Tips on Choosing Contemporary Styled Furniture

Distinct design is one quality that resonates in all examples of contemporary styled furnitures. They are appealing because of fresh designs and wide range of colors from red to beige, cream, light blue, white, black and brown. In most cases, the design incorporates one color only; hence, producing items that blend seamlessly with most interior decoration themes. They create an uncluttered interior that has a number of bold and light colors working together.

What Makes Contemporary Styled Furniture Unique?

There are conflicting definitions of examples of contemporary styled furnitures.

  • Some regard the sheer incorporation of modern colors as the best way to describe this style.

  • Others would also focus on the production process such as the manufacturing of modular designs for the kitchen and patio.

best Tips on Choosing Contemporary Styled Furniture

  • One other surefire way to distinguish this style is the drawn produced by its use of bold themes, shapes and colors.

  • In addition, these designs use stylish and timeless materials that are very popular today. You can find bits of metallic, plastic, steel, leather, chrome, and glass designs.

  • The set can also represent the region it was made. For instance, some examples of contemporary styled furnitures have themes originating from Asia, Europe or America.

They are suitable for all rooms in the house or office set up because of the wide range of designs that can fill any space or purpose. Most of the popular items are ideal for the living room, dinning, bedroom, office reception and the deck.

Tips on How to Choose Modern Styles of Furniture

Before opting for an item because it looks attractive and modern, you should consider:


  • Select a number of bold and neutral colors to give the room a modern look such as chrome, metallic, beige, brown, red and white.

  • Check the dominant color in the room and find furniture that matches it.

  • This provides a theme color that other items such as the wall furnishings and smaller furniture should complement.

What goes on in that room or environment

  • Are you looking for kitchen furnishings, bedroom cabinets, dining sets or living room sofas?

  • Even though a design is modern and classy, it must provide comfort for occupants.

  • If you need Telescope casual furniture for your patio, it must allow occupants to feel relaxed.

best sturdy telescope casual furniture

Material or fabric

  • Leather is common in these designs especially for the dining, office and living room items. The material controls durability and the color.

  • You can also add some texture to the room with fabrics such as cotton or silk.

  • You can add some silk pillows to the sofa or find a textured rug to complement the smooth textured sofa.

Since the styles are simple but classy, you can accent their appeal with decorations such as pillows, wall clocks, rugs, lamps, mirrors and flower pots among other accessories you may deem fit.

Mix a variety of shapes. It draws attention especially when you take into account the shape of the space, ceiling and the rest of the furnishings. Everything must coordinate to provide a contrasting but appealing look.

Tips On How To Decorate A Patio

Most houses have a patio that they use as their own private place to just sit and relax and sometimes used as a place to entertain guests on hot summer days. To help you redesign or decorate your patios, here are some shopping tips you can use as your guide, and simple ways to transform your patio into a place of relaxation.

1) Come up with a budget

  • The budget should be realistic and you should stick to it as much as you can.

  • If you find that your budget seems to be stretching, then find effective ways to reduce costs, for example deciding to do it yourself instead of hiring someone.

2) Come up with a theme

  • Your theme should reflect you and the kind of atmosphere you want your patio to invoke. It could be anything from Moroccan themed, to a tropical theme or maybe even a Mediterranean theme.

best Tips On How To Decorate A Patio

  • Having a theme can be quite expensive and tasking to have to find decorating materials go with your theme. If having a theme is not for you can always just choose to decorate without a theme in mind.

3) Decide to do it DIY or hire a professional

  • If you decide to hire someone you should make sure that whoever you hire is a professional who has done this kind of work. The best way to find someone is to work with referrals.

  • Ask your friends or relatives who have had their patios done to give the numbers of the person who did it.

  • You can also check the Web for professionals in your locality who can do the job.

Decorating Tips for Patio

1) Try and make your patio suitable for all kinds of weather: Most people use their patios mostly during the summer but that doesn’t have to be the case. Try and make it an all season’s sort of place by using water resistant materials that will not get damaged during the cold season. This will ensure you make maximum use of the patio.

2) Paint the patio: Colour adds a lot to any room and the patio is not any different. Choose a colour that is relaxing and lively to keep the place feeling warm at all times. You can also use stencils during painting to incorporate designs that make it more beautiful and relaxing.

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3) Put up potted plants: Potted plants have a way of always making a place seem alive. If you’re rarely there and you think you may not have enough time to water the plants, make sure you choose plants that are water resistant and can last long without being watered.

4) Get proper furniture: Choose comfortable furniture that suits the purpose of the patio. If you want a place to entertain, choose outdoor furniture that will accommodate more people. If it is a personal space, perhaps a hammock for a nap during summer would do for you. Telescope casual furniture offers a wide range of designs and patio fixtures you can choose from

5) Put up proper lighting: Sometimes, you may be entertaining and may not notice that darkness has already fell. Instead of being forced to move your party indoors, you may choose to install lighting outside on the patio. You may put up lanterns all around the patio or use Christmas lights creatively to get proper lighting.

Various Materials and Style Sets Of Outdoor Patio Furniture

Gardens and courtyards are always the most adorable parts of any house and today several things can be done to use garden space to make it more livable. Patio or courtyard is used for recreation or dining purpose. Specially designed outdoor patio furniture is used to fill up outdoor space or courtyard adjoining the fundamental structure of the house.

Patio is an outdoor space and is affected by different climatic conditions like harsh wind, sunlight, rain and snow. In order to safeguard outdoor patio furniture from wear and tear caused by different seasons, specifically seasoned materials are used in construction of this furniture that includes:

  • Plastic or PVC: Conventional plastic chairs and tables made out of seasoned plastic material are sturdy, unbreakable and easy to maintain as they can be washed with less effort and can be stacked on each other. They are reasonably priced and can withstand any climatic condition.

best outdoor patio furniture

  • Wood: Wood have been in fashion for years now when furniture is thought about but the only concern with outdoor patio furniture is that the wood used to make them should be either cedar, teakwood or cypress that can stand with changing climates.

  • Metal: Metals like aluminum and wrought iron are much wanted for making outdoor patio furniture that is meant for use in roof top restaurants, resorts and road side open bistros. They are sturdy, durable, easy to maintain and can give artistic and classy looks to the surroundings.

  • Wicker/Rattan: This is a new kind of material used nowadays to construct outdoor furniture. Rattan is dried thin stems of a natural creeper like palm plant used to weave outdoor wicker patio furniture and they are the most durable, comfortable and can have varied attractive designs and colors.

Old styled plastic garden chairs are out of place with new innovations in the field of patio furniture. With comfort and usability, one can now add taste to patio furniture because of varied designs, styles and colors available to choose from furniture merchants like Telescope casual furniture. For more style sets, read on below.

Different Style Sets of Outdoor Patio Furniture

Some of the popular outdoor patio furniture sets include:

Bistro style furniture

Bistro style sets are great options for small gatherings of your family every morning for a cup of tea or every evening on a high tea.

  • Relaxing in the garden with outdoor patio furniture that consists of comfortable chairs and sofa amidst the nature is always lovable.

  • Bistro sets include a small round table with few armless chairs.

  • Bistro sets are most convenient for places with scarce open spaces.

Dining collection

Outdoor barbecue is a great idea when friends and family get together on some special occasions or festivals.

  • Dining al fresco can bring in lot of joy. Eating outside in lawns or in courtyard on a bright sunny day in winter delights the mind.

  • Usually a dining set outdoor patio furniture comprise of large extendable table with 4, 6 or 8 chairs depending upon the requirement along with extendable umbrella to cover the table top.

best outdoor wicker patio furniture

Living room style set

Living room style patio furniture gives a feeling of being in the comfort of your living room.

  • This kind of outdoor patio furniture comprise of segmented sofas and loveseat with thick cushions accompanied with two side tables and one main center table.

  • It is a good option for long sittings in your leisure time with friends and family and can be made more alluring by adding outdoor patio furniture covers to them.

Bar style set

In-house bar is always there to enjoy when climate is not favorable but on other days enjoying with a glass of wine or vodka in nature’s surroundings with friends could be sensational.

  • Bar style set outdoor patio furniture comprise of high stools accompanied with counter top.

Wholesale furniture: A Comprehensive List of Popular Merchandisers

Furniture makes a vital part of any property’s interiors.Taking care about the space, the structure and the design of a property, one has to conclude on the type of furniture to buy. When you step out of your house for buying a set of furniture, you get to learn that furniture can be purchased from both retail outlets and wholesale furniture merchants. Whatever furniture one is looking for i.e. furniture for home, outdoor space, resorts, hotels or restaurants, everything is available in varied shapes, sizes, designs, materials and colors to match specific requirements.

Purchasing furniture from wholesale merchants is at times considered to be not a great option for people who thinks that buying wholesale furniture means buying outdated cheap quality furniture, but the fact is that furniture purchased from wholesale merchants is better than retailers because it is not only economical but it also have all the varieties to offer. Wholesale furniture could be purchased from both online and offline sites of the wholesale furniture merchandisers.

best wholesale furniture

Popular Names in Wholesale Furniture

Knoxville Wholesale Furniture

Knoxville wholesale furniture mart is located in Tennessee and was established by Tim Harris in 1992. The Company is spread over 7 states in the US selling furniture on wholesale basis to around 100 retailers.

  • Knoxville is a popular brand supplying premium quality furniture at wholesale rates and their varied designs include furniture for Living Room, Bedroom, Dining Room, Home Office and Entertainment zone.

  • The Company is also into supplying high grade mattresses, accent Tables, rugs and other furniture related accessories.

Birmingham Wholesale Furniture

Birmingham wholesale furniture is into the business for 50 years now and is considered to be among the top 5 wholesale manufacturers of furniture based in Birmingham, Alabama.

  • Birmingham’s set of wholesale furniture is categorized in 5 main categories: seating furniture, furniture for dining area, bedroom and occasional sitting area, and lifestyle furniture.

  • Their lifestyle furniture that goes well with well defined and structured high end properties. Lifestyle furniture supplied by Birmingham’s is a collection from some of the most opulent furniture brands.

Wholesale Furniture Brokers

The Company was founded in the year 2000 and is headquartered today at Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada. They have tie ups with well-known furniture manufacturers and they get new variety of furniture directly from the manufacturer without any middle men.

  • The company has two business verticals: accepting wholesale orders from retailers and selling furniture through its own retail outlets.

  • Wide range of furniture products includes furniture for bedroom, dining room, living room, kid’s furniture, baby furniture, kitchen furniture and bathroom furniture.

best birmingham wholesale furniture

  • Many more variety of furniture related to sports like pool tables, spa tables, pet crates etc are all supplied by Wholesale furniture brokers.

  • The company even offers furniture protection plans to safeguard goods when in transit and that makes Wholesale Furniture Brokers one of the most profound contenders in the list of wholesale furniture merchants.

Telescope Casual Furniture

Telescope based in Granville, NY is in the field of supplying casual range of wholesale furniture since 1903. Telescope is committed to quality, design, great collection, comfort and quick delivery.

  • The main collection of Telescope casual furniture includes furniture made from marine grade polymer, wicker and cast aluminum.

  • The Company supplies all the types of wholesale furniture from chairs, loveseats, beach benches, chaises, sofas, tables, bar high chairs, bar counter tops to fabrics and cushions.

Telescope Casual Furniture

Company Background and History

Telescope casual furniture is now a household name when it comes to high quality furniture. They produce exclusive and well designed garden furniture, patio furniture, outdoor tables and other garden accessories. However, the company has not always been in the business of making high quality elitist consumer furniture.

best telescope casual furniture

  • It started out over 100 years ago, producing highly robust military equipment. This involved heavy duty frames and equipment made with strong steel welds.

  • Their most successful model was an army cot that was light and compact. It was easy for soldiers to carry supplies in and had telescopic legs. The telescopic legs model made by Telescope casual furniture was so successful in helping soldiers move goods that the company received a medal.

  • This is where the brand got their name, Telescope, from.

Since then the company has moved onto building products more focused on the consumer market. Taking care of regular people’s comfort rather than the military’s mobility needs. With each piece of Telescope casual furniture there is pride and years of expertise that go into the design and manufacturing process. It is a company with a rich history and not just new ideas.

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Products of Telescope Casual Furniture

So what exactly do Telescope casual furniture produce?

  • They are designers and manufacturers of high quality outdoor furniture and accessories.

  • They have one thing in mind, quality – this is what makes their telescope casual patio furniture so unique.

  • They design it with the customer in mind.

  • Telescope follows the business philosophy that taking care of the customers first will take care of their bottom line next. This is why there is such a loyal following of the Telescope casual furniture line.

Season after season, the Telescope team involves itself with their customers to deliver new and exciting patio furniture. It is built to last and is made with precision and care that only the best quality materials are put into the building process.

best telescope casual patio furniture

Services Offered by Telescope Casual Furniture

Telescope casual furniture is so confident in their quality that they offer a 15 year warranty on their products. This means that there is always Telescope casual furniture replacement parts and Telescope casual furniture parts available. If the unlikely happens and anything should go wrong then there is always a fix awaiting you. So customers know that they are making a sound investment, as one purchase is like 15 year purchase for a single investment.

Types of Telescope Casual Furniture

different telescope casual furniture parts

  • Patio furniture

  • Benches

  • Chairs

  • Tables

  • Ottomans

The brand is closely protected and only certain dealers are allowed to stock their goods. This is because Telescope casual furniture goods hold a hallmark of quality and this needs to be upheld. If cheap or dishonest dealers are selling Telescope casual furniture then the trust in the brand could be lost. This is not the aim of the company as they want to ensure customers know that their products are high quality and exclusive. So customers also know that the dealer they are buying from has been inspected and improved by Telescope casual furniture. This reflects as a good sign for the dealer, as well as the furniture.