Different Types of Dog Collars

Around the world, in many families dogs are considered not less than a family member. Like human beings, pet dogs also get clothed. When we think of designer dog collars, we generally think of celebrities’ dogs, but nowadays some companies are making best types of collars for certain kinds of dogs.

Along with all the different styles and colors of dog collars, opting one for your pet may be overwhelming. In order to limit your choices, consider a few points before you start shopping.

Factors to Consider in Choosing Dog Collars

Choosing Dog Collars

  • First, consider what kind of pet dog do you have? Certain kinds of collars look good on certain breeds, so be sure you’re matching your pet dog with the right appearance, just as you choose clothes and accessories for yourself.
  • Next, choose what kind of material or element you want the collar to be. Generally collars will be made of leather or nylon.

There are the best type of collars for certain kinds of dogs to opt that depends on the dog’s disposition and size. For many dogs a leather dog collar or a traditional dog collar is good.

Popular Types of Dog Collars

1) Traditional Dog Collars

  • Traditional collars of dogs are available with variety of colors, styles and widths.
  • Collars must ride high on a dog’s neck. It shouldn’t be loose so that it slides down on the dog’s shoulder.
  • Dog collars should be fitted with sufficient space for two fingers.
  • You are advised to use a measure tape to measure your dog’s neck and then add 2 or 3 inches while purchasing.

2) Dog Harnesses

  • Harnesses are placed around the shoulders and neck area of your dog.
  • This is suitable for the dogs that have breathing problems or diseases of the throat.
  • Harnesses reduce irritation and relieve the pressure.

3) Halter-type Dog Collars

  • This type of collar creates the best control over your dog.
  • It gives control on your dog’s head.
  • There are many brands available in this type of dog collar and it looks likes horse’s halter with a band going around the neck and back of the head.

4) Pronged Collars

  • These collars are also known as pinch collars
  • They are characterized by the presence of prongs that are blunt, which protrude inward from the links.
  • It is designed for only the most obstinate dogs.
  • They are used as temporary training tools to change the behavior of dogs that do not respond to any other collar.

5) Chain-slip dog Collars

  • It acts as one of the types for retraining tools in result-oriented training techniques.
  • This is also called as check chain or choke collar.

6) Spiked dog collars

Gray Spiked Dog Collars

  • These are used for the training purposes and are also known as prong collars.
  • It is suitable for powerful and large breeds of dogs.
  • Spiked collars pinch the neck of the dog with a choke sensation.
  • Trainer puts tension on the collar and it becomes smaller.
  • There are some other accessories like bead, stones and pictures that add to the beauty of spiked dog collars.

Buying Dog Collars: Which one is best for your Dog?

Buying dog collars is a matter needing to consider to almost every dog owner. Though most people use collars to control their dogs, the effect of a dog collar is far more than this. Dog collars can be made of different materials, in various styles, for different purposes. You should choose collar for your dog according to various factors.

Benefits of Buying Dog Collars

  • First, a dog collar makes it easier to control your dog, which is especially important when you take your dog in a busy street. Since necks are the most sensitive parts of dogs, with slight force, you can take good control of your dog. Therefore a dog collar is also a big help in training your dog.
  • Collar can be used to identify a dog too, which is very important when your dog is enjoying itself in a dog park.
  • Collars impregnated with chemicals can help control fleas for your dog.
  • If your dog injures itself accidentally, you may worry about the recovery of its wounds. To prevent it from licking and scratching its wounds, you can resort to an Elizabethan collar.
  • Of course, just like beautiful clothes can add charms to a person, a fashionable collar can make your dog stand out from its companions.

Guidelines to Buying Dog Collars

Best Guidelines to Buying Dog Collars

When you are considering buying dog collars, you need to take many things into account. Only in this way, you can pick a both comfortable and fashionable collar for your dog.

  • Types of Clasps: There are two kinds of clasps in dog collars, namely plastic ones and punched belt or cloth ones. For small sized dogs, collars with plastic clasps make it very convenient to use. While for big sized dogs, you’d better refrain from buying dog collars of this type. You know, big dogs have great strengths, especially when they are chasing cats or other dogs. When you are trying to control your dog with a dog collar, all forces focus on the clasp. Plastic clasps are easy to broken, which makes it hard for you to control your dog.
  • Materials of Dog Collars: A dog collar can be made of leather, nylon, chains, and clothes. Leather ones are suitable for large breeds, while nylon collars are much light, colorful and can be made fashionable. The main feature of chain collar is its sturdiness, which makes it easy to control big sized dogs. Furthermore, the thin chains can be hid in the hair, which makes it almost invisible.
  • Styles of Dog Collars. Besides collars worn on dogs’ necks, there are some styles of collars that wrap around the body of a dog. Though it is more expensive, it is a really good choice for dogs with respiratory problems.

Spiked Dog Collars

Quality Spiked Dog Collars

Many people choose spiked dog collars for their dogs. It is definitely a good choice if you want your dog look more cool and impressive. In addition, big dogs with spiked collars will surely scare any intruders from your house. Furthermore, this kind of collars is much thicker than other kinds of dog collars, which makes it tougher and sturdier. One thing you should pay attention to is not to choose too long spikes, because long spikes can make your dog hard to rest comfortably.

Main reason of buying dog collars is restraining your dog and ensuring safety of your dog and other people. Selecting a suitable collar requires lots of knowledge. It is also an expression of your love to your dog.

Leather Dog Collars

Are you looking for a premium collar for your dog? Do you want the collar to be made of a material that withstands wear and tear? Leather is still one of the most popular materials of which dog collars are made. If you want a quality material that offers immense customization options, leather should definitely be your material of choice. For over a century, leather has been the top-rated material for dog collars. It can be a costly investment but ultimately the benefits you get far outweigh the initial costs. It is no wonder, then, that even in the modern world which has so many choices in terms of dog collars, premium collars are almost synonymous with leather dog collars.

Must Have Custom Leather Dog Collars

These days you do not even need to venture out of the house to pick up a suitable collar for your dog. All you need to do is look up online resources that offer a wide variety of leather dog collars and leashes, and choose one that is just right for your dog. It is always a good idea, however, to check out the stocks online, but make the actual purchase at the brick-and-mortar shop. You can try the collar on the dog and check for a comfortable fit before handing out the money. Here are some popular kinds of dog collars in the market.

Cool Leather Dog Collars and Leashes

  • Personalized leather dog collars: If you want to keep your dog in style as well as offer it complete protection, leather collars that are unique are a great choice. You can get custom leather dog collars that will look great on your dog. These can also be very useful when you engrave them with important information. For example, many dog owners prefer to engrave information such as the name of the dog, its owner, and the address where the dog lives on the collar. Customization of leather dog training collars is a wonderful idea to trace missing dogs and to return the dog to its rightful owner in case it gets lost on a walk.

Perfect Personalized Leather Dog Collars

  • Spiked dog collars: Collars are like earrings and necklaces, they are accessories that makes the wear look better. Same goes with spiked dog collars, they make certain dog breeds look cooler and tougher. They are mostly preferred to larger dogs and make them look fiercer and tougher.
  • Remote-controlled dog training collars: The market also has remote-controlled dog training collars. These are fast becoming popular among trainers who want their dog to be trained in an efficient manner. With the remote neatly placed in your pocket, you can easily keep the dog under control and get it trained in an appropriate manner.

Tough Looking Spiked Dog Collars

Before buying leather dog collars, remote-controlled collars, or any other collar for your beloved dog, it is important to do a quick market survey to discover the latest trends in dog collars. Also, one also needs to make sure that the leather dog collars will not hurt the dog in any way. Leather cannot expand so the perfect fit is important. Make sure that the studs or spikes will not hurt the dog either.

Dog Training Collars

Are you planning to take your dog through training sessions? If you have already hired a trainer you must get hold of dog training collars. These collars are designed to help you make the most of training the dog. It helps to steer the dog in the direction the trainer wants, during the training session. With so many kinds of training collars in the market, how do you choose a suitable one? Here is a guide you can follow in order to find the best dog training collars.

Must Read Dog Training Collars Reviews

Read Reviews:

What most people do is look up dog training collars reviews. Those who have already bought collars will tell you that reviews can be your best guide when it comes to buying a collar for your dog. Typical third-party reviews give a fair and unbiased idea about the user’s experience and you can use them as your guide, but in the last resort, the specific needs of your dog come first. Every dog has its individual need, so when you choose a collar, you must tailor your choice accordingly. Dog collars come in a wide range of diameters, so that they are suitable fits for both small and large dogs. If you intend to get dog training collars for large dogs it is important to know the strength of the collar. If the collar is not strong enough the dog is liable to break away, so make sure to test the strength and durability of the material before you buy dog training collars for large dogs.

Convenient Dog Training Collars for Large Dogs

Consider Safety:

If you want to take your dog for a walk to the neighborhood park it is important to be aware of safety precautions. You never know when someone wants to grab your dog or run away with it, so you need to protect your dog in public. The best way to protect a dog in public spaces is by getting spiked dog collars. These collars let you pull the dog in the direction you want it to go, and they also let you put the leash on without any difficulty. If you take a dog to a public place it is a good idea to leash it first so that you do not lose your hold.

Adjustable Spiked Dog Collars

Look For Innovations:

The market has many collars with innovations that aim to get dogs to become better behaved more quickly. If you want to get the latest collars for your dog, you can try Innotek dog training collars. These are remote-operated collars which allow you the convenience of training or steering the dog from a distance. These collars run on batteries and they are designed to be operated simply by pressing a button. These dog training collars that have easy remote operating systems allow you or the trainer to control the dog with complete ease. This reduces the amount of total training time for your dog, as the training happens more effectively. The best part, you can simply tuck the remote in your pocket while the dog undergoes training.

Best Value Innotek Dog Training Collars

The market has a wide variety of dog training collars so you simply need to choose one according to your requirement.

Cute Spiked Dog Collars

The main reasons that people use a dog collar is in order to help control their dogs, and for safety. It is much easier to control a dog that is wearing a collar, as it gives the owner something to hold on to, and it also allows them to attach the leash to the dog. This is especially important when walking the dog in a public area. Some people like to attach a tag to the collar with the dog’s name, address or a phone number and any health issues it may have in case it gets lost.

Cute Spiked Dog Collars for Small Dogs

Types of Collars

Many people like to choose a fashionable dog collar for their favorite pet, so that the dog looks good as well as keeping it safe. There are many different variations of collar, and some of them are more practical than others.

The main kinds of collar include:

  • Flat Buckle Collar
  • Choke Chain
  • Prong Collar
  • Head Halter
  • Shock Collar

Larger dogs need much sturdier collars than smaller dogs, and this is something that must be taken into consideration when choosing. Spiked dog collars are usually flat buckle collars and are a classic look. Although many of these are leather spiked dog collars, there are lots of different options available. Spiked dog collars can also be made from plastic, and woven materials, and come in just about any color or pattern imaginable.

Cool Leather Spiked Dog Collars

Why Choose a Spiked Dog Collar?

Spiked dog collars are a great look for any type of dog, and spiked dog collars for small dogs have become increasingly popular in recent years. One advantage of choosing this style of collar is that it is very tough and sturdy, which means that it will not break when pulled on. Due to the thickness of the spiked dog collar, it also reduces the pressure on the dog’s neck area when it pulls whilst walking on the leash. This is very important for the health and wellbeing of the dog. Large dogs are very powerful, and sometimes they can pull extremely hard on the leash, this can cause problems when they are wearing a very thin collar as it digs in. For those who do not wish to use spiked leather dog collars, there are a range of alternatives.

Rockstar Spiked Leather Dog Collars

Purchasing the Collar

There are a number of places to purchase a spiked dog collar both online and offline. There are specialist online pet stores, which sell a huge variety of collars and leashes, with an option to purchase a personalized information tag at the same time. Other places include Amazon, Ebay and other third party sites. You can also purchase one from your local pet store.

Stylish Spiked Dog Collars

Wherever you are buying from, it is very important that you get one that is the correct size for the dog. There are two main reasons for this:

  • Safety – If the collar is too loose, it may be possible for the dog to slip out of it whilst out on a walk. This could be potentially very dangerous for the dog depending on the situation.
  • Comfort – It is important that the collar is not too tight around the neck as it could be very uncomfortable and restrict the breathing of the dog.