Lonely Planet France

Who hasn’t dreamt about travelling to France, dining at the Tour Eiffel and enjoying a cruise along the River Seine? France is one of the most preferred tourist destinations in Europe and, for many, it is the entry way to the rest of the European continent.

Lonely Planet France guides are highly appreciated by travelers because they are really well written and provide really useful information. Unlike other travel books on France, these guides are written by people who really love the country and who know it in depth.

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The Lonely Planet France guides are rich in information that helps you enjoy your trip to France right from the comfort of your couch. The Lonely Planet books on France provide really very interesting information that will make your trip to this lovely European country even more enjoyable.

As Lonely Planet France guides are written by different authors, you can identify with all or some of them and follow each of the tours they suggest. It is as if somebody takes you by the hand and enjoys with you the views from the Arc of Triumph, dines with you at a candle-lit bistro by the River Seine, climbs up the thousand steps of the Montmartre Church and have a great time with you in the Louvre Museum.

best lonely planet books on france

There are many travel books on France that you can buy. In fact, they are really easy to find as usually bookstores are full of them. Travel books on France usually have lots of pictures so that once you reach this beautiful European country it seems to you that you have already been there.

France is one of the most beautiful travel destinations in the whole world and you can be assured that you will definitely enjoy your stay there. Include a couple of guide books on France in your travel luggage so that you don’t miss any of the worth visiting spots that France has to offer.