Top Cosmetic Brands Today

The world of cosmetics is a wild jungle for the uninitiated. There are many companies competing for each other having their own claims about their products. There are even costumers who are lured into buying those products who claimed that they offer the best for them but eventually they discover the products are not fit for their skin tones. What you need when you are planning to buy cosmetics brands is to know the top cosmetic brands that you can trust and search for the specific product that will give solution to the type of skin you have.

Here are the top cosmetic brands you can trust:

  • Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. Bobbi Brown is the owner of the cosmetic company which designs and produces some high end cosmetics. Their products are popular because of the quality. As what many costumers say “You get what you have paid for”. Their flawless makeup gives your skin the natural glow and health.

top beauty cosmetic brands

  • L’Oreal Cosmetics. This is one of the largest top cosmetic brands in the world. The brand started producing hair-color products but soon expanded and produced beauty and cleaning products in Paris founded by Eugene Schueller and the future La Cagoule. As of today, they produce products in skin care, hair colour, perfumes, hair care and makeups. They are popular because their products are categorized according to their target market. Classified by mass, luxury, professional and the active cosmetics found in the market.
  • Mary Kay Merchandise. The company started with $5,000 to build a cosmetic store in a Dallas storefront. They started selling through door-to-door with only nine saleswomen. Soon the company grew and with Mary Kay optimism; the company became popular. The company now holds 200 premium products such as the color makeups, foundationbrush, body treatment, nail color, sunscreen, facial skincare, multi-vitamins, aromas and many more. What makes their products popular is because they provide the premium quality of each beauty item they sell to empower the women.

foundation brush for make up application

  • Avon. It is now a leading beauty company in the world having 10 billion dollars in revenue per year. The first trademark was filed in year 1932 in New York for the Avon Company. Parts of their products were toilet water, perfumes, rouge and powder compacts. Now it is a multi-level marketing brand that uses door-to-door selling.