List of Important Ski Gear and Equipment

Skiing is arguably one of the most exciting games that will give you the ultimate gaming experience you may be looking for. However, one needs to know that for them to have an enjoyable experience, having the right ski gear and equipment is very important. If you do not have enough money, you can choose to rent the gear and equipment as this is a more affordable option. This is also a good idea for first timers as they get a chance to know what equipment is best for them, as opposed to buying some, only to regret later.

Some of the most important ski gear and equipment that you need for the stay in the slopes include the skis, a snowboard, the boots, the poles, goggles, a helmet and a thermal base. This gear is important for skiers at all levels. If you are looking for information about important ski gear and equipment, here is some information on all what you may need to know.

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Factors to Consider in Choosing Ski Gear and Equipment

Given the wide array of products and accessories for this sport, it is always advisable to have a guide that will help you pick on the most important gear and equipment. In buying or renting the gear and equipment, here are some of the most important things to consider.

  • Comfort level: First, one need to know that though skiing can prove to be fun, one can find themselves in places with abnormal temperatures. The kind of fun that one will derive from the sport is hence dependent on whether one is comfortable in those temperatures or not. This calls on people to make sure that, they have comfortable gear by getting the right sizes and also warm enough. Itchy fabrics should be avoided.
  • Waterproof: This makes sure that one is dry at all times to avoid common colds and to improve on the comfort level when one is in the clothing.
  • Breathable: Amazingly, clothing that is breathable ensures that vapor is let through, while water is prevented from getting in. This makes one comfortable in that, sweat can be allowed to escape when water vapor from the snow is not let in, hence keeping you dry.
  • Lightweight: The equipment such as the poles should be light to make sure that one does not get too tired. They also need to be strong to avoid the chance that they will break or bend when used to break a fall.

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Importance of the Ski Gear and Equipment

i) Protect one from falling: While on the slopes, the bindings attach the boots to your skis, hence protects one from falling.

  • One should ensure that the binding for the boots have the right weight and height.
  • Given that the bindings release you from your skis when you fall, one should always see to it that the bindings are set by a technician who is certified from reputable ski stores.
  • Incorrectly set bindings can see you succumb to serious injuries, thus it should be well thought off in advance.

ii) Keeping one warm: The right clothing ensures that even with freezing conditions, one is kept warm.

iii) Protection from injuries: Other skiing accessories such as helmets and goggles, protects one from injuries to quite a large extent.

  • The goggles for example protect the eyes from unfavorable precipitation as well as excessive glare from the sun that may be damaging to the eyes.
  • The helmet on the other hand will offer one with maximum protection in the event of a crash or a fall while on the slopes.

Given that your ski clothing can have a bigger impact on your ski day than you might even think, its time you figured out the most important ski gear and equipment for a day full of fun. If you want to get to the mountain in style, the Thule ski rack is simply the way to go.

Safety Precautions to Note When Skiing

A day of skiing or a skiing vacation can be ruined by someone who is not taking the proper safety precautions when skiing. So, getting to the slopes safely and staying safe while there should be in the forefront of every skier’s mind so all can enjoy an exhilarating day on the slopes.

Safety Precaution Tips to Note

  • Wear a helmet
  • Use proper ski equipment
  • Wear properly fitted goggles
  • Take ski lessons to get proper instructions
  • Wear proper clothing, including a helmet liner, and bring an extra pair of gloves, if in case one gets wet
  • Follow the rules and do not go off the trail
  • Ski with someone else
  • Stay in good shape by exercising all year and take some time off the slopes if you are feeling tired

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Skier Safety Tips to Note

By taking these proper safety precautions when skiing, the sport will be no more dangerous than any other energetic participation sport. Of course, everyone must take responsibility for their own safety, but it is also every skier’s responsibility to ski safely and courteously, and to protect other skiers on the slopes. Skiers should then:

1)  Always ski in control to be able to stop to avoid others

2)  Do not stand in the middle of a slope, obstructing it for other skiers who may not see you

3)  Look uphill when beginning a run or skiing into a merged trail

4)  Before using a lift, make sure you know how to get on and off it properly

By being polite, showing common sense and observing the safety precautions when skiing, everyone will have an enjoyable day on the slopes. If you are looking for the best ski rack to hold your ski equipment, then read on about Thule Company and the products they offer you.

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The Thule Group, makers of the Thule ski rack, was awarded Action Sports Vendor of the Year in January. They tout the fact that their racks get you and your skis to the slopes safely. Once at the slopes, safety precautions when skiing take precedence.

Versions and Types of Thule Ski Rack

There are several versions of the Thule ski rack for getting your skis to the slopes, all of which have rated five stars and all of which are fully locking.

  • UNIVERSAL PULL TOPslides to the side of the car from the roof with telescoping arms for easy loading, with a 30″ platform that fits up to six pair of skis or four snowboards.
  • UNIVERSAL FLAT TOP (92725)soft rubber arms and oversized buttons give good protection and effortless access, with a 30″ platform that holds up to six pair of skis or four snowboards
  • UNIVERSAL FLAT TOP (92724) – same basic rack as the 92725, but is 7″ smaller, with a 23″ platform that holds up to four pair of skis or two snowboards
  • SNOWCAT – for use on cars that come from the factory with built-in side rails so that no crossbars are needed, with a telescoping steel bar for a precise fit on the vehicle’s roof size, can hold up to six pair of skis or four snowboards
  • HITCH SKI CARRIERtransports skis on the vehicle’s rear on a Thule hitch or spare tire carrier, holds up to six pair of skis or four snowboards, with rubber arms to prevent scratches on the vehicle.

The Thule ski rack comes with their Speed Link mounting system, which is easy to install and convenient to use, on all racks except the Hitch Ski Carrier and the Snowcat.

Finding the Best Roof Racks

Roof racks are extremely versatile and they are designed to carry almost every kind of equipment. These racks offer an easy way for you to store skis, bikes, kayaks, canoes and many other objects when traveling. You can get a roof rack if you want to have more space to store all your cargo on those long trips.

Roof racks for cars are usually very convenient to use. Once you have a vehicle with crossbars, you would only need clamps to hook up your cargo. Many vans and SUVs come with factory-installed crossbars. If not, you have to spend more to get a luggage rack mount.

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Finding the Best Roof Racks

  • There are many roof rack manufacturers around today, so it’s best to do your research to find the best one to suit your requirements. If you are buying one of the kits, which require drilling, you need to get this installed by a professional. This will ensure that the installation is done safely and properly.
  • Thule roof racks are currently ranked among the most popular brands today. This manufacturer is known worldwide for making quality vehicle accessories including their high quality attachments and racks. Choosing one of the racks will mean that you are investing in a good quality roof rack to carry the large equipment or items that you need on vacations or trips.
  • You can also get a Thule ski rack for your skiing trips. Thule offers many multipurpose flat top style racks for skis and snowboards. You can find models that can hold as much as four snowboards or six pairs of skis as well as deluxe slide out roller models for you to load and unload your equipments easily.

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Examples of Car Roof Racks

When buying a roof rack, you have to make your decision based on whether or not your vehicle has crossbars as well as the type of vehicle.

  • The Strap: These types are easy to install and remove. They have pads and straps that you can wrap easily around the top of your car as well as through the top section of the doors.
  • Four Towers: If your vehicle does not have the factory installed crossbars or racks, the four towers can be installed permanently.
  • Removable Racks: These roof racks are made to fasten on the vehicle door and come with straps to offer extra stability. When compared to the permanent types, which are versatile, the only difference is that these are removable.

Keep in mind that these are just some of the things to consider when you want to find the best roof racks. You can find additional resources online to learn more about the roof racks for SUVs, trucks, vans and so on.

Different Types of Bike Racks for Cars

There are many different models of bike racks for cars on the market. Some are suited for hatchbacks, SUVs, minivans, trucks, cars and so on. Thule products come highly recommended, so you need to check the racks that they have to offer. They are well known for producing quality, long lasting and durable bike racks. Thule bike racks for cars are also available in different sizes and styles.

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Three Kinds of Bike Racks for Cars

  • Trunk Mount: If you have car, not a truck or SUV, you can buy one of these bike racks. You can buy one of the assembled units, as these are easy to mount the trunk. They come with steel frames and straps to fit easily on your car trunk. Due to the fact that these racks are easy to install, bike robbers can also remove them easily. So, you need to keep this in mind if you decide to buy one of the trunk mount bike racks for cars.
  • Hitch Mount: Any vehicle with a hitch receiver can accommodate this bike rack. When you have one of these racks, it will be much harder for someone to steal your bike. Furthermore, these bike racks are usually lightweight but still very strong. Most people believe that these are the best bike racks for cars because some of the models, especially the expensive ones, are made to swing away from the vehicle to give easy access to the trunk.
  • Roof Top: These bike racks will be the ideal choice if you are a professional cyclist who needs the space in your trunk to carry more bikes and other accessories when traveling. The bike roof racks for cars are also best for persons who don’t have a problem with climbing on top of the vehicle to attach and remove their bikes. Once your car can hold roof racks it will be easy to carry your bike. The roof racks are extremely convenient, because you will be able to mount many things on them including cargo carriers, kayak racks, ski racks and more.

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Keep in mind that the ski racks will be very useful during the winter months. So, you can also look at getting a Thule ski rack for your car. There are several racks on the market with features to mount a lot of skis, but most of them are made to mount four sets of snowboards or skis.

Ensure that you conduct a thorough research when shopping for bike racks for cars. In the end, you would want to get a durable bike rack that is offering the best value for money.

The Thule Ski Rack Company and Its Products

The installation and use of a Thule ski rack is essential for people or families who love skiing whether as a sport or regular recreational activity. All skis are required to be stored and transported with care and in the proper manner as provided by the manufacturer. Failure to observe prescribed use and maintenance may result to ski damage, curve misalignment, early wear and tear, underperformance, and eventually risk the life and safety of the user during every skiing action. The Thule 5401 Snowcat ski rack, for example, is ergonomically designed to accommodate and safely transport up to six pairs of skis or 4 snowboards.

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Getting To Know Thule Brand

Before the production of quality Thule ski rack, Thule’s original business was the selling of pike traps and other practical sports and hobby equipment designed by Erik Thulin, the company’s founder. It’s only during the 60’s that the company has considered venturing into the production and sale of other equipment for automobiles including car roof racks. During the 70’s, the company exported its products worldwide.

After the company was sold to a larger public company, innovation, research, and design have made it possible for the company to improve and increase its product line. By this time, there were already custom made trailers and rooftop boxes. Only recently when the company acquired an Italian snow chain company, Konig, that Thule proceeded with the design and production of automobile gears and equipment suitable for ice and snow activities. A number of Thule ski rack designs were introduced, each with their corresponding uses, benefits, and features. The Thule hitch ski rack is among the most popular designs.

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Ski Rack Parts

Ski racks manufactured by Thule is sold as a complete set but several Thule ski rack parts are also made available to allow the car owner to customize or assemble his or her ski rack according to preference or to suit the requirements or ergonomic design of the vehicle. Among the spare parts of the Thule ski rack include the following:

·        The Thule Bar or Crossbars

The crossbars are the main frames or support of not only ski racks but all auto racks as well. Two pieces of these bars are usually positioned perpendicularly with the vehicle’s top length and are held in place by the gutter foot or clamps screwed in the vehicle roof.

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·        The Thule Rapid System, Gutter Foot, or Hooks

The rapid system, gutter foot, or hooks are similar in nature and serve the same purpose of keeping the rack sturdily attached to the vehicle’s roof. These Thule pieces are not made of plastic but durable and high density material. There are also different designs and sizes for these hooks to be suitable for certain shapes and sizes of vehicle roofs.

·        The Ski Carriers or Clamps

The ski carriers or clamps are the main Thule ski rack holder. These clamps are installed on the Thule bars or other ordinary vehicle rack to be able to hold the ski sets in place. The holding capacity of the ski rack will be dependent on the size of the ski carriers installed, the number of carriers or clamps installed, and on the area of the vehicle’s roof.

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