Different Ways In Wearing Silk Scarves

Fashion trends may change and new styles may come in but silk scarves will remain irreplaceable. They have the ability to make even a dull outfit stand out and look amazing. They are highly desirable today and are worn both by men and women in different ways. There are numerous colors to choose from such as navy, black, cream and brown. Aside from mute colors, you can also pick numerous patterns like the leopard print scarf and hand painted silk scarves based on your liking. Silk scarves can be worn in numerous different ways and they are probably the most versatile accessory in the market today.

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Uses Of Silk Scarves

Here are some uses and ways in which you can use these scarves:

  • One way to wear your scarf is to simply let it hang from either side of the shoulder. This look is usually adorned by men for a dapper feel. This is probably the simplest way of using a scarf.
  • Another way to wear silk scarves is to tie them around your waist. If you pants have belt loops, you can put the scarf through them and let it accent your pants and your waist. This is a very trendy way of using these multi-purpose scarves.
  • There are rectangular scarves that may be used as a head band. You can wear it regardless of the length of your hair because the headband will look great both on long hair and short hair.
  • You can wear it as a separate outfit for your neck. A V-knot round the neck is very cool. You can wind it tightly in order to accentuate your face or your plunging neck line. You can wear the silk scarves in this way especially with dresses, pantsuits and casual wear.
  • You can wrap them round your shoulder and head and wear them like a stole. This look is especially cool during summers. It also protects you from the blazing sun and thus serves dually.
  • You can drape the silk scarf around your neck casually when you are wearing jeans and a tee shirt for uber cool, casual look.
  • Men can wear silk scarves as bandanas for a jaunty, rakish look.
  • Silk scarves for women can also be worn across the body, running down from one shoulder onto the torso and ending on the hip. You can seal the scarf with a pin or a stylish accessory at the hip.
  • You can simply twist the scarf and tie it with a brooch or a clip in order to draw attention to your hair.
  • Triangular silk scarves can simply be tied on the hip for a nice cool look.

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As you can see, there are numerous ways to tie a scarf. It depends on your outfit and your preference. Since they are multi-functional, it’d be best to buy designer silk scarves in order to get the best. You have to also make sure you take good care of your silk scarves because they are delicate fabrics.

Scarves for Women

Scarves for women have become an important part of today’s female fashion. They have gone a long way from their conventional head- and neckpiece purposes in the past.

Along with this undeniable progress of the scarf is the fact that just as the designs for scarves have become countless, the ways to wear them have also become just as varied.

Head scarves for women have seen themselves in women’s torsos as bandeaus and bikini covers. Silk scarves for women have played the role of neckerchiefs and are a go-to fashion addition for that classy boost.

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Popular Types of Scarves for Women

In keeping up with the rise in popularity of scarves for women as fashion staples more than warming apparel, different types of scarves have come out over the ages. Here are some of the most popular choices of women:

I. Pashmina

It is made from wool from the Himalayan goat. It is soft and very comfortable and is best worn in winter for its warmth. A mixture of wool and silk gave rise to pashmina silk.

II. Silk

Silk scarves can be worn as a wrap skirt, top, belt and other types of accessories. They also make good hair accessories especially in the summer, paired with a cute pair of bikinis.

III. Cashmere

Cashmere scarves use fine-textured fabric called cashmere, obtained from the Cashmere and other kinds of goat. Like pashmina, cashmere is soft and warm and comfortable.

Fashionable Ways to Tie Women’s Scarves

Knowing how to tie scarves for women is a skill just as important as owning scarves themselves. Get a run for your money by knowing the different ways to use your scarves and instantly boost your fashion ego. Here are some great suggestions:

  • The Slip KnotThis is most common with pashmina scarf. It closely resembles a classic necktie knot and is commonly seen worn by flight attendants.

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  • Scarf to light queen. You achieve this look by rolling pashmina diagonally to create a narrow scarf and you can wrap it severally depending on what pleases you more. This looks professional and sleek.

  • Casual sleek fold – you carefully roll up your scarf to a preferred width. Make sure the important design features of your scarves are not hidden (tassels, prints, patterns). Next you take your scarf and fold it in half around your neck. You can take both ends of your scarf and pull them through the look. You can style it according to your preferences are.

  • Infinity scarves its unconventional design makes the infinity scarf a hit choice for scarves for women. The scarves have no end because they were made to be circular; hence, there is no need for tying. You can, however, style it by the way it is looped around the neck. You can choose the tight super-cold winter loop or the loose laidback loop.

Today, scarves for women have become staple inclusions in women’s wardrobes. At any given time and at any given occasion – at any time of the year (yes, not just in winter), a scarf may be all you need to give your bland outfit a much needed upgrade.