Guidelines for Safe Handling of Saws

Cutting using a saw is the most common practice when performing any construction and woodwork activities. It is therefore important that one understands the guidelines for safe handling of saws. Any cutting object can cause serious injuries on the user if not properly used or kept. Some of these cutting tools like a saber saw are powered and have very sharp teeth and blades that if not properly handled, the results can be life threatening.

safety guidelines for handling saw

Safety Measures To Be Taken When Handling Saws

Ensure that you strictly observe safety precautions every time when carrying, using or storing a saw. This will protect both you and any person working near you. In any construction firms, guidelines for safe handling of saws have been put in place since saws are the commonly used cutting tools.

The following are some guidelines for safe handling of saws:

  • Always ensure that you put on safety glasses to protect your eyes from dust and other harmful objects when working.
  • Carefully select a blade that suites the kind of surface you are working on. Make sure that you are using the right blade for the right job.
  • Firmly fix the blade in its place to prevent it from falling when using it. Loose, bent, and blunt blades should not be used as they may cause harm while working.
  • Clearly mark the line you want to work on by using a pencil or any marker. This will help you not to mess on the object you are working on, and that you are assured you are working on the right point.
  • Ensure that the piece you are cutting is firmly held in place so that it will not fall on you or cause any damage.
  • Switch on power and carefully cut your piece.
  • Once you are through, switch off power and keep in mind that its teeth are very sharp and can damage sensitive surfaces. Ensure you keep it in a safe place.
  • Clean the blade, lubricate it and keep it in a safe box ready for use. This helps in keeping the blade clean and protecting it from any irritations like rust.

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Whenever all the guidelines for safe handling of saws are well followed,  the working atmosphere becomes secure and you will be saved from any untoward accidents from happening, as a result of carelessness. For your own safety, as well as the people working with you or who are around you, ensure that you know how this saw operates before using it. Technical information about the specific saw can be obtained from the manufacturer’s manual. It gives directions about the usage and maintenance of the saw, which if applied properly, will give the desired results.

Types of Cutting Tools for Construction

Construction work needs plenty of cutting, and there are various of types of cutting tools for construction available. Each cutting tool does a specific type of cutting, which you must be familiar with. One tool may not work well with a specific type of project, so, it is likewise important for you to know the different types of cutting tools for construction that you will need for the kind of project at hand, in order to get the desired result.

rip cut teeth cross cut saw

Kinds of Cutting Tools and Their Uses

  • A cross cut saw have teeth that resembles a knife, which makes the cutting process easier to cut the wood fibers. You can have a smoother cut by using this saw.
  • The plywood saw has fine teeth that cut on the tearing of the exterior side piles of the plywood. The additional set of teeth on the curved edge of the blade let you to begin a cut from the corner without the need of drilling a hole.
  • The crosscutting tool is best for making some joints in the backsaw. It is designed in the way by having a squared end and it is very strong with the blade on the back side. Therefore, the blade stays rigid when cutting.
  • The dovetail saw helps to cut the fine joints and narrow kerfs.
  • A keyhole is also called as drywall saw, which has the ability to cut the light metal, hardboard, and wood.
  • The copying saw contains an appearance that matches with jewelers saw. These saws have high steel frame located on the blade. It can be rotated at all angles to let it to cut the wood curves.
  • By using a reciprocating saw, you can have the heavy duty rough cutting easily. The blades will move in the piston. It is best used to put some holes in the walls for plumbing and electrical wiring. It can also make good cuts in the PVC pipes and has a capacity to cut the plaster, wood, and metal.
  • In the construction project, the circular saws easily do straight and quick cuts. A protector surrounds the blade and the upper protector is fixed. The lower protector retracts if the saw is cutting the wood or metal.

versatile and handy saber saw

The Saber Saw: One of the Best Types of Saws

The saber saw is also called as powered jig saw. It is a hand used power tool, which is used to make some curved cuts in wood materials. The saber saw`s versatility and portability offers more beneficial things to use in multiple works.

The saber saw standard blades are replaceable and removable. You have the options of special types of blades for cutting leather, plaster board, rubber, cardboard or plastics. The saber saw blade is thin; hence, you can able to make curves with tight radii. The curves with convex or concave profiles can also be created. It is also good to mark the profile which you want to cut on the wood or metal.

These types of cutting tools for construction are designed to be safe for use, but, it is also necessary to practice caution while using any of these saws.

Getting the Right Table Saw for Your Use

Table saws are a type of versatile power tool used to cut wood for a variety of projects.  There are many brands and styles of table saws available at a variety of price points.  With so many different table saws to choose from, selecting the right one for your project may seem like a difficult task, but by reading table saw reviews and carefully researching each type of table saw, you will easily find the right tool for you.

clarke premium leg stand table saw

Some Tips To Help You Find the Right Tool

  • Consider the Project Type

A table saw isn’t the right tool for every job.  Take a good look at your project and determine whether you need a table saw or another type of tool.  Table saws are especially good for making straight cuts, but for curved cuts, a reciprocating saw like a saber saw is a better choice.  Table saws can be expensive, so if your project would come out better by using a cheaper, smaller saw, you should definitely go that route.

  • Budget

If you definitely need a table saw, be prepared with your budget before you enter a store.  Table saws are available in an extremely wide range of prices.  A Porter Cable table saw will set you back a few hundred dollars, while a Powermatic table saw can cost more than a thousand dollars.  The average homeowner may not want or need to spend huge amounts of money on tools, while a carpenter or professional homebuilder may feel the extra investment is worth it for improved performance and durability.  Setting your budget before heading to the store will help you avoid overspending and blowing you entire project budget on tools.

If you don’t want to spend more than $100 on a table saw, consider renting one.  Many big box home improvement stores rent tools on an hourly or daily basis.  If you know you won’t need to use the tool again, or if you just don’t have room to store a table saw, renting one may be your best bet.

  • Read Reviews

If you decide to buy a table saw instead of renting one, taking time to research table saws before you head to the store will help you get an idea of each brand’s strengths and weaknesses.  With so many different types of table saws available, table saw reviews are valuable resources in making your final decision.

get the best portable table saw

Once you’ve decided you are definitely going to purchase a table saw and you’ve done all of your homework, head down to your local home improvement store to pick one up.  Read all assembly directions and review the operator’s manual before using your new table saw.  As always, be safe and wear safety glasses while operating your new power tool.

All About The Saber Saw: Features and Differences Over Other Saws

A lot of people always wonder, “what is a saber saw” and what makes it unique from other similar cutting power tools like rotary saws or jig saw. The saber saw or otherwise known as a reciprocating saw, sawzall or recipro saw is a tool that cuts by using a back and forth motion. It is actually one of the most common power tool today. The great thing about a saber saw is that they have interchangeable blades that makes it very easy to work with when cutting a variety of materials. Being that saber saw blades come in a variety of designs you will be able to cut anything that you want to and that is why many people buy these.

original dewalt cordless jig saber saw


Another benefit of a saber saw is that it has a bigger blade than that of a jig saw when it comes to cutting power. A lot of people wonder what is better a saber saw or jig saw but a simple search online will help you figure this out. Hence, there’s really no point of comparing saber saw vs jig saw because both are actually made for different tasks. Saber saw are is a more balanced power tool for cutting, not too big and aggressive like the circular saws while not being too tiny with lesser power like jig saws.

makita 18-volt 2-pack battery saber saw

Comparing Saber Saw Over Other Models

Circular Saw – There are certain cutting tasks the circular saw cannot do where saber saw can. The saber saw can cut in tighter spaces and it doesn’t only cut a short distance. What most people don’t realize is that a circular saw is more for flatter items like pieces of wood and metal. The reason why a saber saw is much better is because it does the same job as a circular saw plus a lot more.

Jig Saw – A jig saw is great for getting those really nice cuts on thin pieces of material but for a larger job it just won’t work. A jig saw is simply a saw that uses a jig motion which takes a while to get through a larger piece of material. The saber saw will be needed if you have a relatively larger material to cut. The saber saw generally have better cutting power than that of the jig saw.

black and decker 620-watt autoselect pendulum jigsaw

Handsaw – Another popular saw is the handsaw but this has a lot of reasons why people don’t want to use it. The main reason why a saber saw is better than a handsaw is simply because it is electric. The problem with using a hand tool is that you have to be the one to power it. If you are working on a larger project, then using a handsaw will take a lot of energy out of you and make you want to quit. But the handsaw is definitely the most eco-friendly of all saws.

bosch demolition metal reciprocating saw blades

When it comes to saber saw blades you need to think about the amount of use you can get out of them because some of them are quite costly. The saber saw is an important power tool for construction workers keep in their arsenal of tools because of everything that it can do and so should you. If you like to work with wood, metal, plastic, tile or any other material, then a saber saw will come in handy at some point. Just know that you don’t have to buy the most expensive saber saw on the market, as long as you have a decent saw and a durable blade, then you should be just fine. To ensure you get the best saber saw, simply research online and read reviews to determine what brand and which model is the best today.