Choosing Dinnerware Sets: All There Is To Know

It is always nice to buy good-looking dinnerware sets. This would actually impress your guests when they come over to dine with you. Food that is served on nice plates is always inviting and appetizing. However, buying these sets is not an easy task. They can be very expensive which is why you should first think about it before making your purchase. There are many different types of sets available and you can choose based on your purpose and your budget.

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Guidelines in Choosing Dinnerware Sets

  • First decide whether you need the dinnerware sets for special occasions or if you are only looking for casual dinnerware sets. Causal sets are for day-to-day use and can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Special occasion sets are usually fragile, more expensive and need utmost care while handling. They are made from high quality materials and are usually handcrafted to look elegant and sophisticated. Stoneware dinnerware sets are an ideal choice if you are looking for elegance and functionality at the same time. Flatware sets on the other hand are ideal for day-to-day use. Both these variations are durable, great to look at and purposeful.

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  • Once you know what kind of dinnerware sets you want, you should know how many plates you need in your set. Sets commonly have 4, 6 and 8 plates. The most common among these are the 4-plate sets. If you have a small family, one set is enough. If you have a slightly larger one, you can buy two sets. The same goes for special occasion sets. You can make your selection of sets depending on the number of guests you usually invite.
  • If you have kids at home, you should go for melamine dinnerware instead of bone china. Melamine is very strong and reliable. Thus even if there are accidents, the plates will not break. These sets can be found in great designs and varieties too.

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  • The size and the usage are also important. You should consider how large you want your plates to be and also how often you are going to use these plates before selecting a set.

If a particular set pleased your eye but the price tag is beyond your budget, you can look for dinnerware sets on sale and find the ones you like at a much cheaper rate. This is easier over the Internet. Some of the popular brands of dinnerware sets today are Henckels, Corelle, Gibson and Pyrex to name a few.

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Guide on Correct Placement of Cutlery on Dining Table

A dinner table should look presentable and display good artistic touch. In a good dinner, one may require three forks, two spoons, one knife and one spreader. Some dinnerware brands usually have the whole set, such as Stoneware dinnerware sets.

It is therefore useful to learn the guide on correct placement of cutlery on the dining table.

Guide on the Placement and Usage of the Forks

  • All the forks should be placed on the left side of a plate. This is because the person dining uses the left hand to hold the fork.

  • They should be arranged between the napkins and the plate.

best Guide on Cutlery Placement

  • From the far end, the salad fork should be placed followed by the main fork for the dinner. Finally, next to the plate you should place the dessert fork.

  • People should start using the forks from the furthest placed. That means that you should start with the fork for taking the salad. This should be followed with the one for dinner, then finally the dessert fork.

  • In casual dinners, the dessert fork should not be put on the table until the dessert is served, especially if there is no room for placing more than three forks on the table.

Guide on the Placement and Usage of the Knives and Spoons

There are different types of knives that can be placed on a table. The type of food being served determines the type of knife that is placed on the table.

  • On the right hand side of the plate, one should start with the knife for dinner first, then the tea spoon, then the dinner spoon at the far right.

  • One may add spoons next to the tea spoon if he is going to serve soup in the dinner. You may also serve the soup with the spoon in it.

  • The butter knife may be placed at the top.

  • When placing the knife, ensure that the blade is facing the plate.

  • When one is through with the knife, it is supposed to be left in the plate facing the direction of the remaining food.

Table Napkin Folding Guide

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Sometimes, one may be required to fold the table napkin before placing them on the table due to the size of the table. Some of the points to consider when folding include:

  • Fold the napkin into two at the edges in a triangular shape.

  • Place the table spoon at the middle, the fork a half an inch away, and the knife on the other side of the spoon.

  • You should then fold the one end to the end of the cutlery and the other end to where the fold of the cutlery is then you roll it.

  • Ensure that the napkin is completely folded.

Casual Dinnerware Sets by Stoneware

Any lover of dinner sets will from time to time have to be confronted with the following question: Why a particular brand of dinner set? How it’s answered however might reveal a lot more about quirks in a certain personality as opposed to facts. Sample some of the probable answers that you are bound to run into: it is an old family tradition; they were the first brand one owned when they moved out of home; and many others. This article will try and convince you as to the reasons why casual dinnerware sets from Stoneware Dinnerware sets should be your preferred dinner sets.

Benefits of Using Stoneware Dining Sets

When you
purchase casual Stoneware Dinnerware, the advantages that lie therein are as follows:

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  • Foremost, you essentially have a product that can outlast its competitors. This is because, as say compared to porcelain, stoneware is rugged and durable. Stoneware dinner ware sets are even designed to be chip resistant! The probability that a casual dinnerware sets for 8 can be part of your daughter’s dowry is not a joke.

  • The second advantage that comes with a purchase of this brand is that you essentially get a product that is great at retaining heat. Your casual dinnerware sets can hold on to heat for longer periods of time compared to porcelain, glass, or even steel. That is the legacy that comes with the acquisition of this brand.

  • The third advantage that comes with the ownership of this casual dinnerware sets is the fact that they are durable. This durability is assured to the buyer even in cases when you get discount casual dinnerware sets. At this point, it is instructive to note that most folks consider discounts as a way to clear stock or sub standard products. This is not part of the brands tradition. The fact is that the durability of the brand speaks for itself. Casual dinnerware sets from the brand can withstand dish washing, the intense heat of the microwave, and the suffocating atmosphere. That is quality for you.

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  • The last attribute that comes with casual dinnerware sets from this brand is that they are easy on the eye. Whether plain or decorated, these sets have a beauty that can not be ignored. As beauty is in the eye of the beholder, you essentially have a large selection of choices to choose from the Stoneware brand. Choices that are designed to meet all your taste such that you are fully contented.

There goes some of the reasons that might herd one in the direction of purchasing casual dinnerware sets from this brand. The thing is, purchasing a dinner set on account of a rich family tradition, or perhaps as a fad, or even for the heck of it, is fine. However, there is one name that meets all the above and more, and the name that you ought to remember is Stoneware. You can get your very own stoneware dinner set from as low as $ 17, then durability, beauty, class, and quality will be assembled at your dinner table.

Guide on Basic Dining Etiquette

When one has been called to eat out with friends or other people, it is good for him or her to learn the list of basic dining etiquette first. This will prevent the person from embarrassing himself or drawing an impression that he never wished to.

Basic Table Manners and Rules on Table Etiquette

Some of the simple table manners that he should observe include:

Rules on Participation:

  • You should ensure that you confirm your participation in a dinner a week before the day of the dinner. This will help both you and your host to have an ample time planning for the event.

  • If you want to bring friends along, ensure you inform your host so that they can budget for the extra person.

best Guide on Basic Dining Etiquette

  • You should carry some presents like flowers, cards or wine to your host.

Rules on the Table

  • Before a lady has sat or rose up from a seat, the gentleman should pull her chair and stand until she is seated.

  • When you have settled on the table, you need to take the cloth folded on the table and use it to wipe your lips and fingers.

  • If you are serving the dishes, one starts with the ladies in a clockwise direction before you get to the gents.

Rules on Food, Eating and Serving

  • Whether you like the food or not, you should give a thank you message to the host for the meal and opening his or her table for him or her.

  • You should not start eating before the others. Wait until the host has started even when you have been welcomed to do it.

  • It is not good not to touch the food even if you do not like it. Show respect by taking a little of it or dividing it with the fork.

  • Some meals may be unique and you may not know how to eat them. If that is the case, ensure that you watch how others are eating them without staring at someone.

  • If you are serving yourself, ensure that you put only what you can finish. Again, leave a little food on the plate when you are finishing.

Rules on Using the Utensils

  • The knife is used to cut, the fork for scooping food into the mouth and the spoon for fetching the soup.

  • All of them should be held from the handles.

  • You may rest them on the edges of the plate when not using or inside the plate when you have finished eating. Some cutlery, such as Stoneware Dinnerware sets have unique shapes that prevent the utensils from slipping off.

General Good Table Manners

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  • Do not talk with food in your mouth since it may spill to others or get you choked and this may bring a bad image of yourself.

  • If one has a cough or accidentally sneezes, he should completely cover his mouth and ask to be excused politely.

  • Burping and slurping is also impolite to others.

  • Whenever you want something which is one person beyond or before you, it is good to request for it to be passed to you rather than stretching your arm to get it.

Finally, after you have observed the list of basic dining etiquette and presented good table manners in a dinner, you should thank your host again when you have parted.

Advantages of Plastic Dinnerware

Plastic is one of the cheapest materials available in the market. Cheap to manufacture, plastic has given rise to a huge number of accessories. Bottles, bags, plates and cups are now regularly being prepared using plastic all over the world. As a result, plastic dinnerware has emerged successfully and opened up the tableware market to a whole new dimension.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Plastic Dinnerware

Plastic dinnerware has its advantages and disadvantages. Dinnerware of this type is being used everywhere, from parties to offices and houses. With plastic dinner sets available universally, people can provide economical plates and cups at any kind of events organized by them. However, plastic is not biodegradable and produces harmful gases when burnt. This is a huge disadvantage of plastic dinnerware.

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Types of Plastic Dining Sets

Plastic products for plastic dinnerware sets can include:

  • Plastic Dinner Plates

  • Plastic Cups and Saucers

  • Plastic Cutlery

  • Plastic Dinner Trays

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Plastic dinnerware is essential for any budget wedding. With every type of dinnerware available, having plastic dinnerware for weddings is not a tedious task as some may suggest. Disposable dinnerware is easy to buy and arrange on a wedding table. Plastic table covers are also available and sufficiently complete the picture of plastic dinnerware with their smooth feel and sparkling look. Plastic plates are made to give an appearance of china-made with fascinating colors and different sizes. These plates are suitable for wedding and provide matching cups and cutlery.

Cups are available in all shapes and sizes to attract the interest of wedding organizers. These cups are designed with fancy patterns to match their respective sets of plates and other dinnerware.

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Plastic cutlery is the most amazing of the bunch. These disposable forks and spoons are made to look like real silver-made and are commonly used in weddings, BBQs or at many fast-foods. This type of cutlery is also available in meals provided in airplanes. Disposable table covers which are made using paper are usually lined with plastic. 100% plastic covers are also available in the market. These covers can give your wedding a glistening look and provide you with a budget-friendly alternative to the expensive tablecloths. All in all, plastic dinnerware has provided many people with easy outlets to expensive weddings and other events and is a popular choice in many countries.

The Stoneware Dining Set Brand

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Stoneware dinnerware sets are one of the most popular dinner sets worldwide. Stoneware dinner sets are intensely heat resistant and have a longer lifespan. Inexpensive and lighter than other dinner sets, Stoneware accessories are much more reliable for long term use. Stoneware dinner sets include Japanese and Italian dinner sets. Wooden dinnerware is also available. The facility of customizing your dinner sets is hugely popular and is used by a huge number of people annually. Stoneware dinner sets guarantee quality and luxury dining each time they are used. They do not get rusty over time and remain intact for years.

Plastic dinnerware is a blessing in disguise for people who have to plan events regularly. With so much elegant plastic dinnerware available in the market, organizing dinner events and weddings have become much simpler for people with limited cash.