Useful Tips For Suspension Lift Kits

When deciding to install suspension lift kits, several factors are good to keep in mind. Factors include adaptability, price as well as the desire for sporting favorable details. Whether you are installing a lift kit due to your location, for work, for recreational purposes, or merely to optimize your vehicle’s suspension for performance, it is an ideal way to meet the needs of sport utility truck lovers like you.

chevy suspension lift kits

Common Uses Of Kits

When choosing the lift kit that’s right for you, adaptability is significant. All vehicles are not the same. Different makes and models make it vital to know a little about what suspension lift kits are appropriate for your automobile. Most important is the reason you’re adapting a kit to lift your suspension.

There are basically two reasons that someone would install a lift kit on their vehicle – function and style.

  • Getting The Desired Look – Lift kits make your vehicle taller and make room for larger tires which really looks really good on the road.
  • Better Suspension – Lift kits are actually designed so that you can more appropriately handle off-road terrain. When crawling over boulders or keeping your nose out of the mud, a higher lift will keep you from “bottoming out.”

Better Safe Than Sorry

There are certain things you should understand before you start your search for suspension lift kits.

  • Center Of Gravity – First, with lift kits you are higher off the ground and this changes your center of gravity. You compromise your ability to control your vehicle – on-road handling is lessened by the installation of the kit. However, off-roading and lift kit appropriate terrains become more manageable and exciting to manipulate.
  • Heavy Top – Because you are so high off the ground, the truck becomes top-heavy and harder to manage. This makes for difficult cornering and braking. Also, it is a serious concern that you remember to upgrade your caliper and rotor system to match the setup or it there is a bigger possibility that your brakes will not work.
  • Compatibility – Make sure your vehicle make and model, as well as torque restrictions are compatible with your suspension lift kit. Many makes and models offer lift kits from stock, and you can also order Rough Country Lifts for specific truck brands. Incompatible parts can damage your vehicle and possibly endanger lives.

5-inch GM suspension lift kit

If you are not a professional mechanic, it is a good idea to consult a professional when trying to add suspension lift kits to your truck. Remember that every modification makes a difference in the way your truck is built. Take note also to make any necessary adjustments to affected areas of operation.

Finally, check your local authorities and make sure that there aren’t any law restrictions on your lift kits. In certain areas, you may not be allowed to have certain heights or you may exceed local weight limits with a lift. Otherwise, enjoy yourself!

The Pros And Cons Of Leveling Lift Kits

Do you like that off road performance but still want to keep that highway handle and speed? Rough Country lift professionalizes in leveling lift kits that give you the performance you’re looking for. By adjusting your vehicle’s angle and center, the automobile’s reaction to torque is modified as well, and with rear end changes and tire adjustment your vehicle acquires a whole new attitude.

chevy 2-inch leveling lift kit Truck Leveling Kit Pros & Cons

 Installing leveling lift kits rather than regular lift kits can be both costs efficient and simpler to complete as a do-it-yourself project. Leveling kits are mostly done to adjust your tire ratio and style. A great feature concerning this particular kit is that it is specifically designed for people who accessorize and modify their vehicle. As with all projects however, proper planning and insight to what you’re looking for is key to all modifications. Although custom leveling can be done, taking precautions reduces the risk of jeopardizing your automobiles integrity. Find out more about the car and truck leveling kit pros and cons.

Check Out Our List of Car and Truck Leveling Kit Pros & Cons


  • Cost Efficient – This setup is cheaper for its simplicity to modify. Because you dealing with springs, shocks, brace and other support irons, it’s both cost efficient and replaceable.
  • Diversity Of Off Road/On Road Quality– With the off road differential adjustments you can step up your tires and run thru rougher terrains than your regular dirt roads.
  • Maximize Performance– Having leveling kits will optimize attachments for torque and allow for a moderate differential and handling. This will give your ride a higher ground cover, a stronger tool for plowing, a solid tow horse and fine tuned to your style and taste.

In essence the level lift kit is a tool to gain maximum performance within the class your utilizing your vehicle. Install this to customize your truck or car with larger stylish tires and accenting ground clearance. For more rugged off road durability, some choose to use attachments such as forward and rear bumpers, side rails, toolboxes or hunting-kennel, winches, plow and other popular accessories. Without accounting for overall vehicle integrity, you could miss out on that extra percent of power and strength.


  • Accelerated wear on certain other parts of the vehicle to optimize your engines performance to compensate for the leveling.
  • The setup requires you to accessorize weight bumpers and tires. Most leveling kits allow for standard drivers’ tire sets. However, adding weight to your vehicle require leveling lift kits.
  • Slight reduction in performance and mpg on the road. The drawback to such modifications can reduce speed and performance. However, for each adjustment there are ways to compensate, slight adjustments to engine, chassis, and suspension will have the vehicle back on its usual self.

2-inch dodge ram leveling kit

Cars and Trucks Leveling Kit Pros & Cons Final Words

 Leveling lift kits are unlike the traditional lift kits, less parts and upgrading is needed. Be sure to check the warranty. Depending on how much your vehicle operates, this kit is often replaced over extensive use. This is not due to its weakness however, the integrity does wear down and annual upgrades are beneficial for performance yet not necessarily required.

Essential Truck Parts and Uses

Trucks are considered as necessity in any sort of businesses. In order for a truck to become efficient and functional, heavy duty truck parts must always be considered. Truck owners should always maintain their truck parts in good condition. A well maintained truck can save you a lot of time and money in the future as it will make you stay away from unnecessary troubles especially in important situations.

light material made muscle car chassis

Important Truck Parts

More and more company have learned from the past and have eventually come up with truck parts that can promise efficiency and safety on rough terrains. These parts of the trucks are made from complex technological advancements that are accurate. Some of those important parts are the following:

  • Chassis. This is the skeletal frame which holds the truck parts together. It holds all the essential truck parts like the engine, axle, suspension, steering, and more. This part of the truck is one of the most needed classic truck parts. Most of the time, chassis is made from a very light material like synthetic plastic and light steel. Though it looks like weak, it is versatile and sturdy that makes the truck stiff and tensile. Look for a chassis with good quality and durable so that it can stay for a longer period of time.
  • Engine. This is the driving force of the truck. You can use different fuel type just as long as the fuel is compatible to your truck engine.
  • Gear Box. This is the truck’s transmission system. The gear box varies from truck to truck. Depending on the size of the truck and engine, you can find the right gear box for your truck. In addition, the speed of the gear also differs from one another. Since this particular part of the truck supplies power to the engine, when the gear changes, the engine’s power may either increase or decrease.
  • Steering and brakes. Obviously, the steering helps the driver where to go. Always choose the good quality for it ensures comfort while travelling. Another important truck parts are the brakes. This slows down or stops your truck. The competence of the brakes depends on the maintenance plus type of hydraulic fluid you will be using.

foot brakes and steering wheel

Some truck owners buy second-hand truck parts or used truck parts. Some experts would do that because they are able to distinguish used parts in good condition or not. But if you want a guaranteed and excellent performance, then you can buy new parts from online stores or shops near you. There are aftermarket truck parts and accessories like rough country lift. More than an accessory, it gives comfort and functionality to truck drivers.

The best way to ensure a great overall performance for your truck is to be aware of the important truck parts. It makes you ready for any trouble that could happen along the road and look for a quick fix for the problem.

Truck Lift Kits – A Simple Guide

Truck or pickup truck, regardless of what would other people call them, it only means one thing- you need to have your own truck suspension lift kits installed. For those who are not yet familiar about this, then you must keep on reading. The truck lift kits are very important most especially if you often need to carry and transfer heavy materials like furniture, refrigerator, or boxes to another place. This pickup truck lift kits raise your vehicle up on the ground with few inches higher.

skyjacker standard 2-inch spacer lift kit with shocks

Popular Manufacturers

There are numbers of manufacturers though. Thus, you need to be choosy as well. Set a standard and take time looking and choosing the best one. Some of the manufacturers are as follows:

  • SkyJacker
  • Pro Camp
  • Trail Master
  • FabTech

Those manufacturers listed here are doing custom made components of lift kits without the need to change anything on your truck. The installation of truck lift kits won’t eat too much of your time, like you can already use your truck even a day or two days after. Be mindful that there are different truck lift kits available. Thus, choose the best among them according to your own choice. When it comes to price, it varies from a hundred dollar up to $7,000.

Major Advantages of Truck Lift Kits

There are two major benefits of installing truck lift kits:

  1. It increases clarity.  Since the lift kits can raise your truck a little bit higher off to the ground, this makes the ground clearer. It allows you to see the road clearly.
  2. Larger tire fitment. It improves tire performance. You can now use your truck even on rough roads, muddy roads, and deep snows without worrying of troubles.

fabtech truck lift kits

Those are the major benefits but in addition, by simply installing Chevy truck lift kits, it makes your truck attractive and more evident compared to other trucks. But more than that, it can really improves truck performance which is the primary purpose why these lift kits exist. A rough country lift is needed to make your travel more exciting and worry-free. Experienced drivers would always advice you to use these kits, as rough roads can be a potential challenge if you continue to travel on these types of roads.

Most people think that truck lift kits are too expensive for you, then think it twice. Because it prevents you to more complicated problems in the future, especially if you often travel in areas that are muddy and rough road which can eventually damage your truck. Make your truck more functional and convenient to use. These kits are worthy investment.

All About the Rough Country Lift

Rough country has been in business over thirty years and while their shock absorbers are in high demand, it is the Rough country lift that really gets the attention of many vehicle owners especially those who own jeeps and trucks. This is because of the high quality materials used in this product and the great amount of work done to make this product be at its best. Lift kits allow you to raise your truck body or suspension to allow you to put taller wheels on your vehicle which not only makes a statement, but also makes for easier driving off road.

rough country lift chevrolet pickup

A Lift For Every Make and Model of Vehicle

Rough Country lift kits come in a variety of sizes, but the 6 inch Rough Country lift really catches the eye as it is made of heavy duty components, painted a dramatic black and provides enough room for 35 inch tires, giving your truck a monster appearance that will take on almost any off road challenge it is offered. The lift kits are made for a variety of vehicles including:

  • Chevy
  • Dodge
  • Ford
  • Jeep
  • Toyota
  • Nissan

rough country chevy 4WD

Rough Country Lift Kit Reviews

Reviews for the Rough Country lift are good with these kits rating 4 out of 5 stars on most review sites. Most people who purchase these kits are quite happy with them overall, and state that these kits make their vehicles both look and perform better. However, like any product on the market there are some advantages and disadvantages of these kits that you should be aware of before purchasing a Rough country lift.

6-inch suspension rough country lift


  • Easy installation. The company claims installation only takes 2 to 4 hours, but most users find it takes them a bit longer though many do feel that the installation is not difficult.
  • No Cutting or Welding Required. The great thing about these lifts is that there is no cutting or welding required making it possible for even those who know little about lift installation to install these lifts with little difficulty or worry that they will damage their vehicle.
  • Well Built Parts. One of the things users like best is the fact that the parts in these kits are extremely well made and durable. These parts will last for years even in rugged conditions.


While most people really liked these kits, there are some things that people did not like about using these kits.

  • The Directions. While some users found the directions for installing these kits were completely missing, others found that the printing on their directions were light and smeared to the point of making them unusable.
  • Mixed Kit Parts. A few customers found that they got mixed kit parts. If they bought a 2 inch kit they might get the springs for the 6-inch Rough Country lift kit.

2wd flexin ford F150

Overall, as you can see from various reviews, the Rough Country lift is a great kit for those who want to raise their body suspension so that they can tackle those off road adventures. Easy to install and durable these kits are made for performance.