Wearing Popular Accessories

The all-embracing fashion trends of today makes the people flaunt for their own identity through wearing signature brands and channeling certain looks that are currently popular. This is because of the fashion industry’s unceasing dedication to creating new ideas every season and releasing their own trademarks each and every year. People are very keen into fashion because of one reason: it allows for people to express themselves while looking attractive. But fashion is never complete with just clothes and shoes alone. That is why there are many popular accessories that men and women collect and shop.

You can definitely find many ideas to be always fashionable and attractive. The accessories vary for men and women. Here are the few popular accessories for both genders.

the best popular accessories

  • Handbag. In American English, this is called pouch or purse. This bag is from medium to large size, usually one of the popular accessories for women. But the handbag now becomes one of the large accessories not just for women but as well as for men. This is because the handbag can hold many personal items such as wallet, keys, cigarettes, mobile phones or large money. You can find many designers handbag for men such as the Bottega Veneta and Prada. Well-known companies now produce men’s and women’s handbags in various shapes and sizes.

  • Hats. For many years, men and women have benefitted from wearing hats. Not only do they protect from the rays of sun but now are used to accessorize the outfits. Hats are popular accessories because they are very useful not only for the main function but as well in styling. They have the power to transform a simple outfit into a statement one. Hats come in various styles – boho hats, fedoras, fishermen’s hats, etc. and they add their own unique flavor to any look.

trendy jewelry for women and men

  • Jewelry. Though jewelry is considered as the women’s domain, they are now very popular among the male population. Jewelries are used by women because they add beauty, attraction and make them striking. For men, they wear jewelries for masculine look and denote power. Men and women invest in trendy jewelry to accessorize their fashionable outfits. Common jewelries include bracelets, bangles, watches, necklaces and earrings. Many of these jewelries come in unisex designs. But one trend these days are couple jewelries, where each design comes in pairs – one a masculine design and the other, its softer, more feminine counterpart. This is especially popular among married couples who like to express their love in matching outfits, and yes, matching jewelries.

Here are some of the popular accessories for both genders. You can find more accessories that are used and very common to fashion industry.

The Do’s and Don’ts in Wearing Jewelry

regardless of how it matches (or, otherwise) with your overall look. There are also certain rules and guidelines when it comes to wearing them. A lot of women are unaware of this and simply go about committing fashion boo-boos that range from awkward to horrible. If you are one of those women who love wearing jewelries but are unsure of the how to’s of wearing them, you can read in this article the simple do’s and don’ts in wearing jewelry.

These rules are to teach you on how to pair your jewelries with each other and how to pair them properly with your outfits.

The Do’s:

the following do's and don'ts in wearing jewelry

  • Do mix and match. You have to pair your jewelry properly to your clothes. Of course, you can mix your big rings with your long necklace but keep the balance maybe by wearing cropped shorts and tucked tight tops (to balance the length. It will not do well when you will wear loose pants or baggy top upper clothes. You can mix your bangles but there are certain rules on matching them. Be sure that you balance your clothes with your jewelries and at the same time balance each accessory you wear.

  • Do keep the diamonds always clean. The diamonds can easily lose their sparkles very quickly. But cleaning them shouldn’t be difficult. There are many ways in which you can clean them. You can use a product to retain again the shine and sparkle of the diamond jewelry.

  • Do try chandelier earrings. They are very nice for women who have long hair. But when you do, keep the necklace simple or ditch it completely. You don’t want your face and head to look overstuffed with large earrings and large necklaces.

  • Do wear a long necklace if you are have a short neck. The length of the necklace gives an illusion of length on your neck.

  • When you wear your pearls, wear them in sets. Do not pair your pearl earrings with your ruby necklace. That’s Jewelry 101 know-how.

30 types of trendy jewelry

The Don’ts

  • Don’t make too much investment. Yes, it is nice when you can wear trendy jewelry when it is the latest. But it does not mean you have to spend all your hard-earned money just to get the look. The trending of jewelry changes every year. What is popular today may not be on the future, so at least you have invested on affordable jewelries. Should you invest in jewelry, invest in authentic ones – real gold or silver and real studs. The value does not depreciate overtime.

  • Do not overdo matching the jewelries. It does not mean that when you wear black blouse and pants you have to also wear black jewelry. If you can wear other colors such as orange or blue, you can give highlight to your outfit. Make the plain outfit shine.

  • Do not throw away your old jewelry, especially if it contains a classic design. They will look well if you are gunning for the vintage look.

Getting Personalized Jewelry

Nothing is sweeter or more valuable than a gift that was made especially for you. Personalized gift ideas tell you just how much the other person knows you and the things that will make you happy. Not to mention, a personalized gift means the other person wants you to have something only you will ever have.

For women, the most common types of these kinds of gifts are personalized jewelry. Women are known to love jewelry by nature, the so-called fancy little things in life. They say you’ll never go wrong with gifting a woman a great piece of jewelry. Take it up a notch higher, give them a piece of jewelry that was made only for them, and you’re surely remembered for eternity.

Priceless Gifts: Personalized Jewelry

From personalized jewelry for moms to personalized jewelry for girlfriends, fiancées and even sisters, these custom-made trinkets are such a hit. And understandably so. These gifts require no more than your creativity and how well you know the recipient.

best unique personalized jewelry

Among the top customized services done is monogrammed jewelry. This is simple and easy and usually do not take as long as when an actual personal design is used. Others go a little extreme, especially on personalized mom jewelry,

There are tons of options available and ready for you to choose from – design, material, size, etc. The internet has made things even easier for placing orders. With just a few clicks on your laptop, makers of personalized jewelry are ready to service you and create your orders. Soon thereafter, your custom-made trendy jewelry is ready to be shipped out to the recipient of your gift.

Here are a few things you need to know about personalized jewelry:

best simple yet elegant personalized silver jewelry

  • Personalized jewelry today is not as expensive. Unlike before, you don’t need to spend too much to get them. With the availability of cheaper materials these days, you can have an inexpensive personalized silver jewelry that’s as good but not as pricey as authentic ones. Other materials also include wood, gemstones, plastic, etc.

  • For women, there are beautiful pendants, lockets and charm bracelets. There are numerous styles and designs to pick from and you can have initials of your loved one inscribed on them. These gifts are ideal for birthdays, anniversaries and other occasions.

  • With personalized jewelry, you have a whole world of options. It all depends on what you want, really. Anything that you think would make your loved ones happy, say it and they’ll bring it is the name of the game for these jewelry makers.

And with personalized jewelry, you know you’ll never have to worry about the recipient liking your gift or not. Just the thought of giving them something that is about them, how you value them, and how much you know them is enough to make them happy.

Your Choice of Fashion Jewelry

Fashion jewelry has invaded the market for popular women’s accessories. Although it has not replaced the position of the authentic precious jewels, these cheaper alternatives have become mega hits to women all over the world.

What women love most about them is, aside from the fact that they are inexpensive, is the wide range of options: from replicas of your favorite designer ensembles to the cutest little trinkets.

There are numerous types and materials such as beads that are again made from glass, stone, metal or plastic, paper, etc.

When wearing them was a fashion faux pas back in the day, wearing cheap fashion jewelry these days is a show of trendiness. The designs they come in now range from creative to artsy to ridiculous even. You can easily channel your inner Gaga in them, no doubt!

best stylish fashion jewelry

If you are wary of wearing them or you have no idea where to get them, here are a few tips on where to find them and how to wear them:

  • If you are looking for beautiful designs and a huge variety to choose from, vintage shopping is the right thing for you. The designs are so varied that fine jewelry cannot match up to it in any way. The fact that they are vintage pieces is proof that the jewelry is durable and vintage jewelry is usually very beautiful. And if you’re lucky, you can get good bargains.

best trendy wholesale fashion jewelry

  • Costume jewelry is another kind that you’d want to look for. You can add a lot of zing and color to a simple white dress or a black dress with such fashion jewelry. There are many colors, styles and materials to look through and experiment with. You are sure to find something that you love and that which suits you. You can pick based on the purpose as in going to the office or getting dressed for a party.

  • You can go for wholesale fashion jewelry if you are looking to buy them cheap. The styles and the designs will still remain varied and the only difference will be in the rates. Wholesale stuff is always cheaper. You can find the best deals over the internet and purchasing over the web is easier because of the fact that it is quicker and you can research everything within minutes.

  • You can alter your look everyday with fashion jewelry. Since they are cheap and you have the option of buying wholesale, you can buy the best for each dress and have a great new look every day. If you are looking for discount fashion jewelry, the internet is again your best bet along with other sales and promos in retail stores.

There are many high-end looking fashion jewelry pieces that you can purchase. You can look like a million dollars without having to spend even half of it. As with anything that concerns fashion, always maintain your true identity. Your accessories must bring out the best in you, not the you bringing out the best in them. Happy shopping girl!

Trendy Jewelry

Dressing and styling would have been complicated tasks if there were no fashion statements and trendy jewelry items that everyone can mimic or base their regular or especial getup. When it comes to styling, jewelry and all other kinds of accessories have greatly liberalized from the usual and plain gold or silver rings, earrings, and bracelets to what are now more colorful and bold bracelets, bangles, pendants, anklets, earrings, and other accessories.

The Popular Jewelry and Accessory Trends

Among the most noticeable changes when it comes to jewelries and accessories is the variety of not only the style and design but also with the materials used to craft each piece. The trendy jewelry pieces of today come in different styles and designs, most, are uniquely crafted. There are several items that are made out of ordinary materials converted into valuable pieces and are sold as wholesale trendy jewelry.

best fashionable and trendy jewelry

  • Bracelets and Bangles. Although the simple silver and gold bracelets are still widely used, a lot of women especially the teens still crave for the more colorful and bold bracelets and bangles. Most of the popular bracelets are usually crafted with beads, polished wood, or the common and colorful gemstones making these types of accessories more accessible and affordable for the public. The cheap trendy jewelry bracelets and bangles are perfect for regular gimmicks or outings.

  • Pendant and Chain Necklaces. Another popular jewelry items of today are the numerous styles and designs of pendants or necklaces fit for regular or the more formal functions or occasions. Plain necklaces are now adorned with complementary gemstones, lockets, and other pieces placed to accent or bring more highlights to the jewelry.

best wholesale stylish and trendy jewelry

  • Pearl Jewelry Items. Another trendy jewelry items are the natural pearls. Pearls are ideal for the formal and semi-formal look and purpose. But there are now jewelry makers who manufacture colorful pearls by making use of synthetic materials. Pearls are best in creating classy and beautiful earrings, rings, pearl necklaces, bracelets, etc.

  • The Large and Bold Jewelry Rule. As mentioned above, the current trend in jewelry and accessories are the bold, the large, and the vulgar ones. Bracelets are preferred if they are oversized, the same manner when women and fashion stylist prefer long, and extra-layered earrings, and larger and more elaborate necklaces.

cheap unique and trendy jewelry

Wearing Trendy Jewelry Pieces

When you are mixing and matching your wardrobe to certain pieces of jewelries and accessories, the process is now easier and simpler. Perhaps, the only rule will be: to choose accessories, jewelries which will enhance your look or pair them out with clothes still to make you look better. Also, the price of the accessory is no longer a concern, hence, you can already buy from any of those trendy jewelry wholesale shops some cheap yet beautiful pieces. Here are some of the wearing tips concerning the popular jewelry items enumerated above.

  • The bracelets and bangles are fit for the usual getup. They enhance the so-called monochromatic clothes or those that need extra sparkle or shine.

very unique and trendy jewelry wholesale

  • Pendants and necklaces should be exposed and showcased. V-neck shirts, tops, or the turtlenecks would ensure this purpose of flaunting these trendy jewelry pieces.

  • Pearl jewelries are perfect with dark-colored clothes. The contrast in color gives the white pearls the needed attention or highlight.

Now that you know the different styles of a trendy jewelry, make sure you wear them the proper way by following the suggestions mentioned above. In this way, you can ensure that your style will never be boring and plain looking anymore.