Sports Apparel: All You Need To Knows

Outdoor games are extremely popular. They are fun and they keep you fit at the same time. This is why it is important for you to pick a sport, at least as a hobby. Sports are popular throughout the world and no matter which sport you play, wearing the right sports apparel is a must. Sports apparel is designed exclusively to cater to the needs of sportsmen. Thus, they have to be protective and long lasting at the same time. You can’t wear the same apparel for different sports because each sport has its own requirements.

Popular Sports and their Corresponding Apparel

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  • Cycling: A cyclist needs to wear skin-tight clothing. This is to help him move his limbs freely as he cycles. Along with that type of clothing, kneepads, sunglasses, biker helmet and elbow caps are also a must. These are measures to protect the skin from injury and the sun.
  • Cricket: Cricket requires a lot of running and moving around. Thus, the sports apparel worn here must be comfortable and free. A tee shirt and trousers are worn. Caps or hats are also worn for sun protection. Alongside, thigh guards, gloves, helmets, abdomen guards, pads and a good pair of shoes are important.
  • Swimming: Swimming needs light material clothing. Any water sport requires you to wear clothing that protects you from the sun as well as rashes you might be subjected to. Rash guards for men are great apparel because they are protective and excellent to wear. Nose clip, swimming cap, waterproof goggles, earplugs are a few of the accessories to be used in this sport.
  • Running: Shorts facilitate easier movement while running. Thus runners usually wear shorts teamed with tee shirts. However shoes are the most important component here. They have to be very comfortable and durable to allow the athlete to run and also to protect his limbs from injury and too much stress on the limb muscles.
  • Tennis: Tennis is a sport of patience and stamina. It probably has the most stylish sports apparel among all sports. Women wear skirts and tops while men prefer shorts and tee shirts. Caps and wristbands are also worn.

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Same rules apply to other common sports such as football and volleyball. The sport and the protection required determine the sports apparel to be worn. Make sure you buy only good quality apparel to be comfortable and also to be able to fully protect yourself.

Comparing Rash Guards vs Wetsuits: Which One Suits You Best?

It is very important to take care of your skin when you go surfing or swimming in the ocean. Your body needs to be comfortable and warm at the same time. Along with that, it is important to be protected from rashes that you may get while surfing. Sun protection on the other hand is also a must. To make sure you are covering each of these factors, you need the right kind of clothing when you go surfing. There are many different options for you to choose from and what choose pick between rash guards vs wetsuits mainly depends on your preference. Here is some information about each so that you can decide between rash guards vs wetsuits yourself without having to take others’ opinions.

Best Rash Guards for Men

Rash Guards

  • Rash guards, as the name suggests, keep you safe from rashes. They are extremely protective and for that reason, some people even use them for land-based activities too. However, they are at their best during water-based activities and sports.
  • Rashes while in water can be brutal. The surf wax can cause serious rashes and so can the sun. The sun’s radiations can be very harmful and wearing a good SPF is a must. However, with a good quality rash guard, you don’t need an SPF. This is because these guards come with SPF protection. They protect you from the sun as you enjoy your time in the ocean.
  • The downside here is that a rash guard will not keep you warm. This is where wetsuits score above rash guards in rash guards vs wetsuits.
  • The best part is that they are very comfortable. Comfort must always come first when you are surfing and having fun in the ocean.
  • When you buy rash guards, make sure you buy darker colors so that they are more protective. You can find various choices of rash guards for men to pick from.


  • Wetsuits are made out of a material named neoprene and they allow only one-way flow of water. This means that water can enter them but it can’t leave them. This is helpful because water that enters is heated by the body temperature and like an extra layer of skin against the cold water in the ocean. The fact that they keep you warm is the biggest plus against rash guards.
  • Wetsuits are generally black in color to provide extra protection.
  • Even though they are not designed to avoid rashes in particular, they keep rashes away anyway because they are quite protective.
  • These suits are very affordable.
  • On the downside, these suits don’t last long. They are delicate and can break very easily.
  • They are also extremely tight and many don’t find them comfortable.

Quality Rash Guards for Men

Through all these points, it is up to you to decide between rash guards vs wetsuits. It all depends on your comfort level and your needs. If you are the type who has an ultra sensitive skin and craves for comfort, you might want to opt for rash guards. However, if you are the type who has a hard time tolerating cold conditions, then opt for a wetsuit as it keeps you warmer compared to rash guards.

Swim Shirts For Men

Wearing Mens Swim Trunks

Swim shirts for men are designed to serve the dual purpose of protection and style. It is important for mens bathing suit to be protective because the sun’s harmful radiations can cause a lot of skin problems include severe sun poisoning and melanoma. These swim shirts for men are intended to help you enjoy the beach without having to worry about the nasty rashes or sunburns you usually endure. They are similar to rash guards for men because they are both protective and provide complete protection from the sun’s ultra violet rays. Here is some information about these stylish and protective swim shirts for men.

High Fashion Mens Bathing Suit

Essential Information About Swim Shirts For Men

  • The surf shirt is among the most common swim shirts for men. These shirts have huge sleeves and also cover your neck. The best part about these variants is that they not only are the extremely protective and keep the rays off you when you are enjoying in the water, they are also very comfortable.
  • There are some types of men swim trunks that are also very trendy. They come in various shapes such as tee shirts or zippers. You can buy shorts such as board shorts for men to go along with them so they are a perfect match. Sometimes you may get them as sets in the stores. These are ideal because you are getting the complete set of swimwear.

Summer Board Shorts for Men

  • There are short sleeved swim shirts for men that are designed in order to give you utmost comfort. These are usually classified as casual wear when you are at the beach. However, they are just as protective as their long sleeved counterparts. You can see weight lifters and athletes wear such shirts very often.
  • When you think of buying swim shirts for men, you don’t need to worry too much. This is because these shirts are very easy to find and the size is also never a problem. The best place to buy them would be near the beach itself. There are many shops that sell them there. You will also find great variety to choose from. If these shops don’t attract you and you want discounts, you can check sporting goods shops or the internet. Over the web, you will find bigger discounts because of the fact that you don’t have to pay retail.
  • Another great feature about these swim shirts for men is that they are designed so that they fit anybody and everybody. They can be worn by men, women and children alike.

Blue Rash Guards for Men

Swim wear must be durable and should last for many seasons. They are convenient, comfortable and protective at the same time. This is why their popularity is growing with each passing day.

About Rash Guard Shirts

Aqua Rash Guard Shirts

The sun’s radiations can be very harmful because of the ultra violet rays they can. They can damage the skin and over exposure can also lead to skin cancer. It is however impossible to stay away from the sun everyday and to keep yourself protected. This is why scientists and manufacturers have come up with a wide range of sun protection products such as sun block and sunscreen. The latest products in the league of sun protection are the rash guard shirts. These shirts are practical as well as important in many ways. For one, they protect you from both UVA and UVB both of which are very harmful. They can cause premature aging, sun poisoning, sunburns and even severe types of skin cancers. Here is some information about these rash guard shirts so that you know how useful they are.

Getting Protection With Rash Guard Shirts

Waterproof Rash Guards for Men

  • There are many different types of rash guards for men and women today. One is a Seaside UV Sun Protective Short-Sleeve Girls rash guard. As the name suggests, this is among the most popular rash guards for women. There is also another shirt called the UPF fifty rash guard which is known to be the most protective. It can protect you from the harmful radiations to a much greater extent. There is another type known as the Offshore UV Sun Protective Boys Short Sleeve top. You can choose from these types based on your requirements. There is also the long sleeve rash guard for complete protection. There are many different varieties offered today thanks to the demand.

Long Sleeve Rash Guards for Women

  • Rash guard shirts are very light and comfortable. They are hassle free and don’t need to be kept in mind such as sunscreens that need to be reapplied every 90 minutes. You can simply put on your rash guard shirts and stop worrying about the sun altogether.
  • These comfortable shirts that protect from UVA and UVB are also very ideal for infants. Infants usually have very sensitive skin and your baby might be having hypersensitive skin. These shirts are thus very useful.
  • These shirts are perfect for the beach, for surfing, for body boarding and for playing volleyball on the beach.  You won’t get any sunburns or rashes on your body once you wear rash guard shirts.
  • These shirts were manufactured for complete protection near the beach and in water. They are extremely convenient and a must have today.

Black Long Sleeve Rash Guard

Rash guard shirts are very popular and can easily be found both online as well as in stores. Pick your favorites based on the purpose you need them to serve.

Top Picks For Rash Guards For Men

Rash guards for men are shirts that provide absolute ultra violet protection from the sun as well as rash protection. They are measured by your chest size and come in a variety of styles, including short sleeve tee shirts, long sleeve shirts, shirts with hoods, shirts with monograms and crew neck shirts. Rash guards have an SPF 150 plus rating.

Stylish Rash Guards for Men

Specific Uses of Rash Guards

Rash guards for men are used to protect you from harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun. While you are in and out of the water, rash guards offer all day UV protection, as it does not need to be reapplied and is not messy like most sun screens are.

Rash guards for men are used by surfers and body boarders who need a tight fitting rash guard, which will remain in place to maintain a protective barrier between you and your surf board. It will keep your chest and stomach safe from rubbing against the board and keep you from developing a rash. Long sleeve shirts will also give you additional protection on your arms. After all, the best defense is a good offense.

Important Features of Rash Guards

  1. Provides ultraviolet sun protection of SPF 150 plus
  2. High quality four way stretch nylon lycra enhances comfort
  3. Flat lock seams and cover stitch hems for stretch and comfort, and easy to get on
  4. Side gusset to protect against rash
  5. Anti rash lycra material
  6. Low crew neck available to stop neck rash
  7. Slim cut fit for protection against rubbing on board
  8. Fast drying
  9.  Odor resistant
  10.  Highly breathable fabric

Top Brands of Rash Guards

  • ONeill Rash Guards for Men offer free shipping and guarantee that they have the lowest prices. They have a large selection of rash guards for men, which include surf shirts, graphic shirts, hoodies and thin skins super lights.

Basic Oneill Rash Guards for Men

  • Hurley Rash Guards for Men offer a variety of different types of rash guards. Their long sleeve rash guard provides good protection from the sun and from abrasions made from the light, stretchy lycra fabric with a UPF sun rating of 40 plus with its antimicrobial technology. Their thermal shirt has a zip up fleece hoodie.

Short Sleeve Hurley Rash Guards for Men

  • MMA Rash Guards for Men have a website that is fast and easy to navigate. They pride themselves in keeping the latest products in stock and they ship fast and cheap. The fabric helps keep moisture away from your body and dries quickly. It also lowers skin-to-skin infections that occur when you are in close contact.

Performance MMA Rash Guards for Men

  • The Rash Guard Company offers anti rash lycra material, intelligent design construction to eliminate rash, UPF 50 plus and an SPF of 150 plus total sun protection, four way stretch lycra for comfort and a super stretch waist hem for easy slip on.

Rash guards can be purchased at specialty shops, such as swim stores and can be ordered online. Many websites are offering free delivery with a quick turnaround time. Rash guards for men are a very good investment, as they will protect you against the dangers of the sun and keep you safe from getting rashes.