Low Self Esteem Symptoms

Being young seems to be greatest time in one’s life. Well that what we commonly think about that stage in life but not all experience having a great time. There are so many more possibilities that one is suffering from having low self esteem due to bullying and exposure to unhealthy environments. There’s a fine line between being shy and having low self esteem symptoms which most misunderstands. If signs of low self esteem are seen, it must be dealt with as soon as possible. Low self esteem can really be damaging to the growth and maturity of the person if neglected and can really be destructive.

Being shy is one of the normal low self esteem symptoms in children. However, if these low self esteem symptoms are carried out through the teenage years then there is something seriously wrong. Being afraid of socialization and finding it hard to create friends are just some of the low self esteem symptoms. There are many reasons why this happens to a child or teenager. It can be due to bullying or lack of initiation to socialize and mingle with his or her age group.

low self esteem signs and symptoms

For teenage girls, low self esteem symptoms can cause a girl to become depressed, are at a higher rate for such conditions as eating disorders and even suicide. For low self esteem symptoms in teenage boys, you are looking at a higher possibility of suicide as well as the lack of love and control they may face down the road.

Fortunately, there are a lot of self esteem activities you can do to improve your child’s self esteem. The key factors in removing low self esteem symptoms are to expose your child or teenager to an open and friendly environment where positive socialization occurs. With socialization with his or her fellow age bracket, your child will not only develop maturity and good socialization skills, your child would also learn important values such as trust and friendship along with others more.

If one doesn’t act on eradicating these low self esteem symptoms, it can lead to serious physical and mental problems. People will low self esteem tend to cut themselves off from the real world and from other people. Thus, they would involve themselves to other things which would probably become an addiction such as computer gaming and drugs. One needs to act fast once low self esteem symptoms are seen in order to avoid further damages to the child’s or teenager’s mentality.

evident signs of low self esteem

Socialization, giving compliments and positive criticism are just some of the simple things parents can do to enhance self esteem of your children. If you think your child displays a much more serious level of low self esteem symptoms, it is highly recommended that one seeks professional assistance as soon as possible. Acquiring services from a psychiatrist might be necessary.

By doing these things, you can help your teenager who suffers from low self esteem symptoms blossom more and more each day. At first, it will be a one day at a time try and can eventually overcome their self esteem issues and hopefully live a better life.