The Different Types Of Scooter Tires

The popularity of scooters is once again rising rapidly today. This is because scooters are quite economical and handy as well, especially for short distance travels. Hence, along with the popularity of scooters is the increase in the demand of scooter tires. These tires come in a variety of colors, sizes as well as shapes. An individual is to choose the most appropriate scooter tires according to his or her personal taste, preference and driving style.

michelin pilot road scooter rear tire

Tire Types and Colors

The following are the types of scooter tires utilized today.

  • Razor tires – Razor tires are quite popular and are available in a variety of colors and designs. Some of them even have led lighting whereas others have a glittery finish.
  • Tires with bearings – These are performance-oriented tires and are quite impressive.
  • Metal core tires – Metal core tires are made from machined aluminum core and are for professional use. Also, they are durable and expensive.
  • Electric tires – Electric tires are eco-friendly wheels and are, therefore, becoming popular today with green motoring.

There are also off road scooter tires in the market today. These are specially designed tires that enable a scooter to operate in all kinds of terrain like on snow, muddy roads and even rough roads. These off road tires are relatively tougher than the original scooter tires, making them more expensive to obtain and maintain.

As much as black is the most common and most popular color of scooter tires, there are individuals who prefer to go for colored ones. The main reasons as to why an individual would go for colored scooter tires include the following:

  • Decorative purposes
  • To match a theme

most popular and most copied blue scooter tire design

Tire Cost

The difference between scooter tires and other kinds of tires include the price, color, size and stability. When it comes to the price, scooter tires are usually cheaper than the cost of other tire types. This makes it possible for owners of scooters to change their tires with so much financial ease. To make matters better, there are tires that are sold at prices lower than their original price. Cheap scooter tires can be obtained in the following ways:

  • On wholesale
  • Through online shopping
  • By buying used ones

Always go for brands that produce quality and durable scooter tires. Harley Davidson tires are a classic example of high quality tires. Therefore, it is advisable for people to go for them. For those with scooters, ensure that the tires you get for your scooter are quality, functional and durable to have a safe and comfortable ride.

Ten Important Safety Precautions When Riding Scooters

A lot of kids and teens today love riding scooters. A great number of them even attempt different kinds of scooter moves. Naturally, riding a scooter can be dangerous since it is really meant to move and is therefore unstable even on the ground. Hence, you have to educate yourself first on the safety precautions when riding scooters so as to stay safe.

Scooter Riding Safety Tips and Precautions

If you plan to engage in such an
activity or hobby, take note of these important safety precautions when riding scooters:

Wear the proper gear.

In no circumstance are you allowed to ride your scooter without putting on the right kind of equipment that can provide you with extra protection, such as a helmet, elbow pads, and knee pads. Also, be sure to wear the proper attire such as athletic shorts or jogging pants with a suitable shirt.

safety precautions when riding scooters

Never try it barefoot.

Even if you are just playing at your backyard or garage, it is still highly recommended to always have your shoes on at all times when riding scooters. It is best to go with comfortable rubber shoes meant for sports use.

Keep away from gravel, sand, water, and the like.

Part of safety precautions when riding scooters is to avoid debris such as the ones mentioned here. Such things may cause you to slip or fall off and thus injure yourself. Included in this is also staying away from rocky and bumpy surfaces. Always choose the smooth and paved surfaces.

Watch out for motor vehicles.

When you go scooter riding with the gang, make sure to pick the proper venue where you are far away from motor vehicles. Do not do it by the roads or streets, especially the main thoroughfares where a lot of cars pass by. You can instead opt to enjoy your scooter in a basketball court, park, or similar area.

Avoid speedy rides.

Some riders like to experiment, and may attempt to go as fast as they can or to have a race with buddies. This is perilous, especially when done in downhill surfaces.

Ride your scooter during the day.

It is easier and safer to go on your scooter only during the day. If you are to take these safety precautions when riding scooters seriously, do avoid doing it at night. Your vision will not be as clear and you may miss out passing vehicles, obstructions in your path, and sudden changes on surfaces.

Avoid going over the weight limit.

Check out your scooter model for the weight limit, and never go beyond it. Sometimes, you may want to have a friend ride with you or to carry some stuff while riding. Be sure that you do not exceed the limit in these situations.

best quality scooter tires

Be aware of local traffic rules and regulations.

In case you will have to cross streets or transfer from one place to another, you should be aware of the local traffic rules and regulations. Also, watch out for pedestrians along the way.

Help children with the proper setup.

Some scooters may require some parts to be placed or set up properly. Be sure to assist kids before having them use the scooters. Also, do not allow those under the age of five to go on these scooters.

Constantly check your scooter tires.

Before you use your scooter, ensure that your scooter wheels are in good condition. There must be no blows, holes, etc. Also buy the durable ones of high quality for a safer ride.

These ten safety precautions when riding scooters are all very important and should be taken seriously before you actually engage in scooter riding.

Experimenting with the Basic Kinds of Scooter Moves

Scooter lovers are certainly not contented with just going for a simple ride and enjoying the breeze. They just cannot resist trying out various kinds of scooter moves and moving on to more difficult and complex ones as they gain more experienced and become more comfortable and confident riding their scooters. Some even enter competitions or simply do the tricks to impress and entertain their audience.

Kinds of Scooter Moves and Tricks

What are the basic kinds of scooter moves that experts have already mastered and that those who are into this activity are continuously trying out and practicing? Below is a
list of the kinds of scooter moves that you may want to check out yourself:

1.) Ollie:

best kinds of scooter moves

All you have to do here is to place your feet steadily on the board first. Afterward, pull up the handle barsfollowed by your very own feet. Be sure to have your feet reach your chest. Then land in a smooth manner. This is a fundamental trick that you must become very familiar with in order to pull off some other moves.

2.) Wheelie/Manual:

One of the basic and popular kinds of scooter moves is this, in which you position your feet by the back part of the board. Put one foot at the back while lifting the other.Pull up the handle bars in order to lift the front wheel. At the same time, maintain the back wheel on the ground.

Bunny Hop:

Begin this move by bending your knees while breezing along at a moderate pace. You will then have to make a jump as you pull up the handle bars so that the board will still be planted on your feet. Do not forget to land smoothly with your board straight.

4.) Jay Hop:

This refers to a combination of a wheelie and a bunny hop. In this case, both wheels will have to be lifted in the air. Make sure that the front wheel is higher. 

5.) Stall:

For more advanced riders, this scooter move is a great way to ride a curb, rail, park bench, or any similar surface. It is done by jayhopping on these edged things.

6.) Bar Spin:

Of all the fundamental kinds of scooter moves, this is one of those that entail concentration and practice. Here you need to turn your handle bars with 180 degreeswhile performing a wheelie.

7.) Tail Whip:

For the experienced scooter riders, this trick is a great one to try out. You can do it by riding fast and then going for a bunny hop. You can use your back foot to make the board swing360 degrees.

Reminders and Safety Precautions

As expected, the above-mentioned tricks have actually resulted in several injuries by inexperienced and untrained scooter riders. Of course, you will have to take some necessary precautions and keep in mind important reminders when engaging in these moves.

best sturdy scooter tires

  • For one, it is essential for you to wear the right gear. Have those elbow pads, knee pads, and helmets ready before you go on your scooter.

  • Also, be sure to practice the most basic ones first and master them before moving on to more difficult moves.

  • It is vital, too, to have the proper scooter. Choose one with advanced features that make it safer for riders. In line with this, double-check your scooter tires to ensure that they have the right amount of air in them and there are no holes or other broken parts that may lead to accidents. Hence, it is best to pick scooter wheels from a reliable source because these play a major role in keeping you on the safe side.

  • In addition, it is best to practice air moves on the ground first and to do it step by step. For example, do not attempt to fly off a stair railing when you have not done this move yet on the ground and on a low curb. Practice makes perfect, after all.

With all these in mind, you can now embark on experimenting with those various kinds of scooter moves.

Good Finds With Cheap Tires

Your tires are the only part of your car that touch the ground. Or, at least, the only part of your car that should touch the ground. This means that your tires undergo the most wear and tear, too. Unfortunately, many people don’t think about their tires until they fail, and at that point it’s a little too late to do anything about it. Before you find yourself stranded on the side of the road in an unknown town as the sun is setting, invest in a good spare tire and swap out your tires for a new set of cheap tires. You can find cheap tires that are still high in quality, whether you need tires for your automobile, motorcycle, ATV or scooter tires.

Tips for Buying Cheap Tires

Not everyone knows what to do when they walk into a tire showroom. It can be overwhelming to be presented with so many options and if the salesperson starts pressuring you, you may make an impulse purchase.

best cheap tires

Follow these tips to hunt down the best cheap tires for sale and the ones that are best for your car:

  • Visit local tire dealers to compare prices. Some dealers may even give you a discounted price if it means that you’ll buy from them instead of their competition. Don’t be shy about saying other prices you’ve encountered.

  • Know the tires you need to buy before heading out to a store. Check your car’s owner manual for information about the specific tires you need to fit your auto. The last thing you want to do is buy the wrong sized tires.

  • Avoid buying used tires. Since you can find cheap tires that are new, it’s not worth it to take the risk on used tires that may not be safe to drive with.

Where to Find Cheap Tires

best cheap tires online

  • Check the newspaper for anybody local who may be selling their tires. You can also find cheap tires online by checking classifieds on the Internet. You may be able to find a package deal for both cheap rims and tires.

  • Some websites offer cash back incentives. If you purchase through their website, you’ll get a check or gift certificate in the mail or via e-mail. Keep in mind that you may have to sign up for something or open a line of credit.

  • Auction websites are an excellent place to find cheap tires. Bid against other bidders to try to get the lowest price possible.

Scooter Tires Care and Maintenance

Scooter tires serve several important roles in a scooter other than allowing the two-wheeled vehicle to move. The tires carry substantial amount of weight, which at times are far greater than ordinary motorcycles, and the design of the tires will also have its corresponding effect on motorcycle handling.

Proper Maintenance of Motor Scooter Tires

To prevent constant replacement and premature wearing, tearing, or damage of the tires, proper maintenance is required to be undertaken and observed on a regular basis. Among the basic tire maintaining measures include the following:

sturdy scooter tires

  • Regular inspection of the treads

Treads are the foremost indicator of the roadworthiness of not only scooter tires, but the tires of all other vehicles as well. Treads are the hardest rubber part of the tires that are exposed and come in contact with the ground or road. The treads provide grip and traction, therefore, considerable thickness of treads are always required; otherwise, you may already need to browse among the numerous scooter tires for sale for replacements.

  • Checking for tire cracks and stuck foreign objects

 sturdy scooter tires for sale

Due to the pressure, workload, and constant shocks that the tires are exposed to, potential damages like cracks and heavy scratches may be experienced. Most of the time, foreign objects like metals, nails, small stones or rocks might be stuck in between treads. When unnoticed and not removed, these foreign objects may bring greater damage to the tires.

  • Maintaining the right tire pressure

The proper tire pressure or inflation is also an important consideration when it comes to maintaining tires. Too much air is bad and under-inflation is also not ideal. Over-inflated scooter tires means the rubber is well stretched and may easily be damaged when a foreign object is hit while the scooter is running. When the tires are already full of pressure, they may no longer withstand the additional pressure of the rider or road shocks and may just explode.

sturdy motor scooter tires

Under-inflated tires, on the other hand, may cause internal damages not only to the tire but some other parts within the scooter wheel itself, for example, the wheel interiors. To determine the correct amount of air pressure, you may refer to the scooter manual or the labeled instructions that comes with it when the scooter tires were bought.

  • Choosing the proper cleaning agents

The natural tendency of most individuals is to wash the tires with plain soap and water. This is not a recommended practice. Certain chemicals from any other soaps or detergents may react to the tire rubber and speed up its wearing and tearing. To be safe, it is always recommended to consult the tire manufacturer’s cleaning instructions or manual.

When the Tires of Your Scooter Should Be Replaced

Perhaps, the remaining concern of every scooter owner will have to be the indicators as to when the scooter tires should be replaced. These indicators may be one or a combination of the following instances:

  • When the tire treads have been fully worn out rendering the tires no longer roadworthy or safe:

This indicator always concerns the rider’s safety.

  • When the tires have already reached their maximum usability duration or expirations:

sturdy electric scooter tires

Just like any other products or goods, rubber tires have their recommended usable time before the tires become brittle and susceptible to major damages.

  • When the tires get large cuts, punctures, and substantial damages

  • When they no longer suit your scooter according to your driving or preference

  • When you already notice any other unexplained tire irregularities or problems

Shopping for tire replacements is relatively simple since there are several shops and stores specializing in the sale of scooter and motorcycle tires. The same goes true even for the newly designed and unique electric scooter tires. You just have to check your options and consider them carefully.