Comparing Pants Vs Shorts: Which One To Wear

Going into adventures, hiking and travelling, or going to the beach for kayaking or for other water sports is extremely fun. However, sometimes the excitement with it is halted for one little problem: the dilemma of pants vs shorts. You can hardly decide which is more comfortable to wear, but which is also fashionable enough.

If you have seen a camo cargo shorts, this fits the comfort and fashion the most. These are great options for several activities. Pants can pass your fashion standards but usually it could fail you in terms of comfort especially if you are going to hike. Here are few general points to think about in choosing whether it is pants or shorts.

Comfortable Camo Cargo Shorts

Important Factors To Consider

Leg Movement

Different activities require different attires. As to hiking, go with shorts. This will give you freedom to move. Remember that you are not walking in planes. There will be times that you would take a steep step. Pants will not give your legs freedom to extend.

The Best Between Pants Vs Shorts

Shorts still win over this pants vs shorts in terms of water sports. Surfing and wakeboarding needs your legs to be free, too. It will be moving in different directions of leg movement. Moreover, pants when wet are heavy. It will cause you extra weight giving you a hard time in balancing.

Shorts vs pants, for jogging and running? It would still be shorts. Have you tried running to your office or school wearing pants? It is difficult right? Therefore, wear shorts if possible.


When you go in a field or forest to take some shots of sceneries or go camping, pants vs shorts goes to pants. Pants will protect you from insect bites and possible injuries while shorts won’t.

If you are working in a field, pants should be worn also for protection to possible falling or flying object. Unless you legs are fully covered with calluses, you need pants to protect your legs.


People in tropical countries would always choose to wear shorts. It is not too hot or cold enough to wear pants. However, there are countries wherein the temperature is too high that it could burn your skin so you will have to wear pants.

If in case the weather is cold, and you wanted to take a walk outside, you will definitely go for pants, in this pants vs shorts, to keep your body warm.

Therefore, in wearing shorts or pants, think about the activity you will do and the climate of the place to which you are headed. In terms of fashion, the selection is very wide today that you can find anything that will suit your taste in terms of fashion concerns. Be it casual to formal, both pants and shorts can provide what you need today. Hence, it’s still a norm to go with pants for formal occasions.