Lawn Care Equipments and their Uses

In the article below, you will be oriented on some of the commonly used lawn care equipments, together with their many feature and uses.

Tools Used for Lawn Care and Maintenance

1) Lawn mower

The moment we think of lawn equipments, the first thing to hit our mind is a lawnmower. As we already know, a lawnmower is used for level cutting of grass. Now depending upon the lawn area, multiple options are available.

ariens lawn mower

  • A hand push mower is a manually operated one that is best suited for small residential lawns.

  • For a bigger lawn, electric motor equipped mowers are there.

  • A still bigger lawn would need a ride-on petrol driven lawn mower.

Commercial mowers are mounted with higher horsepower engine and rear tractor and mostly used in city parks and golf courses. Ariens Lawn Mower offers a wide range of mowers to meet your requirements perfectly.

2) Line Trimmer

It’s also known as Brush Cutter, String trimmer, Whipper Snipper, Strimmer, Weed whacker.

  • This is a lightweight and handy equipment that is used for small trimming purposes.

  • This is a handheld, powered device, with a long rod to reach inaccessible areas along the hedges and fences.

  • Just switch on the engine, mount over the shoulder and its ready for giving a finish touch to your garden.

3) Chain Saw

  • For a heavy duty job like cutting thick branches or felling the trees, a chain saw goes well.

  • It’s mounted with a much powerful two stroke engine. However, it’s rarely required for maintaining a domestic lawn.

4) Leaf Blower

This cleans up the fallen leaves, dust, debris off the lawn and other sideways.

  • This is equipped with a small, 2 stroke or 4 stroke engine and sometimes with an electric motor.

  • This handheld device propels a strong blow of air from a nozzle, to push away all the unwanted objects in the lawn.

5) Earth Auger

An earth auger is basically a drilling machine, used to create a perfect vertical hole in the ground.

  • You want to plant a series of seasonal flowers, or may be a chain of vegetation in your garden, then you need a manually operated auger.

  • For a more serious and heavy duty work, powered augers are also available.

6) Lawn Aerator

Too much compaction over a period of time reduces the air pockets in the soil; thus, reducing the air circulation in the soil. It’s important to adequately aerate the soil, enabling the grass roots to breathe properly.

  • A lawn aerator serves the purpose by improving aeration, drainage and relieving compaction.

  • A Core aerator and Spike aerator are two basic classifications available, along with manual and powered segregated by the mode of drive.

reliable ariens lawn mower

7. Dethatcher or Lawn Sacrifier

Too much thatch or moss in the lawn will prevent the grass from growing. So the remedy is to remove this thatch. And that’s what a Dethatcher is used for.

  • The machine has a series of vertically mounted sharp blades that penetrate deep in the soil and remove the thatch deposit.

  • This is available in manual and powered option.

There are many other lawn equipments available for performing a variety of functions. This includes Sod Cutters, Top dressers and Cultivators. So depending on your interest and involvement, you can choose the right and best suited equipment for your lawn.