Styling With Black Tights

Black tights offer the ability to cover the legs while wearing skirts and dresses, and at the same time, adds a fashion statement if you wish. There are a number of different styles when it comes to the pantyhose, such as opting for black lace tights with a design or pattern or picking plain black opaque tights for a formal look. Here are some considerations to make when you choose the items of clothing.

Tights Shopping Considerations

  • Formal or Casual

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The first consideration is whether you need the black tights for a formal event or just casually. This will affect the style that you choose. There are a number of patterns and designs that you can buy, such as fishnet and lined patterns. These are great if you are attending a casual party or just want the tights for everyday wear.

However, if you are going out for a formal event or need something to go with your skirt suit, you will need to buy plain tights. These offer a sensible and sophisticated look, which is something that patterned pantyhose cannot offer.

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  • Clear or Opaque

Black tights come in different denier, which leads to different levels of opaqueness. You could find black opaque tights that cover the legs completely or opt for sheer black tights so the legs are partially visible. Sheer tights are often a great option when it comes to skirt suits and looking for formal, sophisticated styles. However, opaque tights often add more warmth to the legs and are worth having in the drawers for the winter months.

  • The Shape and Size of Your Legs

When it comes to picking out patterned and casual black tights, something that you need to think about is the shape and size of your legs. Those with shorter legs should avoid horizontal stripes as these will lead to your legs looking much shorter and fatter than they really are. Diagonal patterns are a great option instead and will help to make you look taller.

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Pantyhose that have any neon or bright colors in the patterns should be avoided if you have bigger or wider legs. Unfortunately, the brighter colors will draw more attention to your legs and it leads to the focus being on how thick they are, instead of offering the lean shape that plain black tights are able to offer.

  • Think About Your Age

The younger you are, the more chance you have of getting away with fashionable, diamond shapes or horizontal tights with short skirts. However, as you get older, you will be expected to dress for your age.

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That does not mean that you should not be able to have fun but think carefully about the outfits that you are choosing, especially for more formal events.

When it comes to buying black tights, make sure you buy a pair that will fit. There is nothing worse than constantly having to pull the tights up because they are either too small or too large; this will be unflattering and uncomfortable!