The Five Common Types of House Windows

Looking for a new window at your home? There are different types of house windows but here the only common are discussed and enumerated.  These are five stylish types of windows that you can install in your house.

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Popular and Common Types Of House Windows

  • The Awning Windows: This is a type of window that provides breeze and good light. This type is good for areas that need privacy but at the same time let light in such as your bedroom. The awning can also be open slightly just to let some ventilation in. They can be installed next to the other windows, in a column, or just place above the door patio to have a light in and as well as fresh air. The negative side of this one types of house windows are since the awning is installed inside, all the dust and dirt will fall into the sash and onto the floor.
  • The Casement Windows. This is a type of window that opens outward to let fresh air and light. It is installed on a place hard to reach and tightly sealed.  Mostly found over sinks and top of the appliances in the kitchen. It is easily maneuvered by cracking it open and not the sliding up and down. On the negative side, moving into an older house with this type of window can have rusty hardware parts that increase the risk when replacing some parts.
  • The Double Hung Windows. One of the types of house windows picked for its unique style among others. It has an ease of access and very good in ventilation ability. The top window can be opened while the bottom part remains close. The negative side is it tends to leak more air and only one will remain open while other types can be opened whole.
  • The Hopper Windows. This is a window mostly installed in basements. Eventually, it is a casement window that flips on its side. It allows maximum ventilation because the entire pane is opened inward.
  • The Bay Windows. This window lets you feel an open and peaceful indoors.  This is one of the types of house windows that allows light to past through in many directions and in different angles. It adds uniqueness and style when installed in the house. The not so good about this window type it has no screen where a pest can trespass.

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These are some types of house windows good for your house. If you are looking forward of installing them, understand first the features and its effects on your house. Also, you might also want to check out replacement windows ratings for installing replacement windows. This is to know how they work and what suites your house.

Essential Window Cleaning Tips

Homeowners will need to find helpful tips on window cleaning so their windows can be cleaned properly. This task is done no only when fall or spring time comes but on a regular basis. As of the present, it is easier cleaning and maintaining windows that are installed. A lot of window types now allowed homeowners to clean the exterior part of the window.

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Window cleaning is done because we need to have a house to look best.  Cleaning your windows must be done on regular basis. You can do it once a week or twice a month. Here are some window cleaning tips that will be useful for you to do the task properly.

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Essential and Helpful Window Cleaning Tips

  • You can wash first the one side on horizontal strokes and wash the other side of the window using vertical strokes. This is to know which side has already a splash.
  • You can use a sponge with long handle to prevent splashes on big windows.
  • The washing of windows can be done during a cloudy weather. If you clean during a sunny day, the cleaning solution will dry before you can even start the glass polishing.
  • When doing a window cleaning on the corners, you can use a soft toothbrush.

essential window cleaning tips

  • When you want to add an additional shine you can polish the window using a cotton t-shirt or not used cloth diapers. You can also rub it with a blackboard eraser after it is freshly washed.
  • You can also polish your window with a crumpled newspaper to shine. The paper will leave a film that is good for resisting dirt.
  • Top down washing the windows helps prevent leaks.
  • Do not forget that window cleaners are not good in a window made of wood. When you let them drip on the windowsill they will cause damage to the paint or varnish.
  • When window cleaning do not forget to use the right tools in cleaning different types of windows. But be sure you have the basic such as the soap, squeegees and applicators.
  • You have to practice first the squeegees because they are hard to control. As beginner, you have to use the 12 inches model to work well on your way. Longer handles can develop your hand and eye coordination.

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These are the few window cleaning tips that can help a lot. If you are looking for a new window in your house, try to understand first the replacement windows ratings. Know how they work and what service they do.