Top 10 Photography Accessories

There are many gifts for photographers that one can pick to surprise his or her friend. These gifts can be bought from any photography store both onsite or online. Some of the top 10 photography accessories that one should select as gifts are listed below.

Ten Must Have Photography Accessories

  • #1 – Neck Strap

Most of the cameras are bought with a strap that is not padded and the material used on it may scratch the camera, or may cause you discomfort. It is therefore important to replace it with a comfortable padded strap. You should get one that is padded to prevent the weight of the camera from causing blisters on your skin. Ensure that it is a non-slip material so that the camera may be held securely in place.

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  • #2 – Camera Bag

A camera bag is used to protect the camera from scratches; from catching dust or dirt; and simply to protect it against the harsh environment, when storing or transporting the camera. It allows you to carry any other accessory that you need as you work with the camera. When looking for gifts to give photographers, you may pick one of the designer bags available.

  • #3 – Dust Blower

This is among the most useful top 10 photography accessories that people tend to forget about. This simple tool helps you to capture clear pictures by blowing off the dust on the lenses. Alternatively, even when the camera is not in use, this tool still allows you to regularly clean the same.

  • #4 – Polarizer Filter

This is one of the top 10 photography accessories used to reduce the reflection on smooth and shiny surfaces. It makes the colors of object to look more deep or pronounced. Those made with coating are known to prevent scratches and even dirt and dust particles from attaching on the camera.

  • #5 – Tripod and Ballhead

When one is in a dim place, or want to take photos with a sharp focus, he will need a tripod. This is a three legged stand that has an adjustable top that holds the camera and tilt it in any desired position so as to take a clearer focus. It is used in making major angles that would not work well on the human hands. It allows a steady, and not a blurred image, too.

  • #6 – Audio Adapter For Video Cameras

Most cameras have internal microphones for recording sounds. This mic may not be as clear as possible since it is affected with a lot of environmental noise. One way to impress a person with these top 10 photography accessories is by buying him a more sensitive adapter for a microphone that will record softer sounds, even his voice.

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  • #7 – White Balance Lens Cap

It may be hard to find the best white balance with your camera. The cap helps to get better images when you set the camera in the white balance mode. It is also used as the lens cover sometimes.

  • #8 – Low Light Capable Lens

This helps to produce greater images in low lights and natural light.

  • #9 – External Hard Drives

One of the best gifts to by is an external storage device. This helps one to continue adding more images or video clips even when the internal storage device is filled up.

  • #10 – Spare Battery

There are times when one has a lot of photos or videos to take, but with limited time. A hectic schedule may not allow him to recharge the batteries, as needed. As a result, he could lose momentous and significant shots. Among the top 10 photography accessories that you should buy is a spare battery for him to use during such occasions and when traveling to several places.