Solar Water Heater: The Benefits and How It Works

Solar water heater is also said to be called as domestic hot water systems. Solar water heater can be considered to be an effective way for generating hot water in the home. However, solar water heater systems can only be effective in perfect climate conditions. Depending on the scenario, other options like a tankless water heater or a power vent water heater might be more advantageous. Still, one should still be impressed with a water heater system that runs on free energy from the sun.

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How It Works

Solar water heater systems comprises of solar collectors and tanks for storage. There are two kinds of solar water heaters, they are active and passive. Active type contains circulating pumps and controls, whereas passive will do not have. In many solar water heaters, the storage tank should be well installed. These storage tanks will contain inlet and outlet connect to and from the collector.

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In order to find complete benefits of the solar heater one should have a space for solar collectors, which will be helpful to totally expose them to the sun. A flat roof will be perfect because the collectors can normally be oriented to face the sun in a direct way. The area for the collectors should be related to the daily amount of hot water that a person uses in the home. If at all one chooses passive solar water heater, then the storage tank should be on the roof. An active solar water heater may not require structural calculations or roof bracing. While purchasing a solar water heating system, one should know exactly by what one is purchasing and solar water heater cost at which price. One should also make sure that they deal with a reliable and licensed solar energy contractor.

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Things To Consider Before Getting A Solar Water Heater

  • One should get particular details on how these collectors will be attached on the roof, their structuring and so on.
  • Get the drawing, which shows the locations of collectors, and schematic diagrams, which shows plumbing, and other control arrangements.
  • It is also very important to get a copy of certified solar test ratings.
  • Ensure the work of the contract.
  • Ensure that the collector contains current approval for the country or city.

Simple Homemade Solar Water Heater

Proper installation of solar water heaters will rely on various aspects. These aspects comprise local building code requirements, solar resource and safety issues. Thus, it is very important to obtain a qualified solar thermal system contractor for installing the system. After the installation process, properly managing the system will make the system run effectively. Passive system will not require much maintenance. For an active system, discuss the maintenance requirements with the contractor. Thus, all these will help one in various ways. One can save bills and money with the help of solar hot water heater. One can also save money by preserving natural gas supplies and diminishing air pollution locally with the help of homemade solar water heater.