About Torx Wrench Sets

A torx wrench is a tool that is shaped like an “L” and looks somewhat like a screwdriver. However, instead of a screwdriver looking head it has a six-pointed star shape used to take out special torx screws.

There is also a tool called a torx screwdriver, which is just another name for the torx wrench as both of them are used to take off torx screws such as those used in cars, bikes, electronics, gadgets and more. These special screws are meant to hold something together stronger than using regular sized screws.

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What Sizes Do Torx Wrenches Come In?

Torx wrench sizes depend on the size of the torx screw they are meant to work with. Torx wrench sizes range from a T1 up to a T100 size. You must buy the specific size of torx wrench to work with a specific size of screw.

You can buy a torx wrench set that should have each of these sizes in the set at a hardware store or home supply store or online at many websites for tools.

Other Types of Torx Wrench

An external Torx wrench is one with a head shaped like a Torx screwdriver bit. It requires a special socket and is usually found on car engines. There are also other types of specialized torx wrench such as the ones used to remove tamperproof torx screws.

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Why Were Torx Wrenches Made?

A torx wrench came into the consumer market when consumers wanted a way to get Torx screws off of their devices and be able to work on them. The companies had at first made this impossible for the average consumer, but then a torx wrench became available to buy and they weren’t able to restrict consumers any longer.

Because of this, some companies are designing special tamperproof torx screws that a regular torx wrench anyone can buy won’t be able to take off. They look the same on the outside but there is an added post stuck in the middle of the slot so that you can’t use a normal torx wrench to get the screw off.

There are many different scenarios where you may need a torx wrench or a torx screwdriver if you wish to install something or repair an item you own that uses torx screws. Be sure to find out the size of the screws so you are buying the right size of torx wrench to use.

The Different Types Of Screws and Its Functions

A screw is very common tools used to fasten or hold jointly two different objects. However, there are numerous types of screws one can use today and if might confuse you on what they are called and what they are for. Below are the types of screws and its function to help you get the right one you need to a specific task.

Types Of Screws and Its Functions

  • Chipboard Screw/Particle Board Screw – it is same with drywall but the shapes are thinner and supplies more resistance.

  • Concrete screw/Masonry – it is made from stainless, ideal for fastening metal, wood or any objects used in masonry and concrete.

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  • Deck Screw – it is one of the types of screws that is almost the same with drywall screw but has more deterioration resistance.

  • Double ended screw/Dowel screw – it is used especially if you do not want to see visible screws. It is same with wood screw but do not have head and has 2 pointed ends.

  • Drywall Screw – it is very common screw that is ideal for drywall attached to metal or wood. Physically, it has trumpet head.

  • Eye Screw – it is commonly called as “large eye screws”. It is ideal when you are trying to join two different objects that are hanged up. It is one of the most common types of screw.

  • Lag Screw/Coach Screw – it is larger than the wood screw having a diameter .25 to 0.5 and lengths with 15 inches. Most of the heavy timbers use lag screw.

  • Mirror Screw – from the name itself, the function of this screw is for mirror mounting. The appearance of this screw is different from the typical screw.

  • Sheet Metal Screw – the thread of this screw is sharp used to cut objects like wood, metal and plastic. This screw is usually jagged at the end.

  • Twin Fast Screw – it has two threads. The functions of the two thread is to make the fastening faster. The most common twin fast types of screws are drywall screws.

  • Wood Screw – this is made from metal having a pointed and sharpen end to join wood together. There are three head types of wood screw, oval head, pan head and flat head.

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  • Security Head Screw – this is mainly used for security reasons. It is very strong to hold two things and very unfeasible to reverse. If you try to reverse it, you must use special tool like spanner.

  • Torx Screw ­– usually used in gadgets, toys and electronic devices. The odd pattern it mean to refrain the owner from unscrewing the object since it is very likely that any novice would only destroy it.

Different types of screws functions differently so it is advisable that when trying to hold together two things used the accurate screw so that it is properly attached. Those are the types of screw found in the market. You should also use torx screwdriver to fasten the screws.

Important Basic Automotive Tools

Repairing trucks and cars nowadays is not simple as before. There are new models that involve dedicated tools for them to be repaired and removed. Changes occur every now and then and must be going with the flow of what newer technology it takes. As a mechanic or a vehicle owner, it is very important that one carries along a set of essential automotive tools for emergency purposes like a flat tire. For an easy way to repair any form of vehicle, the one should know at least the basic automotive tools that must be used in repairing and removing any part from the trucks and cars. Here is the list of the automotive tools:

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Important Automotive Tools You Must Always Have

  • Floor jack is used to raise your car. It is very helpful for you especially if you want to work just by yourself. As we all know that this is not a part of the car tools but this is very essential if you have this one. Most of the mechanic used floor jack than the standard car jack because it is steadier. It has long handles for your own comfort when operating it and most especially it is faster than the car jacks.

  • Jack stand is also one of the most important tools among the automotive tools. It will serve as the holder of the weight of the car. After raising the car using floor jack, you will be looking for jack stand to hold it up. It is advised that you should use jack stand for stability.

  • Screwdrivers are very vital in repairing a car. There are common screwdrivers that are used like Philips screwdriver, torx screwdriver and flat-head screwdrivers. Screwdrivers are the basic automotive tools. Definitely, you will not use screwdriver if you are working with heavy jobs.

  • Another automotive tools are pliers. The mechanic should have the complete set of pliers so that it is easier for him to manage the clip and bolt. It is said that pliers are all in one. The needle-nose is ideal for loosening clips and removing unreachable fuses. Vise grip is also one of the pliers that contributes in locking down the bolts from the different part of the car.

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  • Ratchets wrench are very useful automotive tools especially when you are dealing with bolts. If you have the complete set of the ratchet, it is easier and faster for you to repair any loosen bolts. It is simply because you do not need to take away the socket.

  • Wrenches are also amongst the vital automotive tools. Since there are a lot of nuts and bolts in a typical automotive from those that connect the engine parts together to the tires, you need them just incase you need to remove or replace them. You would need a mixture of box-end wrenches, open-end wrenches, an adjustable open-end wrench, lug or tire wrench and so on.

To keep these essential automotive tools in a tidy spot in your vehicle and not just scattered anywhere, you would need a handy toolbox to house all of them. Also, don’t forget to have a flashlight or lamp in your vehicle just in case your vehicles bugged down at night.

Torx Set

If you own several kinds of electronics, kid’s video games, computer or laptop, or even just a cell phone, you have need of a torx set to get off those pesky torx set screws. Most of these products have torx screws because they can’t be taken off so easily and will keep the item from coming apart.

Torx set screws can only be removed with a torx screwdriver or a torx wrench of the proper size that you will find in a torx set. These torx screws have a six sided star head which can’t be removed with a regular flat head or Philips screwdriver or even with an Allen wrench.

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What kind of Torx Set Do You Buy?

They can only be put on or taken off with the correct size of torx screwdriver that you may find in a torx security screwdriver set or perhaps a mini torx set. It all depends on the product. For example, a cell phone most likely will need a mini torx set since they are small devices, while for your car you will likely need a torx set that is bigger.

The torx screws are rated in sizes of T1 to T100 and the torx screwdriver size corresponds to that number. You can purchase torx sets that have part or all of these sizes at a hardware store, home supply store, electronics store or online in many websites. Many of these sets will come with a lifetime warranty so that makes them a good buy even if you have to buy a bigger set than you need.

Why Were Torx Screws Invented?

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Besides working better to hold the device closed, torx screws were originally designed so consumers couldn’t mess with the insides of certain kinds of products. But in time, a torx set was put out for sale because of the high demand from those wanting to be able to repair their own devices.

Since then, some companies have designed a special kind of torx screw that the average torx set won’t have a torx wrench that fits it. These have a post down the middle of the screw and make it impossible to use a regular torx screwdriver in a regular torx set. Perhaps in time consumers will also complain loudly enough to cause manufacturers to also put out a new kind of torx set to use with these types of torx screws. Hence, the point of these torx screws simply mean that consumers should always consult the experts for repairs and services on their devices.

What is a Torx Screwdriver?

Those familiar with the slot or Phillips head may have seen the popularity of a new type of screwdriver on the market in recent years, the Torx screwdriver is one that features a different type of screwdriver head with plenty of sizes to choose. Unlike more traditional screwdrivers, the Torx features advantages in driving in screws that the Phillips and slot head types do not have.

What is a Torx screwdriver?

You may have seen the distinctive star shaped or six pointed head of a Torx screwdriver at your local hardware shop. In fact, star screwdriver or star bits for the different sizes of heads is a common term for them. But a Torx screwdriver is the generally accepted name as developed by the company Camcar Textron.

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Features of a Torx Screwdriver

No Cam Out: The main advantage of a Torx screwdriver is that it is designed to resist the “cam out” feature that is common with other types of screwdrivers. Put simply, a slot or Phillips head screwdriver will fall out of a screw head once it has been fully tightened. While this prevents the screw from being tightened too much, the “cam out” process can also damage the slots of the screw head, making for much greater wear and tear.

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  • The Torx screwdriver is designed not to “cam out”, but to apply even levels of torque to the screw as it is being turned.

  • Once the desired tightening is reached, the torque becomes great enough that it will stop the screwdriver from slipping or twisting out of the slots. This means little to no damage of the screw head or screwdriver bit.

Longevity: For that matter, it can extend the life of both the screw head and the bit by up to ten times greater than a traditional screwdriver.

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Where can Torx Screwdriver be Used?

The Torx head screws are found on an increasing number of items such as automobiles, motorcycles, the brakes on bicycles, hard disk drives, computer systems and many types of computer electronic devices. The popularity of the Torx system is two-fold.

  • For Vehicles: The even application of torque combined with the limited amount of damage that is done makes it perfect for devices that regularly have to be tightened, such as the screws found on automobiles where new parts or the changing of parts can be common.

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  • For Electrical Devices: Also, the Torx heads act as a partial anti-tampering measure as many people do not possess the Torx screwdriver and thus cannot easily gain access to electronic devices, such as cable boxes for example where security is a concern. Using a slot or Phillips head screwdriver rarely works on a Torx head, even if it seemingly fits the slot. Plus, the damage that can be caused by the slot or Phillips screwdriver is generally minimal when a Torx screwdriver is then applied.

Today, more people, especially those in construction are purchasing a Torx Screwdriver Set or a Precision Torx Screwdriver Set for their projects. The added security and resistance to damage make the Torx system more popular in more fields every day.