How To Install Light Switch Safely At Home

Learning how to install light switch at home is actually easy if you know the basic things you need to do, as outlined below. The primary thing you should learn about, for example, are the electrical wirings and circuits involved when installing light switch. Before going further, it is likewise important to know when to replace lights, especially if you are using the traditional bulbs. The traditional bulbs will use more electricity, so it is best to replace them with energy-efficient fixtures to lower your electric bills.

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Tips On How To Install Light Switch

First of all, you need to prepare your materials such as wire strippers, voltage tester, screwdrivers and a single pole switch. It is a good idea to buy switches with commercial grade because these are safer and more durable.

  • Disconnect the circuit power supply as an electrical safety precaution before getting started. In addition, you can use the voltage tester to check out the new cable.
  • To remove an old switch, you should take the faceplate from the switch first and then gently remove the two screws from the box. Next, disconnect all the wiring carefully and take a close look at the placement because this will be helpful when installing light switch.
  • The service panel and outlet will have a single green, white and black wire. The single pole switch will come with two screws. You need to remember that the “on” screw is at the top, while the “off “screw will be at the bottom.
  • Now, the wiring is definitely the most important aspect to know when you are learning how to install light switch. The black wire in the service panel should connect to the screw on top of the switch and the other black wire that is in the outlet must connect to the screw at the bottom.
  • Next, the wire outlet wire must be connected to the white wire in the service panel. Now, the green or ground wires will be for earthing. You need to connect a tiny piece of uncovered wire unto the green screw on the switch and the other end unto the two green wires. Next, all the wires must go inside the box starting with the green wire, the white wires and then the black wires. Use screws to attach the switch unto the wall box.
  • To finish, you need to test the light switch by turning on the power supply. Remember that you should always follow electrical safety guidelines when you are doing this type of work. So, you can get things like childproof light switch covers to protect your kids. Another safety measure would be to install the ground circuit interrupters for all the electrical plugs about ten feet away from water source.

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If you follow these tips on how to install light switch as well as other electrical safety measures, then you can easily remove and install any faulty lighting fixture that you have at home. Note that all your electrical and lighting solutions should be purchased from reputable dealers. Savoy House Lighting is one of the established importers and manufacturer of high-quality fixtures and other lighting solutions, so you can consider them.

Best Types Of Indoor Lighting Fixtures

There are many different types of indoor lighting fixtures on the market these days. Over the years, a number of lighting solutions have been introduced with more creative and bolder designs. Some of the popular fixtures are the wall sconces, recessed, chandeliers, pendants and track lighting. Read on to find out more about the types of lighting that you can use indoors.

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Unique Types Of Indoor Lighting Fixtures

For modern indoor lighting ideas, you can find the ideal solution if you are looking at top brands such as Savoy House Lighting. This way, you can choose from exceptional choices, which include recessed lighting, flush mounts, foyer and island lighting, decorative lighting and much more.

·        Recessed Lights

These fixtures are also called pot or canister lights. These solutions have two parts, the housing unit and the trim, which is embedded directly into the ceiling. The trim is the section that is visible when you look up, whilst the housing unit holds the lamp that is embedded into the ceiling. You can use these lights like a floodlight to illuminate wide areas or maybe like a spotlight.

·        Wall Sconces

As you can imagine, these decorative indoor lights will be mounted on the wall. Based on the shades, the lights can be directed downwards or upwards. In most cases, wall sconces are used to light up the vanity mirror in bathrooms, but you can also install them in dark hallways.

·        Pendants and Chandeliers

These fixtures are generally installed to hang from the ceiling. The pendant lights are usually smaller in size so you would just get a set of fixtures to install in nooks and corners. On the other hand, chandeliers have several branches with multiple light sets so they are often installed in the center of the kitchen and dining room. When you choose these types of indoor lighting fixtures, you can find innovative designs that can complement any home décor.

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·        Track Lights

If you choose these lights, you will get several sets that can be installed easily in the ceiling in any position. With a unique design, you can direct one of the beams for task lighting and use the rest for accent lighting.

·        Motion Sensor Lights

Today, these fixtures are also used indoors to light up dark stairways, corridors and hallways because they are more convenient and economical. Generally, the lights designed for walls, ceilings and outdoors will have distinct features because of the complexities in technology and design. Besides using these lights for security, you could end spending less for utility because these fixtures are efficient energy-savers.

Overall, there are many types of indoor lighting fixtures that can satisfy all your requirements. So, you can invest in designer contemporary and functional lighting fixtures when you want to brighten up any room at home. If you decide to use Savoy House Lighting fixtures, then you are guaranteed to get solutions that can last for many years. What’s more, you can choose from a wide selection of styles like European lighting and still get high-quality fixtures without spending a fortune.

Unique Modern Lighting Fixtures For Home

There are so many ways to make your home more attractive and pleasant to live in. One way is to fill it with love and another way is to decorate each and every corner of it with wonderful modern lighting fixtures for home. With the amazing diverse pieces available today, it is now fairly easy and effortless to decorate your home. Remember, no matter how much money you spend on the grand interiors, they won’t look great if they are not properly highlighted by the appropriate lighting fixtures for home.

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Indoor Lighting Tips

Once you have chosen and bought your lights, you do not just install them anywhere you want. There are some things that you need to consider and here are some of them:

  1. Install unique sconce lights under stylish lampshades in your living room.
  2. Hang a beautiful English bronze lamp over your dining table.
  3. Decorate your bedroom with a dull fandelier, which will create a calm and romantic mood.
  4. When it comes to lighting for living rooms, you can mount the lights on the walls to save place. But, when it comes to the dining room, allow the lights to hang freely, just like a chandelier. It will give your dining space that much desired artistic look.
  5. Outdoor lighting fixtures for home like entry lanterns and beautiful lampshades creating various shadow effects in your garden will make taking an evening stroll in your garden a lot more pleasurable.
  6. Always try to decorate your patio with high ceiling lights. This will protect the lights from heavy rains and other weather changes.
  7. Have covered lights in bathrooms to avoid short circuits. Note that there are now lighting fixtures for home baths attached on the shower rods, taps, and mirrors, which you can use, too.

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Savoy house lighting is a one-stop shop for all your lighting needs. They offer various types of lighting products like chandeliers, ceiling lights, sconce lights, specialized bath lights, fandeliers, and pendant lights. You can easily choose a product and order the kind of light fixtures you want. Savoy products are made up of various durable materials like English bronze, Tortoise shell, polished nickel, and antique copper. They give your lighting fixtures for home a unique look. You can enjoy the best of both worlds with their traditional as well as contemporary products. Savoy is also the perfect place to get customized lighting fixtures for home.

Latest Indoor Lighting Trends

The look of any house can be transformed just by changing its interiors a little and by altering the indoor lighting fixtures a bit. One of the most important aspect of interior designing is lighting. Residential indoor lighting is very different from the illumination needs of a commercial place.  The lights fixed in the house should be affordable. They should give a classic look and make the place look bright. On the other hand, commercial places like shops and bars use subtle disco type lights, which enhance the beauty of the place or highlight its ambiance. Here are some of the latest lamps in trend for houses.

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Trendy Lighting For Homes

·        The Bamboo Sticks

These lamps make your living room look extremely modern. They are not fit for very large rooms, but can be used in combination with other overhead tubes to provide sufficient lighting for the living room. They can also be used in the reception areas of business establishments. The specialty of this light is its unique design. They offer a unique interior decorating theme to an office.

·        Golden Hanging Lamps

Golden hanging lamps can be installed over the dining table, in the kitchen, or even above the study desk. You can put one or even four for every corner of the room, depending on the space you need to illuminate. Though these indoor lighting lamps look small, they provide very bright light eliminating the need to use other indoor lighting fixtures in the room. They are available in different models. Furthermore, the color of the chimes hanging around the lamp can be changed according to your preference.

·        Stylish Big Lights

A stylish huge light is fit for both indoor and outdoor use. One single piece is enough to illuminate a medium-sized garden or a huge room. Notwithstanding the size, you can get those that are fairly lightweight and can be easily moved anywhere. Such readymade fixtures do not need lots of internal wiring, which makes them easy to install and remove. They can make your living space very fancy looking. Moreover, placing various stencils on its huge body will create amazing shadow effects.

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Savoy House lighting is a reputed company catering the illumination needs of various business establishments and houses for ages. They have so many trendy indoor lighting products and fixtures, which will leave you spellbound. They market many stylish indoor lights. Whether you want your house to look traditional or modern, they have a product tailored for your requirement. They present customers with lots of indoor lighting ideas and several products at a very affordable cost, which you can have a chance to view in their website’s showroom.

Savoy House Lighting

Savoy House Lighting provides exceptional and affordable lighting solutions to fit any home or business. Whether you are looking for bold modern styling or classic sophistication and elegance, Savoy House Lighting fixtures are available to suit your needs. By customizing the finish, design family, shades and glass light coverings and mounting options, you can create a truly one-of-a-kind piece that will provide comfort and safety while catching the eye of anyone who enters the room.

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The entire collection features over 50 different finishes. Choosing the one that you like most might be difficult. Hence, popular finishes for Savoy House Lighting include some of the themes and designs listed below.

Savoy House Lighting Themes and Finishes

  • Aegean Bronze
  • Antique Copper
  • Bark and Gold
  • English Bronze
  • Moroccan Bronze
  • Tortoise Shell
  • Polished Nickel
  • Walnut Patina

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Finding a full list of available products is as easy as visiting your local Savoy House Lighting showplace. These vendors are licensed by the company to sell Savoy House Lighting and Savoy House outdoor lighting and can provide extensive information about every fixture available. Consider these sales people the masters of Savoy House Lighting fixtures. With direct distribution pricing, these showrooms also will often offer the lowest possible price available from any location. Popular Savoy House Lighting fixtures include basically everything you would possibly want to install in your home or office. Whether you need lights for your bathroom, your kitchen or dining room, Savoy House Lighting are sure to provide you a wide selection of exquisite lighting options.

Savoy House Lighting Fixtures and Products

  • Sconces
  • Bath lights
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Chandeliers
  • Down Rod Lighting
  • Entry Lanterns
  • Fan d’liers
  • Pendants
  • Trestles

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With such a broad array of fixture types, shapes, colors and sizes available, it is easy to see why Savoy has become a leader in the house and outdoor lighting industry. Quality materials, unique designs and stunning artisanship make for a product that is second-to-none.

When planning to install Savoy House Lighting or outdoor lighting on your property, always plan your install before purchasing any parts. Here are some tips and guidelines one needs to consider.

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Lighting Fixture Shopping Guidelines

  • Desired light coverage—knowing exactly where you want the light to fall is an important step in choosing a Savoy House Lighting solution. While difference styles and designs can provide visually differing appearances, they might also distribute light differently as well.
  • Desired light brightness—while bright lights are great for dining rooms, they are not always conducive to rest or leisure activities. Plan areas of light intensity and adjustment according to the intended function of a room for greatest satisfaction.
  • Light fixture appearance from different angles—just because something looks stunning from straight ahead does not mean it looks great from every angle. This is especially true of outdoor lighting solutions. When planning to replace or install lighting in a new area, always check the appearance of your solution from multiple angles to ensure an optimal appearance.
  • Light interference possibilities—nothing can ruin a perfectly good movie like screen glare. When placing your new Savoy House Lighting fixtures, try to avoid placing them directly across from items such as display cabinets, large pictures or portraits and home entertainment centers. Other possibilities of light interference include loft rooms or rooms featuring wall cutouts.