Making Tetherball Pole for Endless Tetherball Games

Tetherball is a game that is popularized in the 1970s era. During that time, boys and girls from every levels of age play this game. Even though its popularity declined during the last few years, we can still see some schools and kindergarten provide tetherball courts at the playing ground. This shows that the game can still be played by the kids and teenagers today. If you see a ball tied on a metal pole right in the middle of a circular white line, then that thing must be a tetherball pole complete with its court.

You can play tetherball easily at these courts but when you share the enjoyment of playing the game with your visiting relatives, you might not be able to do so. This is because a tetherball pole might be set up on your house’s lawn. You can still ask for your parents to buy a portable tetherball pole at the mall but the tetherball pole height might not be suitable for your size. Portable tetherball pole also tend to break because the material used is not that good. If you want to learn how to make a tetherball pole, you can follow the steps below. Make sure that you ask for your parents’ help in doing the work.

high class quality portable tetherball pole

Steps in Building a Tetherball Pole

  • First, find a sturdy pole to be your tetherball pole. It is better to find a light but sturdy pole. Aluminum is always a best choice.
  • Ask someone older to drill a hole around two inches from the top of the pole. Screw a bolt to the hole.
  • Use carabiners to attach the ball with the pole using a cord. Try to find lightweight cords so that it will not harm you while playing the game.
  • Find a tire to become the place where your tetherball pole will be erected.
  • Mix concrete with water in a bucket according to the instructions given. Always seek the assistance of someone older when doing this step.
  • Put a cardboard box under the tire and place the tetherball pole right in the middle of the tire.
  • Pour the cement into the tire. Make sure that the cardboard is placed under the tire and the pole is at a 90 degrees angle to the tire.
  • Wait until the concrete is dry, then peel the cardboard. You can now enjoy playing tetherball!

standard tetherball pole height

If you think making a tetherball pole is hard, then just ask your parents to buy a tetherball set for you. A tip to help you get them is get good grades for your studies. Your parents will have no reason not to buy you one if your grades are excellent.