Tinkerbell Bedding

Today happens to be an excellent day for my little girl and I. You may ask, why is that. Today in the mail, I received my little girl’s tinkerbell bedding that I had just ordered online. I purchased it from a website that seemed to specialize in tinkerbell merchandise. Normally I wouldn’t have bought new bedding out of nowhere for my daughters crib seeing I am now tight on spending.

best Tinkerbell Bedding

Though, my daughter had ruined her last bedspread by spilling juice on it and it needed to be replaced. At first I was a bit upset with having to replace it but when I saw the tinkerbell crib bedding online at an extremely reasonable price. I then knew I just had to purchase it. The online customer reviews for the tinkerbell bedding were absolutely astounding. Every review but one was five stars and rated as a best buy.

best tinkerbell merchandise

I had just set up the tinkerbell baby bedding this morning while my little girl was in school to surprise her. When she arrived at the house, just coming from aftercare, she immediately grew a smile upon her face seeing her new tinkerbell bedding. My toddler was so excited to have her favorite disney character as her new sleeping buddy. My daughter absolutely loves Disney. It seems that we collect all of their DVD’s and toys.

Her bed is filled with all of her favorite Disney characters ranging from tinkerbell all the way to Sebastien the crab in The Little Mermaid. My toddler is normally so picky and I am absolutely enthralled that this product pleased her. Disney is such a great company and they have my full support. I could not be any more pleased with my purchase of their tinkerbell bedding and accessories.