Weighing Plasma TV Pros and Cons

Among the flat screen televisions, plasma televisions are the first ones to be developed. The era of flat screen began with these televisions. However, just as in case of every new development, there are many pros and cons of plasma TV. After plasma TVs came LCDs and LEDs which are seemingly better and more advanced, running on latest technologies. If you are planning on buying one of the plasma TVs however, it is important to note the plasma TV pros and cons so that you make the right choice. Here are the major plasma TV pros and cons enumerated for you.

Plasma TV Pros

What are the Pros and Cons of Plasma TV

  • They are the cheapest options among all the types of flat-screened televisions.
  • The color is usually better when compared to LCD televisions. It is also more realistic.
  • The contrast ratio is much better than LCDs.
  • The blacks are deeper and better too.
  • There is no problem of motion blur. Objects that move don’t appear very blur as is the case in LCDs.
  • The viewing angle is better than the LCD TVs. In the LCDs, it is quite narrow.
  • Images are of very high quality, which do not degrade even at higher angles.
  • Its longevity is less. These television sets don’t last for as long as LCDs do. They can last for about 10 to 15 years only.
  • Plasma TVs are not power efficient and this comes as a huge drawback. They consume quite a lot of power. The others such as LEDs and LCDs are more efficient in this aspect.
  • There is not much variation is sizes. You can’t find small screens in plasma TVs. The range is less and there are only a few sizes to pick from.
  • They are thicker than LCDs and LEDs.
  • They are very heavy in comparison too.
  • One can experience a lot of glare in bright rooms in plasma TVs. This is also a major disadvantage.
  • Their performance is very low at higher altitudes.

Plasma TV Cons

Quality and Efficient Panasonic 42 Plasma

Here are all the plasma TV pros and cons that may be required when you go out to shop. It is important to weigh these sets based on the plasma TV pros and cons so that you get the best deal. Before buying, it is also advisable to check the internet for various deals and discounts to lower the prices. There are many different brands of plasma TVs and types such as the Panasonic 42 plasma television which are efficient and reliable. Also, don’t forget to compare models and brands based on legitimate reviews.