Best Room Air Conditioners for Your Home

It is so important to maintain fresh air in your house. You can choose to open windows to let in fresh air but a shortcoming to this approach is that it lets in dust making your room dirty. This brings about a need for air conditioners. When you have this in your house, you will have fresh air without having to let in dust. Listed below are the three basic types of room air conditioners.

Highly Efficient Portable Room Air Conditioners

Air Conditioner Types for Rooms

  • Window mounted air conditioner – These types of room air conditioners are among the most popular for home use. They slide in a double hung window and can have two versions of it: cooling version only or cooling and heating version. One reason as to why they are so popular is because they are cheap and compatible with various wiring systems. Therefore purchase and installation of a unit should not cause you any worries. There are different types in this category of room air conditioners and this is based on their performance and cost.
  • Wall mounted air conditioners – These room air conditioners are permanently mounted in a wall. There has to be a metal sleeve attached through that wall. The chassis of an air conditioner is slid on it from inside. This is the perfect room air conditioners no window type rooms. It is advantageous since it does not block any light from outside. A problem with this particular type is that it is more expensive to purchase and install. Its wiring is also complex and damaging one of the pipes used during installation can be a problem.

Wall mounted Quite Air Conditioners

  • Portable room air conditioners are very user friendly types of room air conditioners. They do need any kind of installation whatsoever. All you have to do is to plug it in a wall socket and it is ready to work. They are convenient in a sense that you can take them to any room.  A major disadvantage with this particular type of air conditioner is that it is more expensive than other types of room air conditioners. This is despite being rated as the best room air conditioners in the market.

Choosing the Best Room Air Conditioners

Shopping Tips:

  • Choose a quiet air conditioner. Try plugging the unit in the store before committing to purchase to gauge the level of noise created by the unit during operation.
  • Consider cooling capacity which is rated in BTU. BTU is directly proportional with how cool an air conditioner will be. Get a good air conditioner for your room based on its size.
  • You should go for a room air conditioner with low energy efficiency rating which would of course mean low power consumption which translates to lower electric bills.
  • Installation requirements can also make you change the type of air conditioner that you will purchase. Get a room air conditioner that you can meet the installation requirements.

Best Choice Room Air Conditioners No Window

Some of the popular brands of room air conditioners include LG and SAMSUNG. Consider quality as well as the price in choosing the best room air conditioners for your home.