin, and protects from freezing temperatures.
  • Jackets: Woolen jacket or overcoat can protect from cool breeze, sweat suits and water proof jackets are appropriate for rain and jackets that are combination of wool and waterproof material are appropriate insnowfall.
  • Snow bibs: Quality snow bibs are worn as an external layer in snow clothing. It is kind of trouser extended to cover chest with braces that go above the shoulders. They resemble dungaree and are usually made out of synthetics like nylon and polyester preferably worn for skiing activities.
  • Sweaters: Sweaters are kind of knit garments made out of synthetic materials and high quality warm wool. They are usually worn as a part of external layer in snow clothing.
  • Socks: Woolen socks that are light in weight are preferred accessories for snow clothing. Instead one can even wear layers of light weight socks to protect from freezing temperatures.
  • Gloves and wrist guards: Gloves and wrist guard are meant to protect your palms and wrist from snow injuries. They are made using breathable waterproof woolen materials. As a part of external layer, gloves and wrist guards are popularly used as part of skiing accessories.
  • Caps: Cold temperatures can be harsh if cool breeze tend to enter your body through your head. Though hair is a protection layer, but additionally warm woolen cap canprovide better warmth to head and the overall body. Jackets with hoods can also be used as a part of snow clothing accessories.