Top 5 Espresso Machines and their Features

An espresso machine is a great addition to your kitchen and you will get to enjoy your cappuccino, latte, or espresso as you wish. If you are contemplating on getting an espresso machine, you will need to familiarize yourself with the various models available.

Below are the top 5 espresso machines and their features:

Delonghi EC702

This Delonghi espresso machine is ideal for brewing tasty drinks at home and you get to enjoy the same quality found in café espresso drinks. It has a stylish design and comes with some unique features.

Top 5 Espresso Machines and their Features

  • It has a flexible system frother that ensures the espresso is creamy since it is designed to mix the milk and steam in a different chamber.

  • In addition, with the Easy Serving Expresso and the sempre crema filters, you can use one and two measures of ground coffee respectively. This ensures easy and fast preparation.

  • Delonghi EC702 also has two thermostats that enhance the flavor of your espresso. They are meant for regulating both water and steam allowing quicker preparation.

  • The high pressure pump found in the Delonghi also heightens the flavor of your espresso by making a smooth drink.

Gaggia 14101

This espresso machine has a classic and simple design and is ideal for both home and commercial use.

  • It is made of stainless steel and its attractive design and color makes it quite fashionable.

  • It has a high pressure pump up to 17.5 bars that makes rich espresso drinks with a smooth crema.

  • It also has a powerful boiler, which allows for quick heating, thus making the process fast.

  • The Gaggia 14101 has some added features such as the built-in hot water dispenser, which you can use to make tea when you are not keen on having espressos.

  • A cup warmer is also a bonus feature to keep your drink warm for as long as you want.

Breville Barista Express

This is the perfect espresso machine if you have little time to make your latte.

  • It has a built-in burr grinder with a magnetic tamper.

  • As long as you pour enough coffee beans, you will make espresso drinks all week without refilling. The measured amount goes directly into the filter producing quality espresso in less than a minute.

  • It is compact if you have limited space, and has a water tank that you can remove any time you want to clean it.

Nespresso D290

This is one of the most easy to use espresso machines mainly because of its automatic control feature. You do not have to pay close attention when filling your cup because the machine will ensure it does not spill.

green delonghi espresso machine

  • Used capsules are ejected automatically making it easier to clean it up.

  • Another top feature is its extraction system where all settings are controlled, so that you get the exact flavor of espresso every other time.

  • It has a high power pump up to 19 bars for making tasty drinks with smooth crema.

  • It also has a heat regulator that heats up the water during extraction and filters out the excess water to ensure you are using fresh water.

Saeco 4045

This espresso machine is very easy to use because of its all-inclusive usability.

  • It will tamp, grind, and brew coffee all in one automatic sequence using a high pressure pump of up to 15 bars.

  • It also has a flexible burr grinder for the perfect coffee grind.

  • In addition, the pannarello attached to the froth wand enables you to make smooth and tasty cappuccinos.

  • You can regulate the machine’s settings to cater for different flavors and numbers of servings.