The Proper Dental Care Do’s and Don’ts

Dental care should be part of everyone’s lifestyle because if you have healthy teeth and gums, you can smile with much confidence and eat any food you like. Proper dental hygiene needs some discipline and appropriate caring routine so read further to get to know the dental care do’s and don’ts that will preserve your fantastic smile for more years to come.

Dental Care Do’s

  • As many dentists say, do brush your teeth at least twice a day – once in the morning and brush again at night.

  • Do use dental floss to remove any food particles and plaques in the spaces between your teeth. This is necessary, as these particles cannot be removed thoroughly by brushing alone.

  • Do use mouthwash at least once a day to kill excessive bacteria in your mouth. These bacteria are one of the main causes of bad breath. So it is suggested that you rinse your mouth once a day, especially at night before you sleep.

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  • Do chew a sugarless mint after eating or when needed to eliminate food smell as well as bad breath. Avoid consuming foods with too much sugar content as this may cause tooth decay.

  • Do visit your dentist twice yearly to have a professional teeth cleaning and oral examination. Your dentist should also advice you if your teeth need additional care.

  • Do stop smoking if you are a smoker. The smoke that you inhale from the cigarette can cause nicotine and tar build-up on the surfaces of your mouth. Nicotine may also block the flow of saliva, which may lead to growth of oral bacteria and bad breath.

  • Do eat foods that are rich in calcium like cheese, milk, and dark leafy vegetables like spinach and collard greens. These help your teeth to stay healthy and strong.

  • Most importantly, do clean your tongue. Doing this will help prevent plaque build-up and will improve your taste perception. Do this at least twice a day. In tongue cleaning, you can use your toothbrush or a U-shaped tongue cleaner to achieve better results.

Dental Care Don’ts

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  • Do not rush in brushing your teeth. There is a proper way of tooth brushing – brush each tooth 5-10 times using a circular motion. Brush the back of your teeth as well because this is where the decay usually happens.

  • Do not eat too much sugary stuff like softdrinks and candies as these can accelerate the development of tooth decay. The acid in carbonated drinks dissolves the calcium in your teeth so stay away from these.

  • Finally, do not be lazy in caring for your teeth. Dental care do’s and don’ts may consume a lot of time and energy however, having healthy teeth is still for your own benefit. If you want to maintain a healthy and perfect smile, always take time to clean your teeth and gums properly.

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Guidelines in Proper Brushing of Teeth

It is not enough to brush your teeth three times a day or even more to ensure good smelling breath, clean and healthy teeth and gums and a problem-free oral cavity. It is also not enough to have the best type of toothpaste there is in the market. What`s most important is for you to learn the proper brushing of teeth. This way, you can always be assured of healthy teeth and gums without cavities. You can keep smiling confidently as well when you have a great set of teeth.

Tips in Proper Brushing of Teeth:

  • Use a reliable toothbrush with wonderful features.

More often than not, it is more advisable to make use of soft bristles in your toothbrush. Choose a toothbrush that suits you well and has fantastic features that will make brushing a much better experience for you. For instance, a lot of people these days are utilizing electric toothbrushes such as Sonicare Toothbrush which can be recharged, has interchangeable heads, has multiple speeds, and comes with a quad pacer that beeps when it is time to shift to the lower or upper teeth or from the inside to the outside. If you also lead a fast-paced lifestyle and often come home very tired, an electric toothbrush will work wonders for you too.

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  • Choose your toothpaste well.

Find toothpaste with components that you are agreeable to. Check out what these ingredients can provide and do for your teeth. Be sure to see if fluoride is included as this is a great dental-friendly mineral that can strengthen your teeth and reverse beginning acid damage. However, there are now herbal toothpastes with marvelous ingredients that can give the same benefits. It is up to you if you wish to go for an all-natural product.

  • Target first the chewing surfaces.

When you start to brush your teeth, it is important to target first the chewing surfaces in order to take out the particles and make it easier for you to do your dental floss procedure. This is one of the first guidelines you should take note of in the proper brushing of teeth.

  • Brush with a circular and vertical motion.

Never brush horizontally as this is damaging to your teeth. A lot of people have become used to this kind of brushing, not knowing that it can be harmful. That is why the proper brushing of teeth must be studied too so you will realize how exactly to go about it.

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When doing circular motions, brush in a gentle way. This will stimulate your gums and will also take off that plaque off your teeth. Afterwards, you can do the vertical brushing especially on your upper and lower front teeth, making sure to brush on the inside as well.

  • Brush other parts too.

You should not stop with the teeth only. What many people are not able to do is to brush the tongue, along with the roof of the mouth and even the inside of the cheeks. In learning about the proper brushing of teeth, you will find out that it is of great importance to give attention to these parts too.

  • Rinse and soak.

After brushing your teeth, never forget to make sure that your toothbrush does not catch bacteria. Be sure to rinse it well and also to soak it in a container filled with hot water from time to time.

Indeed knowing about the proper brushing of teeth helps a lot in maintaining the good health of our teeth, gums, and the entire oral cavity.

Best Toothbrush for You

Where oral health care is concerned, the entire mouth is involved: teeth, tongue, gums, even the throat and lips. And total oral hygiene means cleaning every part of the mouth. The teeth are just one part of it – one huge part that is.

Caring for the teeth is the beginning of caring for one’s entire oral health – and clean teeth is always the result of good hygiene attitude paired with the best toothbrush.

Many people ask which toothbrush to go for the complete clean teeth experience; it is always a battle between the electric toothbrush and the manual toothbrush.

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While both toothbrushes share the same purpose, there is a fine line that separates them both as far as features and efficiency are concerned.

So the question remains: what is the best toothbrush out there in the market today?

What to look for in a good toothbrush

When out shopping for toothbrushes, there are certain things that you have to look for. This applies to both the manual and the electric toothbrush. These are the key areas that the best toothbrush should ace:

  • Bristles – they must be fine and do not break easily; they must not be too tough on the mouth as they may damage the natural enamel of the tooth or worse, hurt the gums

  • Head – it should neither be too hard nor too big. If the head is too big, it may not be able penetrate the hard-to-reach parts of the teeth

  • Handle – the handles must have easy- no-slip-grips so they don’t fall while you’re using them. This is especially important for your electric toothbrush.

As for specific brands of electric toothbrushes, here are some of the top recommended ones:

  • For a quick, full mouth clean complete with sanitizer, and stain and plaque reduction for increased gum health, a Philips Sonicare Toothbrush range will do a perfect job. Some models come with UV sanitizing agents to keep bacteria off your brush. It also has a long battery life which lasts at least three weeks when fully charged. This Sonicare toothbrush comes with a quadpacer that beeps every 30 seconds reminding you to switch sides for brushing. The best sonicare toothbrush yet also has an easy start feature lasting for 12-14 brushes; it determines your optimal brushing speed and power for better, strong and clean teeth. They also come with changeable heads.

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  • Oral-B Range is another top electric toothbrush brand. These toothbrushes are said to be the number one most recommended brand by dentists. It features a pressure sensor that helps keep your gums healthy. Some offer settings for cleaning. Some models feature soft hand massaging with crisscross power-tip bristles to clean between teeth. Some pack features like brush-strokes-per-minute and wide sweeping designs which help to whiten you teeth and improve gum health.

  • Other known brands of toothbrushes include Colgate, Aquafresh and Dental Elite among others.

For the best manual toothbrush available, brands like Colgate 360 Degree Sensitive Toothbrush which has a tongue cleaner and soft bristles that massage gum lines while giving teeth deep cleaning are on the top list. Another one on this list is the ABC Oral Care New Generation toothbrushes with medium sensitive, ultra fine bristles and deep penetration capabilities.

Special oral needs like braces would require special brushes too for optimum cleaning; thus, these brushes aforementioned may not be the best toothbrush for braces.

In looking for the complete and total oral health care, the best toothbrush would never work its maximum potential if not used properly. It works best with the right hygiene attitudes and regular visits to your dentist.

Electric Toothbrush vs Regular Toothbrush

There is just no limit to technology’s advancement. Who knew that even the good old toothbrush could get a technological spin with the creation of the electric toothbrush?

There is a good number of electric toothbrush models and brands available on the market today. The Sonicare toothbrush line from Philips is one fitting example. It is one of the most available electric toothbrushes with great features and affordable rates. This explains its popularity. Common electric toothbrush review comments on Sonicare say it has to be the best electric toothbrush for a number of reasons. Here are some of them:

  • It has a long battery life. It uses a rechargeable battery, which, when fully charged can last you for as long as three weeks or even more.

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  • It also has a quad pacer which regulates your movement. The toothbrush gives out a beeping sound in thirty-second intervals, signaling that you may already brush a different area in your mouth.

  • It has an easy start feature. This feature is responsible in determining what the optimal brushing speed and power that best suits you. It helps you achieve that thorough cleaning that you want and need.

This brand also produces kids electric toothbrush. This helps in giving your kids a strong set of teeth early on.

Shopping for an Electric Toothbrush

Getting this item is way too easy. Even more so, it is easy to get discounts too. Electric toothbrush coupons are widely. The web is one of the best, most convenient places to look for them.

The Electric Toothbrush versus Regular Toothbrush: Let the battle begin

Comparisons between ordinary and electric toothbrushes have been made and below are some advantages that an electric toothbrush is said to have over a normal toothbrush:

best electric toothbrush reviews

  • An electric toothbrush has multiple features as compared to ordinary toothbrush. Its being ‘electrical’ allows it to do several things that a manually operated regular toothbrush can’t.

  • An ordinary toothbrush does not clean as well as an electric toothbrush would. The accuracy in brush strokes and fineness in an electric toothbrush’s bristles defeats that of plain human effort strokes and old bristles.

  • With the electric toothbrush, you don’t need to replace the whole brush. You just regularly change the head.

But this is no one-sided contest. The regular toothbrush wins over the fact that it is cheaper by more than a dozen times than its electric counterparts. There have also been instances where some electric brands fail on the accuracy of brush strokes that at the very least, does not clean thoroughly, and at worst, damages the teeth. 

The Sonicare Toothbrush

Are you thinking about upgrading to a new toothbrush? If you want to upgrade to one of the best toothbrush’s on the market today, then the Sonicare toothbrush is what you need. Sonicare toothbrushes are made by Philips which is one of the leading producers modern products from household appliances to personal care products. You can expect good and quality outcomes from their products which includes these highly advanced electric toothbrushes in their Sonicare line.

If you read any review you will notice that many people recommend Sonicare. Now, in order to see what all the hype is about you should check out some of the Sonicare toothbrush reviews online because some of them will give you the exact reason as to why you should buy one if you care at all about your teeth and gums.

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Features Of Sonicare Toothbrush

  • Long Battery Life – The Sonicare toothbrush is one of the few toothbrushes that actually uses a rechargeable battery. The nice part about the Sonicare toothbrush models is that a full charged battery will last slightly around three full weeks.

  • Quadpacer – If you have one of the Sonicare Advanced or Elite models, then you will hear a beep every 30 seconds. This beep tells you when you should switch from the top to the bottom teeth and from the inside to the outside of your teeth.

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  • Easy-Start Feature – The easy-start feature lasts 12-14 brushes and it is used to determine what the optimal brushing speed and power is. The Sonicare toothbrush automatically changes how hard it spins in order to give you the best brushing experience and to give your teeth the clean that they need.

As you can see, this is stuff that you won’t find with any ordinary toothbrush and that is why I highly recommend the Sonicare toothbrush. One great thing about the Sonicare toothbrush is that you can get Sonicare toothbrush heads once your current head gets worn down. This is something that many high value toothbrushes have, however, they usually don’t come in different sensitivities like they do with Sonicare.

Why Sonicare Is Better Than Regular Toothbrushes

  • Multiple Features – A regular toothbrush won’t have many features and it is because of this that the Sonicare toothbrush is much better than any regular toothbrush out there.

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  • Multiple Speeds – If you want a toothbrush with multiple speeds without you being the one controlling the speed, then you need to go with Sonicare. A Sonicare toothbrush comes with no less than two different speeds which gives you everything you need when it comes to getting the best clean.

  • Interchangeable Heads – If you don’t like throwing your toothbrush out all the time, then getting one that uses interchangeable heads will be a big help for you. The nice thing about this is that they are not that expensive either.

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  • Better Cleaning – As you may have already figured out, the Sonicare toothbrush does a much better job at cleaning your teeth and gums. So, if you want the cleanest teeth, then you need to get a Sonicare toothbrush right away.

Any Sonicare toothbrush is far superior to any regular toothbrush and if you don’t already have one, then you should get one as soon as possible. Sonicare Toothbrushes are available for kids and adults so even your kids can enjoy Sonicare toothbrush’s superb cleaning abilities. Just look around online for a Sonicare toothbrush coupon so that you can get one while still saving some money. Try a Sonicare toothbrush today for a more thorough and advanced oral care.