Top 7 Sinks Designers Recommend

A sink is undoubtedly, one of the most integral parts of any kitchen. However, most people don’t even go for a second thought, while opting for a new sink. Instead, they just like to pick any simple one, which suits their budget. It is very important that you always choose the right one for your kitchen. Nowadays, several new and innovative designs are available in the market. Each and every design comes with its own list of features and utilities. Thus, you need to be very specific about your needs, while choosing a sink for your kitchen. Listed below are the top 7 sinks designers recommend mostly.

Guide To Top 7 Sinks Designers Recommend

Must Have Sinks for Home

  • The Inset Sink:

This particular type of sink is the most flexible design available in the market. It can simply be fitted on a worktop surface, made up of any material. Moreover, when it comes to a traditional inset sink, you get a vast array of shapes and color choices.

  • The Undermount Sink:

Among the top 7 sinks designers recommend, this design is the most popular one. There are various added advantages of an undermount sink. You can simply wipe any crumbs or spills directly into your sink bowl, making it a lot easier for you to keep your countertop clean and hygienic. Not to mention the fact that such sinks are also famous for their sleek and modern look.

Stylish Undermount Sink

  • The Integral Sink:

Well, if you are looking for a sophisticated sink design, which fits well into your contemporary kitchen, then this particular design is definitely the perfect choice for you. A single material is used for manufacturing both the sink and its countertop. Such blended styles look very smart and require low maintenance.

  • The Flush Mounted Sink:

This one is quite similar to the undermount sinks, except that it has an extended rim surface, where you can install soap dispensers or taps.

  • The Cast Iron Sink:

The next design from the list of top 7 sinks designers recommend is mainly known for its excellent durability. Cast iron sinks are something in which both robustness and the traditional charm come hand in hand. These types of sinks come in variety of colors and styles.

  • The Composite Sink:

Are you looking for a sink, which is heat and scratch resistant? Well, for a really busy cook, there is no time to wait for the hot pan to cool down, before he or she puts it over the sink surface! In such a situation, when you need to opt for a sink with real hardwearing features, composite sinks are the ultimate choice for you.

  • The Belfast Sink:

The last design among the top 7 sinks designers recommend is known as Belfast sink. These sinks can easily be installed in your kitchen. It looks great in both contemporary and conventional kitchens. However, one must remember that this type of sink must be well-bracketed into the kitchen units. It is always recommended that you hire a professional sink installer for ensuring proper installation.

Thus, with these top 7 sinks designers recommend, you can now have the perfect sink for your kitchen.