Puppy Health Care: Tips on Taking Care of Your New Puppy

Every dog owner wants the best for their dogs. They want to ensure that the puppies are at their best state. Which is why, it is vital that these canine pets be given all the basic health care needs that will be essential for their overall well-being.

To give you an overview on how to ensure your puppy’s good health, here are some tips that will help you keep your pets at their best state:

Tips on Taking Care of Puppies

1) Do a Background Check on the History of Your Puppy

  • This is essential because most dogs often get disorders that came from their parents. Knowing the health conditions of his or her parents, will pre-empt you on what your puppy is susceptible to, thus helping you be more cautious.

best Puppy Health Care

  • There are also certain breeds of puppies that are prone to certain types of diseases. Being educated on what these diseases are, will let you know what vaccines should be given to your puppies.

  • Also, most allergies they have can also be connected with what breed they are. Some dogs should not be given too much meat, as it may cause problems in their digestive tract. Allergies can also be hereditary, so knowing where your dogs came from can help you detect ahead which food to not give them.

  • Knowing your dog’s history will also help you be more aware and prepared for possible health problems that it might encounter in the future.

2) Puppy dental care

  • It is typical for puppies to undergo teething—the phase wherein they lose their teeth. Usually, this happens when they are around 3-4 months old.

  • At this phase, you should not be surprised if your puppy will start on chewing just about anything it sees. Whether it be your shoes or your beloved designer bag, nothing is safe from your puppy. They usually do this since the new teeth is trying to break out, which causes them extreme discomfort.

  • Instead of throwing blames on them, you can help them go through this phase easier by giving them toys that they can chew on to keep their new teeth in top shape. To help ease the pain, a frozen carrot will be the best solution!

3) Flea treatment

Isn’t it annoying to find fleas bombarding your dog’s fur? Most owners will go to great measures in eradicating fleas from dogs. However, this can turn out to be a wild goose chase, for it is really typical and natural for dogs to have fleas because of their nature and skin’s susceptibility to it.

  • To help your dog in getting rid of it, you can ask your local and trusted vet about certain procedures or products that can help abolish pets.

  • You can also check the Web, books, or magazines, on tips on how to lessen the chances of your dog getting fleas all over them. It is important to be educated on these areas since it will not only benefit you, but also your dog.

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Starting on Puppy Training

After seeing to it that your puppy is in tiptop shape, you can now proceed in overlooking its training. Starting on one can really be a tedious task, however, when all is done, you can’t help but feel great for finally taming your puppy and teaching him tricks. A puppia dog harness is a great tool that can also help you in the first stages of puppy training.

  • In doing your training, it is best to train your pet and integrate reward system in it. Puppies respond well to something they can get gratification after.

  • Also, it is important to be cautious and gentle with them. Training takes time, so you need to be very careful as their training will be the foundation on how they would end up as pets.

  • Be in contact with your pup. Building on this relationship will truly be rewarding for the both of you.

Essential Things to Buy For Your New Puppy

Isn’t it exciting to have a new puppy? Without a doubt, you are all over the place trying to look for different things and materials that will make it easier for you to keep a dog. Different things are available in the market for you to choose from, making shopping more confusing and tedious. However, you need not be baffled on what to buy as long as you stick to the essentials.

To help you with that, here is a guide on what things to buy for your new puppy.

Top 5 Puppy Essentials

Dog Tags

  • This is used for easy identification in case your puppy gets lost.

  • They come in different styles, sizes, and colors, all you have to do is to choose one that will suit your dog best. Don’t choose a small one for a big dog and vice versa.

best Essential Things to Buy For Your New Puppy

  • Also, these dog tags are made of various materials, such as brass, plastic, stainless, or aluminum. What you choose will still depend on your tastes and preferences.

Dog Collar

  • This is essential in ensuring that your pup does not stray away from you. In the earlier stages of its training, it is typical that your pup would want to go skimping all around the yard. They are most active during their puppy stages. Having this will give you a peace of mind, knowing that your puppy won’t be lost.

  • With the advent of new technology, microchips for puppies have also been made that will be inserted onto your dog’s tissues. This is to detect their whereabouts easily, especially when they get lost.

  • If you’re into traditional methods, a collar or harness, such as the Puppia dog harness, can also be a great choice!

Dog Bed

  • Since dog beds come in a variety of sizes, it is best to choose one that’s big enough to accommodate your puppy, even when he has already grown.

  • Also, make it as comfortable as possible, but not too comfortable to the point that your dog would not want to get out of it. You want them to start training outdoors with you, right?

  • Choose one that is made of materials that needs less maintenance. Use cloth or foam that will not retain bad odor and at the same time does not wear out or tear easily.

Feeding materials

  • Bowl: You should buy at least 2 bowls, one for the food, and another one for his milk/water. They should not be too deep so as not to make it hard for them to reach their food.

  • Dog Food: Find one that contains ingredients that is not allergic to the type of breed of your dog. Read the ingredients first so you would know its contents. Some dogs might be allergic to certain substances, so you have to be very careful.

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Cleaning Materials

  • Poop Scooper: At the earlier stages of your puppy’s growth, he still lacks potty training. Which is why, it should not come as a surprise if he will end up pooping wherever he feels like. Since you cannot control it, buying a poop scooper is the best option, so you can easily clean up the mess.

  • Disposable Bags: This is essential in ensuring that your puppy’s waste is disposed off properly. As much as possible, do not buy those that are made of plastic so as not to add to non-biodegradable wastes and pollution. Paper bags can be a good choice.

  • Rag/Towel/Mop: This is to easily clean up floors or surfaces in case your dog spills liquids, scatter mud all over the floors, or pee all over the place.

Hopefully, this guide will make shopping easier for you! In case you have limited budget, buying these essential things will ensure that your puppy has everything that it will need. You can add more as your pup grows up, depending on their needs.

Pitbull Harness: Keeping Your Pitbulls at Bay

Harness is really ideal for dogs nowadays especially to those who have some pitbull pets who really love to dress up their dogs with a pitbull harness. There are so many designs, styles, prints, and colors that pitbulls could have for their harness, all they would do is to only find the best ones either from their local pet shop stores or through an online market.

What Are Pitbull Harnesses?

  • Harnesses are usually made in order to easily affix the leash of your dog at its back portion especially on pitbull harness wherein pitbulls could usually just be too tiring to handle because of its size and energy that they may have.
  • Pitbull pulling harness is efficient and is very easy to handle as well as could be very comfortable both for you, the owner, and for your dog.

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  • There usually may have some really good harness vests designed for pitbulls alone that you can readily buy for your own pitbull.

Where to Buy a Pitbull Harness

Online Markets

In an online market, there are also so many different distributors and retailers who are offering their harnesses for pitbulls and of which the pitbull owners can choose from.

  • In doing so, you get to search first for the websites on where you can find the best pitbull harness for your pitbull at home.
  • You must first go to the search box and type in the name of the harness that you need to find and then you will be directed to several links that can help you find the harness styles and designs that will best fit with your pitbull.
  • You need to study first each link so that you will be able to get some general idea on what link that could best lead you to the right harness products
  • Make sure to purchase harnesses made with the best quality materials.
  • Online markets for pitbull harness for sale usually offer some big discounts on some specified days of their sales.

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Local Retail Stores

  • You may also find some pitbull harness from the pet shops in your locality which may offer some pitbull body harness which could really be a good chance for you to buy while buying the dog foods that you need for your pet.
  • Most of the store owners would surely see to it that their customers will be given a one-stop shop so for the convenience that their customers may have, so, they may offer some harnesses for the dogs that their customers may have.
  • Their offer could be a limited one in accordance to the styles and designs as well as the variety of harness products.

Best Producer

Among the many distributor of pitbull harness, the best one that could give the comfort and durable quality harness is the Puppia dog harness, a store that specializes on dog harness products. Puppia had a great line of products for every dog breed, size, and gender. You can usually see its designs and styles as well as their corresponding prices from their online website as well as from every distributor and retailers that they may have.

Tips in Choosing Different Types of Dog Harness Vest

It could just be too easy to walk with a dog having a dog harness vest since it could be comfortable for both of you and your dog because the leash could just be easily placed at the back of your dog and no longer around its neck like collars would.

A harness vest would really make a dog look more decent having it on him especially if such harness could really be a good looking one and really fits well. There are lots of harness vest in the market with different sizes and designs in order to suit the needs of your dogs.

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Different Types of Dog Harness Vests

For Small Dogs

There are also some styles and designs of dog harness vest that are really fit and are intended for small dogs.

  • Small dog harness vest has also different designs and styles that would truly fit with the kind of dog that you may have.
  • If your dog is kind of sporty, then you can buy the harness having the sporty look and style. Sporty harness may also vary in style and designs as well as in its colors.

For Large Dogs

You may think that dog harness vest could only be cute looking with the small dogs, you may be wrong, the large dog harness vest is actually designed to suit the needs of larger dogs and its designs and styles are really fit for these types of dogs.

  • The harness for large dogs also varies on the type of dogs or whether it is for the female dogs or for the male dogs.
  • For female dogs, there may be designs and colors that are normally fit for female dogs alone which could really be floral or plain colored ones.
  • Harness for large male dogs may have stripes or come in solid colors.

For Service Dogs

best small dog harness vest

There are also service dog harness vest with design and shapes that are really intended for the service dogs.

  • Service dog harness vest may differ in designs and styles also like the small and large dogs’ vests have and it would vary depending on the sizes of the dogs, too.
  • In buying the harness for service dogs, it is better that you personally bring your dog to the store if it is allowed for dogs to get inside a store.
  • However, usually, every store will never allow dogs to enter their stores, so if it is this case, you must know the size of your dog so that you will be able to have the best fit for the harness.

Best Harness Vest for Dogs

You may be able to buy dog harness vest from certain dog shops that offer excellent designs and styles of dog harnesses one could be the Puppia dog harness that offers good quality harness for dogs. Harness made by Puppia is really made from high quality materials wherein it has resulted into a very soft and comfortable harness for dogs.

The Care and Comfort of Puppia Dog Harness

If you want something to restrain your dog without subjecting it to a lot of discomfort, you should get a Puppia dog harness. This brand of harness is made of very light and breathable material with reinforced seams – exactly the kind of harness that you will need when you are very active with your dogs. Sizing a Puppia soft dog harness is a breeze since you only have to adjust and deal with a single buckle. The harness can be put on and off effortlessly and the fit is always snug. This is very important for dogs who are known to be pullers. Other types of harness can injure a dog when they pull on the leash but with a Puppia vest dog harness, the comfortable mesh and reinforced seams around the lower neck and chest area of a dog offers just the right amount of give, without causing discomfort to the neck area of your pet. But then, why would you choose a Puppia dog harness over a regular collar?

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If you are mulling on this issue, you are not alone. In fact, there are millions of dog owners around the world who are thinking exactly like you.

The Big Disadvantage of Using Dog Collars

A dog collar is the ideal choice when you are training your canine friend for drills, tricks or when attaching a dog tag, which is mandatory in several states. However, there is one huge disadvantage with dog collars and that is: they pose a serious risk to the delicate neck area of the dog, especially if it is a small breed.

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The dog collar, especially the halter type, can really be uncomfortable for your pet. If they are worn very tight, they will hurt the throat as well as restrict proper breathing. In addition, the more the dog pulls away, the more the dog collar will bury into the skin. However, the worse scenario is when the collar is attached to a leash and the dog turns to one side suddenly. This action could result to severe neck injury. On the other hand, if you make an accidental jerk on the leash, you can damage the spine of your dog.

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Why Use a Puppia Soft Dog Harness Mesh

For your dog’s continued protection, comfort and health, the Puppia dog harness will always be your best choice. The main advantage of the harness is that it can relieve neck strain on your dog, which usually results from running or moving around too quickly when you are attempting to control her.

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Since the harness fits snugly around the chest each time your dog tries to pull away, its weight is distributed evenly all over the shoulders. There is no danger of injuring the throat of your pet and certainly no choking sound. In addition, the Puppia dog harness can be cleaned easily and is very durable. A Puppia dog harness can be expected to last for many months or years.