Swivel Stools: Special Features And Uses

Swivel stools have become a common feature in a majority of the modern day pubs and bars. They are not only used in the commercial or public bars, they are also a good fit for the person planning to start or redecorate their home pub. A combination of the swivel stools and the saddle bar stools will be a great way to add some style and fun to the bar as well as the home pub environment.

modernized saddle bar stools

Benefits Of Using Swivel Stools

  • Swivel stools are the most practical and convenient in an environment where there are many people moving around.
  • They do not act as a distraction to the passersby and they are also a great way for one to enjoy his drinks while watching the television set.
  • There is a great pool from which one can choose from. There are swivel stools that can make a 360 degree turn and there are those that can only make a half turn. One can choose either of the two options for use in both the commercial as well as the home bar.
  • The materials that are used to make the swivel stools are classy and can be used in any setting. A combination of oak and cherry allows one to have a product that can be used in any setting without having to carry out any changes be it to the product or to the place where it is to be used.
  • Comfort is catered for in that the stools come in different heights. A person can choose different heights for their establishments in order to make sure that all the patrons have a good time without necessarily having to strain.
  • Quality is always guaranteed in these stools. These are products that are going to last for a long time without losing their uniqueness as well as their comfort.

Swivel stools come in many forms and sizes and are the best to go for. They have low maintenance costs and are easy to service for the entire duration that they will be in use.

Best Features Of The Swivel Stools

Perfect swivel stools

The features are another great benefit that is offered by the stools. Some of the stools will come with a back support where patrons as well as the home user can support their back as they enjoy their favorite drinks. Arm rests are also features that are available in some of the swivel stools. It makes it easy for one to support their arms instead of having to lean on the table, which can lead to the occurrence of some damage.

As a way of improving on the design, leather upholstery as well as animal prints are some of the items that are added on to the swivel stools. These are a great way to improve the décor of the house or the bar. The swivel stools come in a variety of designs and colors. Bar owners can choose the designs that best resonate with the decorations that are already in place at the establishment.

Top Kitchen Furniture Ideas

Are you wondering how to come up with excellent kitchen furniture ideas? Well, the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in every household. It is where meals are made. If you do not have room for a dining area in the home, you can also use the kitchen for dining. This is one of the reasons why you need to be very creative with choosing the kitchen furniture. There is a very wide range of furniture that can be used in the kitchen. But, you need to consider several factors when selecting furniture.

interesting kitchen furniture ideas

Shopping For Your Kitchen Furniture

  • The Size Of The Room:

    The size of your kitchen is going to determine the amount and size of furniture you can use in it. For a small kitchen, it will be advisable to go with the basics. That will mean at least cabinets to store the food stuff, a working table, the cookers and a fridge. You can include a small table and chairs at the corner. This will be excellent if you are dining alone or want a cozy dinner set up. Try to also get the kitchen furniture ideas that make the room look bigger and more spacious.

  • The Age Of The People Who Will Use The Kitchen:

    The kitchen can be one of the most dangerous areas of the house. If you have toddlers, it will be very important to consider their safety when buying kitchen furniture. For instance, you have to make sure there are chairs that the children can reach. You also have to ensure that cookers and cabinets where food stuff is kept are well out of reach. On the other hand, if your kitchen will be used by grownups, you can have more freedom with the height of the furniture.

  • The General Décor In The Room:

    The kitchen is one area that should always look very clean. If your kitchen gives out a dull or untidy impression, people will tend to doubt the quality of the food made there. There are certain colors that enhance the gleaming and sophisticated look in a kitchen. When you are considering kitchen furniture ideas, go for silvery colors. A touch of mahogany is also very good in giving any room a highly polished look. Glass is also another excellent alternative. However, it is important to note that all these colors in kitchen furniture materials need a lot of care to maintain the good look. If your kitchen has a bar, saddle bar stools made of mahogany and metal will be excellent.

black saddle bar stools

·        The Durability Of The Furniture

There are four major materials used in making furniture: wood, metal, plastic and glass. All of them have their merits and demerits. When going through kitchen furniture ideas, it is vital to consider the durability of each. Wood is very good as it is easily available and looks good. On the other hand, you have to ensure it is well polished or painted to avoid mite attacks. Metal is very durable as it does not rot. It is excellent for frames of saddle bar stool. Glass looks very polished but is delicate. Lastly, plastic is low on cost but easy to destroy especially in high temperatures like the kitchen. All you have to do is weigh the options and come up with the best material for you.

Those are the major factors to look into for your kitchen furniture ideas. However, it takes a lot of effort and creativity to make the ideas work. Taking time and shopping around for the best is always advisable.

Home Bar Furniture Shopping Tips

If you are the kind that loves the company of people and keeps hosting parties, home bar furniture is ideal for your space. Not only is this furniture highly comfortable, it also provides the best entertainment area for your guests. The only thing that you should be careful about is the kind of home bar furniture that you purchase. Only choose these furniture that will fit in your decor properly.

astonishing home bar furniture for sale

Shopping Tips

Your investment will be a mere waste if you do not choose the correct type of furniture. Here are some tips for you that are sure to come handy:

  • First and foremost, the kind of bar you have holds importance. Even if you don’t have a bar, you can purchase it with drawers, storage area, etc. Once your bar is ready, you can choose the right bar furniture for home with ease.

quality saddle bar stools

  • The bar stools are of primary importance and you should decide the right height when you look for these stools. Also, depending on the number of people you usually entertain you could choose chairs and tables for your guests. This will also depend on the space in your house for the home bar furniture. If there isn’t enough space, you could simply buy a few bar stools for the bar counter. There are numerous types of stools such as saddle bar stools, backed stools, backless stools, etc that you can pick from.
  • You don’t need to worry about home bar furniture looking out of place or different in your house because there are many designs and styles to choose from. Because they are so popular today, the designs such as modern home bar furniture, contemporary, elegant and formal furniture and the models have been widened and finding something to you like is a piece of cake.

stylish modern home bar furniture

  • If budget is a problem, you could look over the internet for home bar furniture for sale or at stores for discounts every now and then. It is ideal to purchase online especially if you are in a tight budget.
  • If you don’t really like the idea of a bar in your house and you are happy with entertaining your guests in the living room, you could simply buy a wine cabinet to store the liquor and to serve it your guests as and when you wish.

sophisticated bar furniture for home

There are indeed a lot of options to explore when it comes to home bar furniture. The only thing to keep in mind is to buy furniture that looks good and goes with the rest of your decor with ease.

Bar Stool Shopping Tips

The bar stool is usually seen in pubs and bars and it is extremely popular today. Its popularity has risen because of its fashionable design and chic looks. If you are looking for a good bar stool for your house, there are things that you should keep in mind. Just a little care will ensure that the bar area in your house is comfortable, relaxing and stylish at the same time. You will be able to read the daily paper, eat a small meal, drink your coffee or simply sit down and chat with your guests if the environment is so welcoming. Hence, buying a good one is very important.

uniquely styled modern bar stool

Shopping Tips

Mainly, bar stool are divided into two categories. There is the modern bar stool which is small, durable and compact and there is the classic variant which is not as durable and compact. Classic stools are typically carved out of the wood while the modern ones can be purchased in a variety of models such as aluminium and steel. Another thing that you should keep in mind while purchasing is the bar stool height. You can find either the counter height or the bar height. While the prior has stool that measure about 24” in height, the latter has stools that are 40” high. Depending on your requirement, you can choose among the two. If you are looking for other heights, you could go for custom height stools and find the ones that are ideal for you. If you have a compact space, buying modern stools is a good idea but if the bar area is spacious, it’d be advisable to buy more stools instead of buying larger stools. You will be able to accommodate more number of guests.

checking bar stool height

Types of Bar Stools

The different types of stools include:

  • saddle bar stools
  • upholstered seats
  • stationary stools
  • backless stools
  • backed stools

backless saddle bar stools

Therefore, you have numerous choices to pick from without having to worry about compromising. It is however advisable to go with a backed stool for added comfort. A stool with a raising and lowering mechanism is an added plus especially if you have kids.

Contemporary Style Bar Stool

Always make sure you buy good quality stools for durability. Cheaper versions won’t last long and you’ll have to replace them soon. Now that you know all about the bar stool and how you can choose between the various types, it is time you buy the best for your house.

Sit Up With Saddle Bar Stools

Saddle bar stools offer a new take on a classic design. By combining the posture benefits of saddle sitting with a traditional bar stool, you get a bar stool that is not only exceptionally comfortable during extended use, but will also stand up to years of regular use without showing its age. While they are most commonly constructed using wood, there are stools available in a variety of materials.

Stylized Saddle Bar Stool

Characteristics of Saddle Bar Stools

  • Thin profile and elongated design: While traditional bar stools are often squared and symmetrical, saddle style bar stools are most often rectangular or oval. Instead of sitting on the stool with your legs in front of you, like a traditional stool, saddle bar stools are made to be sat on in a saddle-like position.
  • Lower average height: With the design of these stools, height is limited compared to conventional bar stools. However, they still provide more than enough height for most people to sit comfortably at a standard bar.
  • Increased Stability: With a longer form than traditional bar stools, saddle seat bar stools provide increased stability. Because the legs are further apart, the center of gravity is lowered on the stool. This creates a platform less likely to tilt. Anyone who has sat on a bar stool has experienced the disconcerting nature of an unstable barstool. Saddle bar stools virtually eliminate this issue.
  • Easy Maintenance: With their wood composition, upkeep on saddle bar stools is simple. Just a light buffing with a soft rag and furniture polish will keep them looking great for years. If your bar stool features a padded top, such as horse saddle bar stools, additional care might be needed for the other materials on the stool.

Westernized Horse saddle bar stools

While these stools might be different from the traditional design, saddle bar stools offer a wide range of benefits. This has led to a major increase in popularity of these unique seats. With the rise in reputation comes an increased selection of styles, materials and choices. This makes finding the perfect set of saddle bar stools for your home or business easier than ever.

Tips To Consider When Choosing Stools

typical saddle style bar stools

  • Coordinate materials – If you have a traditional wooden bar top, consider wooden bar stools in a similar stain and wood grain. This will tie together the appearance and create a stunning look. For other materials, such as granite or quartz, choose a stool made from synthetic materials, such as aluminum or steel to create a contrasting and effective look.
  • Choosing a padding style – Traditionally, saddle bar stools were 100-percent wood. However, you might want added padding and comfort on your bar stools. The most common solution is a natural or synthetic leather topper. Choose a color that complements the materials of the bar for the greatest visual appeal. For wooden bars, black or brown pads are ideal. For natural stone bars, shades of white or gray can tie the look together nicely.
  • Always consider height – Bar stools should fit cleanly under the bar top while provide ample height for comfortable sitting. When it comes to choosing the ideal height for your saddle bar stools, the average person should be able to sit at the bar with their elbows at right angles. This promotes proper posture and comfort during extended sittings. Whether you are entertaining friends by the pool or giving customers a great place to watch the game, comfort is always of utmost importance.


What was originally a seating accompaniment for cowboys is now replicated as a stool to be enjoyed in kitchen counters or in pubs. Saddle bar stools, whether simple or ornate, carry similar functions with their predecessor—comfort, stability, and utmost support.