Choosing Between the Types of Fragrances for Women

You have to bear in mind that there are various types of fragrances for women available in the market. These different types of fragrances for women are basically how women select a particular perfume to wear. If a woman wants to exude a distinct impression, then she will choose a certain type of perfume. At the same time, there are also certain types of perfumes that are more suitable during certain times of the day.

Various Types of Fragrances for Women

  • Floral – This kind of perfume exudes a smell of flowers. It is very feminine and is only used by women who want to appear more feminine. With these floral perfumes, there is a certain type of flower that dominates the scent but is not uncommon that it can be mixed with others. The most common floral scent includes lilac, jasmine and rose.

different types of fragrances for women

  • Fresh – With this kind of perfume, it offers a fresh, youthful and energetic scent. The scent of this type of fragrance denotes a reminiscence of the ocean. These scents are usually worn by women who are younger and worn when they do not want to appear fancy or formal.

  • Fruity – This kind of fragrance denotes a fresh kind of feeling, but more on the feminine side. It also denotes a casual type of smell and usually worn by women in the morning or during sunny afternoons. The popular scents of this kind include apple, cherry and cucumber melon.

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  • Oriental – This kind of perfume is more exotic and takes a special kind of taste in women to like it. It denotes a hint of musk and spice and usually features ingredients such as amber, cinnamon and many more. This kind of perfume tends to be very strong. If you are planning to use this kind of perfume, it is advisable to use it during evening occasions.

These are the essential scents that are generally considered as the fundamental types of fragrances for women. When choosing a particular perfume, it is best to choose one that matches your personality. If you have heard about Guerlain Shalimar perfume, it offers a fresh floral note that is perfectly incorporated with warm opoponax and vanilla. It is a one of a kind scent that you surely love to wear anywhere you go. When shopping for perfumes and colognes, be careful with spending a big amount of money to something which is not original. Be sure that you only buy on trusted shops.