Safety Measures When Going To A Spa

Spas are gorgeous, relaxing places that offer a variety of luxury treatments. The last thing on your mind when heading out for a day of pampering is that the spa you’re spending hours at isn’t sanitary. However, many spas unfortunately have poor sanitation procedures. While there’s really no way of knowing just how safe and clean your spa is, there are some safety measures when going to a spa to ensure you won’t get sick.

Important Safety Measures When Going to a Spa

The only way to have a truly wonderful spa experience is to follow certain safety measures when going to a spa.

  • If you’re bringing children with you to the spa, don’t leave them unattended. Many spas have pools and children can drown.

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  • Don’t bring glass containers or bottles into the spa. This can result in an accident and cuts from broken glass.

  • Don’t drink alcohol when at a spa. If you’re getting a treatment that uses hot water, the effects of the alcohol will be increased.

  • If you tan in a tanning booth, make sure to not stay in for too long. Even an extra minute or two in a tanning booth can cause painful sunburn.

Things to Watch Out For At the Spa

You’ll never truly know what goes on behind the scenes of your favorite spa, but there are some things you can pay attention to if you want an idea of how well maintained the location is. Some of the most important safety measures when going to a spa is simply watching how the spa is run.

  • Make sure that the employees wash their hands both before and after working with a client.

  • Check for up-to-date licenses.

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  • When waxing, spa employees shouldn’t use the same wax stick twice. The stick should never touch your skin and then be put back into the wax.

  • If you’re getting your makeup done, make sure that any lip liner or eyeliner pencils are sharpened before being applied to your skin.

  • Any tools that are used should be cleaned and disinfected immediately following use. If you don’t see the spa employee removing tools from disinfectant, ask them to use new tools on you.

  • Don’t walk around a spa barefoot. Even if you’ve just had a pedicure, wear flip flops. Even the cleanest spa can’t keep its floors spotless throughout the day.

The best tip is to always stick with spas you trust, like Dynasty Spas.