Proper Table Setting Wine Glasses

You’ve gathered your finest Chinaware, crystal stemware, and silver for the dinner party you’re hosting. But where does everything go? Learn exactly where to place the wine glasses, champagne flutes and even water glasses for a perfect table setting. Some dinners even have additional drinks, like champagne. Know how to align your Riedel glasses to achieve a proper table setting wine glasses included. Proper table setting takes into account the placement of all glasses and dining utensils.

appropriate table setting with wine glasses

How To Set Glasses On The Table

·        Water Glass

You won’t be able to set any of the wine glasses at each place setting without knowing where the water glasses go. Learn proper table setting wine glasses by first learning the correct placement for water glasses. Place the water glass at the 1:00 position, relative to the plate. This will be slightly be on the upper right portion of the plate’s center. The knife is placed directly to the right of the plate, and the water glass should be positioned directly above the table setting’s knife.

·        Wine Glass Placement on Table

If you’re only serving one type of wine, either red or white, then always place the one wine glass in the same place. Additional rules for specific placement of each type of glass are only needed when you’re serving more than one type of wine.

According to proper wine glass placement on table guidelines, the red or white wine glass goes below the water glass, and a little to its right. To identify them, the red wine glasses have a short, stout bowl. White wine glasses have a thinner, taller bowl.

If you have two glasses – a white wine glass and a red wine glass – then there’s a specific placing for each glass. Place the white wine glass above the tip of the knife and position the red wine glass to the left of the white wine glass, directly above the center of the plate.

formal setting of table with wine glasses

·        Additional Glasses

If you have more glasses to use at each place setting, there are specific places for these glasses, too. For example, you may be serving champagne and sherry along with your meal. The placement of the water glasses and the red and white wine glass placement on table will remain the same. According to proper table setting wine glasses, the champagne flute should go above and to the right of the first wine glass. On the other hand, the sherry glass should go to the right of the first wine glass.

How To Hold A Wine Glass

If you’re preparing for a fancy dinner or a cocktail reception, you may be interested in learning basic dining etiquette. At most dinners and receptions, some type of wines are served. Learn how to hold a wine glass so that you’ll look like a pro. Your host will love to see their Riedel glasses being treated with the utmost care and you’ll impress by showing everyone that you know how to treat your wine well. Plus, knowing how to hold a wine glass can affect how the wine tastes.

tips for holding a wine glass

Ways To Hold Various Types Of Wine Glasses

Rule of Thumb:

Regardless of the size or shape of the wine glass, always try to hold it by the stem. This goes for every type of wine, too, whether you’re drinking white, red or rose wine, or champagne. Never hold the wine glass by the bowl. This is the number one rule when learning how to hold a wine glass.

The reason for this is simple. When you hold a wine glass by the bowl, your warm touch will warm up the drink and change the flavor. Your fingers will also leave unpleasant muddy marks outside of the wine glass.


1.) Red Wine

Since red wine is served at room temperature, holding a red wine glass by the bowl won’t change the temperature of the drink so much that it will be noticeable. However, you should still follow the basic guidelines for how to hold a wine glass.

Even if taste isn’t a factor, holding a red wine glass by the bowl will change how clearly you can see the wine. The color and clarity of the wine will be affected if you have your hands around the bowl. Fingerprints on the wine glass can affect color and clarity.

2.) White Wine and Champagne

White wine and champagne are meant to be served chilled. If white wine isn’t consumed at the correct temperature, it will taste much different than it’s intended to. Holding a white wine or champagne glass by the bowl will warm up the wine and change the taste. Just as with red wine, holding a white wine or champagne glass by the bowl will affect both the color and clarity.

how to hold a wine glass properly

Other Tips on How to Hold the Wine Glass

1.)    Pinch the stem of the wine glass between your index finger and your thumb.

2.)    It shouldn’t be difficult to hold and balance your wine glass.

3.)    If your wine glass feels too unsteady to hold just by the stem, you could have too much wine in the glass.

4.)    The wine glass should only be one quarter to 1/3 full.

Best Deals in Wine Glasses Wholesale

A wine glasses wholesale is the perfect avenue for grabbing some exotic and pioneering wineglasses at affordable prices. These wineglasses have been divided into various categories depending upon their structure. Generally, wineglasses contain a bowl along with a base and a stem. However, the Riedel glasses come with an exceptional design and with its stem less structure, it certainly makes an admirable mark.

classic sparkling and champagne glass

Classes of Available Wine Glasses

The wine glasses come in an assorted range and these are developed to serve a specific purpose. There are many avenues where you can get hold of custom wine glasses wholesale. These include some varied categories like red wineglasses, dessert wineglasses, white wineglasses and many more.

  • Red Wine Glass: These wine glasses have a rounded and larger bowl. It’s more rounded and allows a larger quantity. The upper opening is narrower to suit heavy wines so that you get maximum aroma and enjoy your drink to the brim.
  • White Wine Glass: These glasses have a narrower bowl and are more U shaped than other variants of wine glasses wholesale. These allow the wine to be cooler for a longer period of time and at the same time keep the aroma consistent and effective for long. These deliberately allow the wine to reach for the most sensitive regions of your tongue. Due to its structural finesse, it imparts a unique taste to your drink.
  • Sparkling Wine Glass: These are often used to maintain the carbonated content and at the same time enhance the overall aroma of the beverage. These are shaped like a flute with a completely narrow body.
  • Dessert Wine Glass: These are short and compact and these are used to serve elite and special wines, which can take place of a dessert in any party.

essence dessert wine glass 2 pack

These glasses form the most lucrative section of any wine glasses wholesale. These are prepared in an elegant design so that these can impart refinement and charm to any party. The use of thin glass or dazzling crystal makes these glasses a yardstick of magnetism. Their thin body imbues a special taste to the wine as it reaches for your taste buds in a very special manner.

The colored wine glasses wholesale should be targeted for fetching some exclusive wineglasses, which are casted in some striking colors that epitomize an elite appearance. These come in various colors like: emerald green, ruby red, amethyst purple, and cobalt blue. All these colors and assorted designs impart uniqueness to each set of wineglass. These colors are imbued to the body of wineglasses with utmost perfection. The shades tend to blend in a chic manner and they make your wine look arresting and impressive.

Wholesale Glasses Affordability

Getting your desired wine glass in any cheap wine glasses wholesale is always a splendid investment. These glasses are available in many online wine glasses wholesale offers and if you come across one of them, you should definitely cling to the opportunity. These wine glasses are known for their eminence and class. The perfection with which these are designed makes them a class apart. You can get the best of these in wine glasses wholesale and that, too, completely within your means.

Why You Use Red Wine Glasses For Red Wine

Only red wine glasses can make red wine taste better! This is a common perception and there is some truth to it. Wine glasses are specifically made for drinking and tasting wine. These glasses have three parts that includes the bowl, the stem and base. The proper way of drinking of wine from these glasses is often described as drinking from it while holding the stem. The common reason is simply to avoid soiling the bowl, aside from the fact that your body’s heat affects the temperature of the wine.

unique pattfalcon two red wine glasses

The Right Glass for the Perfect Wine

Although there are no scientific basis that the shape of wine glasses affects the taste of wine, the common notion is that they do. Wine glasses makers prescribe distinctive shapes for wine glasses and argue that wine tastes better when a proper wine glass is used for drinking it.

  • Features of a Red Wine Glass

    Red wine glasses are wine glasses specified for red wine. They have rounder shape and with wider bowl, which is very distinctive from other wine glasses. Wine experts, on the other hand, argue that a wider bowl has the tendency to increase oxidation rate. Red wine is particularly susceptible to oxidation as oxygen creates chemical reaction with the wine and thus strengthening its aroma and giving it a smooth taste.

Red wine glasses are particularly shaped not only for the sake of art but primarily to provide good taste for red wine. Most of these glasses are made of lead crystals that allow the swirling of the bowl more efficiently. Swirling the glass bowl allows the wine to breathe thus giving off the wine aroma. Lead crystals also have higher light refraction, which is best to protect the red wine from the heat.

  • Variations of a Red Wine Glass

Red wine glasses are of different variations. The Bordeaux and Burgundy glasses are considered best red wine glasses. The Bordeaux is for full bodied red wine, while Burgundy is for more delicate red wine. The big difference lies on the shape of its bowl. Burgundy red wine glasses have broader bowl to hold the great aroma of a more delicate red wine.

Riedel Glasses have variations like stainless wine glasses and the overture red wine glass, which is classified as one of the best red wine glasses. The glass is made of the finest lead crystal and has high light refraction allowing less heat to pass, thus allowing the wine to maintain its temperature. Wine temperature is very crucial in maintaining its aroma, color, texture, and taste.

prestigious wine glass riedel

·        Availability of a Red Wine Glass

There are now many available red wine glasses that offer good alternative for those with high price tags. Most of these cheap red wine glasses are made of good crystal lead, which is appropriate for wine drinking. There are also wine glass makers that produce unique red wine glasses making red wine drinking more sophisticated or extreme based on the preference of the wine drinker.

Red wine glasses have a distinctive shape that helps wine to taste better. Choosing the best types for your next party will generally have your guests enjoy their wine and improve your standing as a party host.

The Exquisite and Prestigious Riedel Glasses

When it comes to wine glasses, Riedel glasses are the glasses of choice for both wine connoisseurs and entertainers the world over. With hundreds of designs to choose from, finding the perfect glass to compliment your bottle of wine or champagne is easy. With over 60 years in the wine glass industry, you can always count on your Riedel wine glasses or Riedel champagne glasses to not only turn heads, but also keep your fine wines tasting exactly as they should. As a family owned business, you can expect this reputation to stay strong for years to come.

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The Exquisite Elegance Of Riedel Glasses

Riedel glasses are as beautiful on the shelf as they are in the hand. This is due to their exceptional craftsmanship and unsurpassed attention to detail. Riedel verifies the quality of every glass with a stringent inspection and quality assurance program. For high-end lines, such as the world-renowned Sommeliers Black Tie line, each piece is hand blown at Austrian headquarters and balanced to ensure it is one of the finest glass pieces in the world. From the emphasis on contours to the feel of the glass in your hand, each of the hundreds of Riedel glasses are the product of the passion and dedication of the Riedel family to great wine tasting.

If you are unsure of which glasses fit your desired wine, champagne or cocktail, the Riedel offers a comprehensive wine glass guide that offers suggestions and previews of nearly every line available at their official website. The Celebration line is the flagship of the Riedel champagne glasses selection. From the elegant Vitis and Vinum lines to the stemless O-Riedel line, each glass offers a design specifically created to enhance the bouquet, balance, texture and bloom of each glass of wine you enjoy. Some of the popular Riedel glasses lines include the following glass collections below.

luxurious riedel wine series champagne flutes

Popular Riedel Glass Lines

  • Vinum
  • Swirl
  • Vitis
  • Wine
  • Sommeliers
  • Riedel O
  • Celebration
  • Ouverture

exquisite riedel glasses

Many lines of Riedel glasses are available at general retailers. These sets can range in cost from entry-level to moderate. These sets make wonderful wedding gifts and are perfect for formal holiday celebrations. Exclusive sets, such as the Sommeliers and Sommeliers Black Tie lines can run hundreds of dollars each. Of course, for many, the cost is justified by the unique experience offered and prestige of owning one of these exclusive glasses.

delicate riedel scotch glass

If you are looking to save on costs, previous lines are available quite often through Riedel glasses discount sales. This is a great way to experience the quality and design of Riedel glasses without making a significant investment. For large events, such as parties or weddings, Riedel wine glasses wholesale distributors are a great source of savings. However, many of these distributors require minimum orders and might not offer a full line-up of Riedel glass from which to choose.