Stuff You Need To Know About Swimming Styles

Swimming is a great way to stay healthy and fit. As a swimmer, it is essential to learn the basic swimming styles. This ensures that you make use of different muscles in your body, and also prevents fatigue. For people interested in competitive swimming, learning different swimming styles opens up more platforms for you to compete in.

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Five Basic Swimming Styles

1. Front Crawl – Many competitive swimmers prefer this stroke as it is the speediest of all styles. The body is kept at water level while the face is submerged underwater facing the bottom. The strokes involve moving one hand forward above the water and the other hand pushing back. The legs are used for kicking up and down in the water, moving alternately in coordination with the arms.

2. Breast stroke – This swimming style makes use of the frog style kick. The concept is quite simple: all you have to do is bend your knees, and then kick out your legs from underneath the water. The movement on your arm should begin with a sweep from your breast, followed by a sweep back to the breast. For easier movement in the water, you should keep your body straight. The backstroke allows better visibility because the head remains above water. It is also ideal because the arms and legs move in a synchronized manner making it an easy style to learn.

3. Back stroke – As the name suggests, it is done using the back. The swimmer floats on water while the rest of the body remains in the water. You must ensure that your body remains in a horizontal position. Your body is propelled forward by kicking your legs. The backstroke is one of the most efficient swimming styles because breathing problems are eliminated. Additionally, it gives a great back workout and eases back problems.

4. Butterfly stroke – This swimming technique is the most difficult; however, it is also quite interesting for swimmers who master the art. Movements begin with the arms and head, then travels down to the body. The resultant effect is a wavelike circular ballistic motion. One of the greatest advantage of this style is that it is very fast and a lot of fun. The butterfly stroke can be tiring and needs a lot of agility.

5. Freestyle stroke – This stroke is similar to the backstroke; the only difference is that it is done when the stomach is in a flat position. In this style, the arms and the hips alternate in motion. The catch and pull back technique is used to aid in movement. The freestyle stroke is the fastest. Distance swimmers prefer this style because they are able to cover longer distances within a short span of time using minimal energy.

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Safety Tips for Swimming

Reports issued by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention ranks drowning as one of the leading causes of accidental deaths. However, these deaths can be prevented if swimmers follow basic safety tips. For starters, unless you are a professional you should avoid diving head first. This is a major cause of injury. It is also not advised to swim under the influence of drugs and alcohol. This is because toxic substances not only impair your vision but also coordination. Swimming should always be done with a trained life guard nearby. For those who are not very good in swimming, a life or snorkel vest, or floaters may be used.

The five basic swimming styles should be done properly to avoid muscle injuries and pains while in the water. Swimming becomes more fun and exciting when you do these styles properly.

Snorkeling Safety Tips and Pointers

Snorkeling is the act of swimming on or through a water body like the ocean while fully equipped with a diving mask called a snorkel which is shaped like a tube. However, there are several snorkeling safety tips which must be observed by a person who wants to go snorkeling.

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Tips and Pointers for Snorkeling

1. One of the very vital snorkeling safety tips is to ensure that the snorkel equipment is in good condition and one must be familiar with using it. This provides time to change or adjust the snorkeling equipment to prevent dangers of malfunction when one is already in the water.

2. Another safety tip is that one should not go for snorkeling alone but have a friend in case a mishap arises. The partners should both decide and agree on a plan about where and when they are getting in and out of the water and the parts that they are going to explore at a certain period of time. It is advisable that partners should enter and exit from sandy areas. It is important that they do not change their agreed plan while in the water, but they can make it shorter and safer. It is a rule to never turn your back on the ocean. Another one of snorkeling safety tips is that the partners should listen to advice from lifeguards and obey the posted warnings.

3. While in the water, it is very important to pay great attention to the currents, wave sets, winds, and hazards such as rocks. In case of a current, one is not supposed to panic and swim against the currents. Instead, one should swim diagonally across the current and towards the shore. Confronting the incoming waves should not be practiced through jumping over the waves. It is advisable to duck under incoming waves before they reach the person.

4. Drinking a lot of water is also one of the snorkeling safety tips that cater for your health. When in the ocean, one becomes dehydrated due to the salty water and the sun. Therefore it is good to drink a lot of water before snorkeling to prevent dehydration which may cause one to be tired and weak before getting back to the shore.

5. It is important to wear a snorkel vest while snorkeling. Snorkel vests are good to use for those who are not good swimmers or those swimming far from the shore. Snorkel vests are also good to retain the snorkeler’s energy. They ensure that one can stop and relax while in the water.

6. Applying sunscreen and wearing of UV-protection swimming goggles are snorkeling safety tips that a snorkeler should always have in mind to prevent the scorching sun from damaging your skin and eyes.

7. It is important that the snorkeler is cautious not to touch marine life for his own good and for the sea life. To overcome the stings that a snorkeler may encounter while snorkeling, one should apply products such as tobacco, white vinegar, or hydrogen peroxide which help in dissolving the spines and curing the stings.

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It is always recommended that snorkelers should be aware of the snorkeling safety tips and have proper snorkeling gears to be safe and assured of a fun snorkeling activity.

Functions of Different Scuba Gears

Scuba gear is the kind of gear that deep-sea divers require for them to go about their normal activities in any deep sea adventure. Deep sea diving, also known as scuba diving, is quite a dangerous and delicate activity that requires maximum precaution to be taken before it is undertaken. In the same way, it allows for those who take part in it to enjoy mystic beauty of the water world safely. Therefore, many people love and appreciate these gears. Scuba diving gear ought to be very comfortable in order to allow its wearer to enjoy his or her adventure under water. It has got to be completely functional as well to provide maximum safety to any scuba diver wearing it.

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Scuba gear packages comprise of a set of dive regulators plus dive BCD. One first selects his or her preferred style of BCD and later matches it with appropriate scuba regulators. Price and budget are a major consideration to put in mind while choosing scuba gear packages. These could be given as gift packages, and one advantage of the package is that it is much cheaper as compared to buying the pieces one after another.

Five Basic Scuba Diving Gears

  • The Scuba Masks: This is the most important piece of a scuba gear. It provides clear and long distance under water vision to deep-sea divers.
  • Booties: These are worn by divers to protect their feet from sharp rocks, fish, hard surfaces as well as blisters.
  • Swim Fins: These too are for the feet. They allow for the forward and upward movement of the diver during swimming.
  • Scuba Weight and Snorkels: These are bought by individuals and not hired like many other gears. This is because most of the times, they are personalised.

The snorkel vest is a kind of floating water device that is worn around the neck, hangs on the front side and is fastened at the back of the neck and through the crouch using straps. It is a balloon-like thing that is filled by blowing air into it.

Factors when Shopping for Scuba Gear

  • The Price: This has to fit comfortably into ones budget.
  • Comfort: Comfort allows for maximum enjoyment and adventure.
  • Functionality: It has to provide maximum safety to its user.

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Scuba gear reviews are supposed to be read before one goes shopping in order to determine the best brands that are available in the market. These reviews are, however, not to be completely trusted as at times they give biased information.

Proper care for scuba gear has to be taken to ensure for maximal durability. If you want to enjoy scuba diving, then these are the gears to buy.

Common Snorkeling Gears

Exploring under waters can be the most dreading experience you would ever wish for especially if you do not have an appropriate gear that will ensure your safety. A snorkel gear plays this role in the most efficient way, thus ensuring that your underworld exploration is as entertaining and fulfilling as you wanted it to be. Getting the right type of a snorkel gear is very essential since you do not want to panic at a place where you can get little or no help at all in the case that you are alone.

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Snorkel Gears for Snorkeling Activity

  • Snorkeling mask protects your eyes from getting into contact with water. It gives you an air pocket that your eyes can focus on at the same time giving you a clear view. It has an allowance of changing pressure in case you are not comfortable. This is one thing that you can rely on without any worries. These masks have been designed for right handed and left handed people.
  • One advantage of using snorkels is that they give you easy breathing in water, dismissing normal way of keeping your head up the water to avoid drowning.
  • Snorkeling bags help you in storage of things that you require while snorkeling. Advantage of using it is that it helps you store all you cargos in one place hence convenient. These bags are waterproof and are adjustable such that you can adjust them to a right position.
  • You should also have snorkel fins that are lightweight and flexible.
  • Snorkel vest helps you to float on the water surface and comes in handy when you are running for safety.
  • Kids snorkel gear includes a snorkel set, wetsuits, boots, fins and other snorkel packages. While purchasing snorkel gear for your kid, ensure that you get one that perfectly fits them such that when they get in water, they are comfortable, and their main focus will be enjoying snorkeling and not worrying if they will be safe or not.

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According to snorkel gear reviews, dry snorkels have been referred as the best snorkel gear. This is because they have been designed with a splash proof top and provides a one-way water valve at its bottom hence a guarantee of no water leakage to your mouth.

While purchasing a snorkel gear, it is essential to get a quality one that will give you a long lasting service. You should also take your time to source for more information in order to ensure that you get them at better prices.

Everything Important About Snorkel Vest

The snorkel vest is an often overlooked part of any scuba experience. Designed to offer a convenient way to increase buoyancy, these simple devices allow you to spend less time worrying about staying afloat and more time enjoying the view. While an inflatable snorkel vest cannot take the place of a dedicated floatation device, such as a life vest or foam belt, they offer an affordable, easy to use way to enhance your scuba experience regardless of skill level.

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Common Snorkel Vest Features

  • Manual inflation
  • Security straps
  • Distress whistle
  • Bright colors
  • Light weight materials

The concept behind the snorkel vest is simple. Most designs are worn over the shoulders and neck like a bib. After securing the vest using plastic or nylon fasteners, you can easily increase your buoyancy by blowing into a valve near the collar of the vest. This allows you to float leisurely on the surface of the water or rise from depths easily. Deflating the vest to dive deeper is as simple as pressing the valve and releasing air.

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Popular Brands

It is easy to find a snorkel vest online, at scuba shops or at outdoor equipment retailers. Popular brands include:

  • Scubapro snorkel vest
  • Aeris
  • Edge
  • U.S. Divers
  • Cressi
  • Scuba Max
  • Oceanic

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Shopping Tips

When searching for the best snorkel vest, there are a number of factors to keep in mind. These tips will help you find the ideal vest for your needs:

  • Fit

The vest should secure without restricting movement or breathing. Most snorkel vest manufacturers offer at least two sizes. Common sizes include children’s or adult’s sizes. Children’s vests are often designed for those weighing less than 110 pounds. Adult vests are often designed for those over 110 pounds. Reading all documentation with your snorkel vest will ensure proper safety and functionality.

  • Design

Most snorkel vest designs consist of an inflatable bib that secures around the waist and between the legs. Advanced designs include reinforced, lightweight sleeves, front-clasping bodies or additional waist ballasts for increased buoyancy. The best design is often a matter of personal preference and comfort.

  • Materials

The majority of snorkel vests use a nylon bladder. This can be uncomfortable against sensitive skin. Should irritation occur, rash guards or dive skins can help to reduce irritation and provide an enjoyable experience. Advanced snorkel vests, such as Oceanic’s Reefsport snorkel vest use unique materials to increase comfort and avoid irritation.

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Safety Tips

A snorkel vest should be inspected prior to any dive to ensure maximum benefit and safety. To make sure your snorkel experience is as enjoyable as possible always:

  • Check all fasteners. Check the nylon straps and fasteners for debris or damage. This is easy to do by running your hand along each strap and clasping each fastener a few times before entering the water.
  • Check adjustors. Prior to entering the water, you should tighten and adjust any buckles or clasps. This ensures a snug fit and avoids discomfort or malfunctions.
  • Check the bladder for leaks. Manually inflate the snorkel vest before any dive. By submerging the inflated vest, you can check for leaks easily. If you notice bubbles, you should immediately take your snorkel vest for repairs.

Having an effective and comfortable snorkel vest will make your dive more enjoyable and worry free. Follow the tips above and you’ll sure to enjoy the most out of your snorkeling experience.