Looking For Signs Of Termite Damage

There are various types of termites and each of them can cause termite damage. Termites are tiny insects which can cause huge damage to your home if not dealt with in good time. That is why different companies have come up with mechanisms to help homeowners to deal with the menace. Termites are tiny and can be in your home for a long time without your knowledge. For that reason it is imperative for you to know the initial signs of termite infestation.

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Types Of Termite Signs

Signs of termite damage can be tricky to find and you will have to be very keen to identify them. However, termites which do not operate in the open have a way of making straw-like pathways which help them to get to their destination. Check out for such pathways before your home is brought down by these insects. A careful look at the walls, floor or doors may open your eyes to any signs of termite damage. Even for hidden spots in the house, you would need to thoroughly inspect such areas.

Destruction Of Wood

Termites feed on wood and for you to know if your wood has become their food, check for holes in it. If you notice an area which is not even, try to scratch it with something to see if there is rottenness underneath. You may realize that the wood has holes which are full of soil or mud due to signs of termite damage. The presence of these holes may be an indication that you have termites in your building.

Rhythm in the Wood

Another way of knowing if there are termites in your home is by beating the wood and listening to the sound it produces. Signs of termite damage can be identified by a rhythmic sound inside the wood which could indicate that its already hollow. Once you are assured that there are termites in your home it is important find out how far the damage has been done in order to get termite bond. The knowledge of how far the damage has been done will help you know what measures to take in order to save your home.

The following are some of the possible damages which can be done by termites.

Mild damage

This is the damage done in initial stages of termite infestation whereby they may not have destroyed a big area of the wood. In this case the damage is minimal and if you are not sure of the extent of destruction employing the services of a professional will be ideal to help you get termite bond. During this stage, treatment is very important to stop the damage and start doing repairs.

Severe damage

In this situation the damage is severe and the wood totally destroyed. Repair and replacement is very crucial. One must ensure the integrity of the structure is still sound and fit for living.

Available Termite Control Methods

  •  Termite bond –  These are bonds given to home owners by companies which ensure that the company will treat free of charge any termite infestation in the home.
  • Chemical treatments – This can be done with the help of a professional or you can do it yourself.
  • Professional extermination – Mild or severe damage, things can get worse in an instant if you don’t know what to do or do it wrong. Hence, professional assistance is the best option.

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Looking out for signs of termite damage is a tasks every homeowner should do in a regular basis especially when the home has a wood component. Remember, prevention is always better than cures and treatments. Get a termite bond as soon as possible and do all measures to protect your home and investment.

Understanding The Pest Control Bond

Businesses wishing to start as pest controllers need to secure a bond from the state government in order to receive a permit to operate in the state. If the bond is not updated from time to time then the license will be revoked and the company closed down. According to the state laws, the amount of money to be paid for the pest control bond varies from one state to another. These licensing laws are strict in order to protect the common people from bad effects of pesticides because the operators have to be fully qualified for this kind of work.

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There are plenty of agencies even online who are willing to help one to get the pest control bonds and register with the state for licensing. One must however be careful to avoid scams because the initial amount of money deposited for the bond is considerable (about $4000). It is important to also note that any fraud charges or abuse of the license will have charges filed and you are the one who will be answerable. It is therefore good to get good bond companies that are responsible and reputable and above all, recognized by the state.

Home Owners

People who are in the real estate business know just how much damage termites can do. This is why they most of the time need the help of exterminators to get rid of the persistent termite colonies that lurk in the surfaces ready to strike. One can also get individual licensing to occasionally use the pesticides in their homes. This kind of licensing will need to be updated from time to time, the main expiry being like three years from the date of registration. These people can get their own pest control bond, and especially the termite bond.


Before the license is given, the companies are liable to a credit check and also to a series of screening tests. These are to ensure that they are operating in a legal manner that is not harmful to anyone and that they are liable for any loss or damage that may occur as a result of their extensive use of chemical pesticides. This prevents fraudulent companies from getting licensing and especially if the environment they are operating in has vulnerable people who may fall victims of chemical waste and substances. Also, the pest control bonds are like insurances for the companies.

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The initial pest control bonds payments differ from one state to the other. For example in Alabama the amount one first deposits is $2500 while in Tennessee its $10000 and in Mississippi its $5000. There are subsequent payments per month and these are determined by the state government. The most common pest control bonds are of course the termite bonds because termites are the most common pests and the most destructive. Colonies of termites can bring a house down because they keep on digging at the foundations and carrying the soil elsewhere, making great holes in the foundations. All this can however be controlled easily by exterminators who must be licensed to operate by the state.

Different Practices Of Termite Control

Termites can cause havoc in your house. They will feed on wooden furniture and reduce it to dust if not stopped, controlled or prevented. This is why termite control should be your priority when it comes to taking care of the furniture in your house or your house itself.

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Termites Causing Damages

Termites are of many types but the three main types that you should know about are the:

  • drywood termites
  • damp wood termites
  • subterranean termites

Subterranean termites are the most common type that causes the highest level of damage. However, all these types have known to cause irreparable damage to properties once termite control isn’t carried out early.

You can take simple steps to avoid termite infestation. However, if your house has been infested already, you should be quick with the treatment. You can either do it yourself if you are aware of the process or you must call any reliable professional termite pest control company in your area to take care of it for you. Most of these termite control companies usually offer termite bonds to ensure continuous service and eradication of termites.

Different Ways of Termite Control

There are numerous natural as well as chemical ways to control and get rid of termites. Some of them have been listed below.

  • Barrier treatment – This treatment is very inexpensive in comparison to the others. There are many barrier products like Termidor. This system attracts the termites away from your house to the infected area (where the chemicals were laid) and kills them there. Ingredients such as fipronil, which act as attractants of the termites, are incorporated in these products.
  • Baiting – Baits are installed outside your house. They consist of chemically soaked wooden pieces that are eaten by termites and sometimes, these wooden pieces are taken back to their nests for the others to eat. As a result, the termites die in the nest itself. Baiting is a more accurate termite control method but because of the growing awareness today, many people are employing it as a preventive step too.
  • Fumigation – Fumigation is one of the do it yourself termite control methods. It involves erecting a tent around the house and chemical fumes are released in the premise which kills all the termites.
  • Digging holes – Applying a termite killer granules or spray into holes that are dug around the perimeter of the house is also a common practice today.

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If the infestation is severe, you must not attempt to handle it yourself. You should contact a reputed termite control professional in your area. He will examine your property and determine the termite control cost, time and work needed. If you are going for a DIY termite control procedure, you should be sure to know which treatment is the best. Talking to a professional will help you determine that. Once you know of the best treatment, you can carry out the process with ease. Control and get rid of those nasty termites in your homes by incorporating one of these termite control practices.

All You Need To Know About Termite Treatments

Termites are pests that feed on wood. While wood is their main food, their diet also includes plants, soil and other substances that contain cellulose. Some of them can really cause damages to wood properties. Thankfully though, experts have worked hard to avoid future termite plagues and have come up with reliable termite treatments. There are actually numerous termite treatments and the best termite treatment mainly depends on the type of termite infestation.

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Types of Termites

There are different types of termites but only a couple of them can cause nuisance. The types of termites that cause severe damages to houses are:

  • drywood termites
  • subterranean termites

Several years back, there have been cases of huge buildings and theaters that have been destroyed to dust by these termites.

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Termite Treatment Procedure

Aside from hiring people to do termite control, you can also save money by making your DIY termite treatment procedure. You can employ this treatment in order to keep your house free of termites. Here is what you need do.

You will need the following:

  • Hammer drill
  • Termite treatment chemicals
  • Concrete drill bit [1/2 inch by 18 inches]
  • Concrete patch filler
  • Putty knife
  • Sprayer (high powered)

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What you should do:

  • At the exterior or interior walls of your house, mark holes and drill these holes with the help of the drill bit. If you do it exteriorly at the concrete ground, make sure that the holes are 4 inches or more away from the house.
  • Each hole must be around 12 inches away from each other.
  • Use your sprayer and fill all holes with the termite treatment chemicals. Fill as much as you can.
  • Now use the concrete patch mix and the putty knife to patch the holes. It can take longer if you have a large house.
  • Add baiting stations to improve protection against termites and keep your house safe from these pests.

Things to Remember

Here are several things about termite treatments you should keep in mind.

  • The severity of the infestation is important and you should analyze it before considering any termite treatment.
  • The severity also determines the termite treatment cost and thus, it is very important.
  • You should ask for professional help if the infestation is very severe or if you can’t manage it on your own. You must not take any kind of risk with termites because you could end up spending a lot more than needed.
  • Termite control companies will tell you all you need to know about the infestation, the time required in treating termites and the treatment cost. They usually offer termite bond which is similar to an insurance policy.

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There are numerous termite treatment products and tools in the market that you could try out like termite baiting system and liquid sprays. However, it is always ideal to go for natural treatment because it is safe and effective. Make haste in planning and carrying out your treatment procedure for a termite-free and termite treated house.