Five Popular and Top Brands of Air Conditioners

What are the top brands of air conditioners? As years passed by, technology changes and become more advanced. As of today, the simple big square box air conditioner becomes unique, with more characteristics and advanced in features. There are now different types of air conditioners that caters the different needs of people and as well as the different types of buildings. Picking the best air conditioners is not just about the capacity, size or the type to use but as well as the brand.

There will be many top brands of air conditioners where people can choose from. Here is the list of among the popular brands people mostly used:


Top 10 Brands of Air Conditioners

This brand is a multinational company in Japan. Sharp Corporation is founded in the year 1912 in Osaka as their headquarters. The brand designs and manufactures many types of electronic products. Their first product was mechanical pencils but now they become one of the biggest companies of electronic products. People love air conditioners of Sharp because they are certified and rated highly by Energy Star.


This brand produced low cost electronic products for people such as cheap air conditioners. It was known first as GoldStar in the year 90’s. It started in the year 1985 and eventually a Korean manufacturer of electronics. The GoldStar name changed in the year 1995 and became LG Electronics. Until that time, they started to good quality products. People adore their products because of the quality of air conditioners they produce which is either expensive or cheap. Everybody can avail and buy because they trust the brand.

GE (General Electric)

The acronym stands for General Electronic Company and is a multinational corporation company in America. The four segments of the company are the Energy, Consumer and Industrial, technology Infrastructure and Capital Finance.

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Just in year 2011, they become the 6th largest company and on the 14th most profitable company in United State. GE products are also certified by Energy Star with positive ratings. Due to this, they become one of the top brands of air conditioners.


In year 1902, Willis Carrier invented the air conditioner. In the year 1950 with the name of Carrier Corporation, they successfully launched in the market their air conditioner products. Now, they are one of the biggest company and manufacturers of air conditioner around the globe.


An American manufacturer brand of appliances that was founded in year 1934 by George Foerstner. Armana was first called Electrical Equipment Co. They first produced air conditioners in year 1954. Until that time and up to now, they become one of the best selling air conditioners in the market.

Here are the top brands of air conditioners people love and trusted to use not only in their homes but also in their work places.