One Of The Most Popular Nail Polish Brands Revealed

Are you aware how Chanel nail polish became popular? Millions of ladies use nail polish and there are so many brands and colors to choose from. One of the popular nail polish brands that hit the market with a bang is the Chanel holographic nail polish. Thousands, if not millions of ladies have been enthused with the mixture of beautiful colors and the results it leaves on their fingers. The nail polish was first released in the year of 2007, and has been identified as symbols of elegance, class, and style. Young as well as older women use this nail polish, and many women love the three dimensional look that it leaves on the fingers.

popular chanel les pop up nail polish

Brief History

The House of Chanel has been in existence since the year 1909 in the areas of France and Europe and the famous Gabrielle Chanel is responsible for starting it all. The company has had great success through the years and has been continuing its existence every since as one of the most popular nail polish brands, along with famous perfumes, fashion clothes and more.

Chanel has many products such as handbags, jewelry, men and women colognes, popular clothing lines and a host of many other things. It has been said that the famous Chanel polish can only be bought in Europe, but it is available for purchase on many websites on the internet. People who want to try the nail polish but are unsure should read different reviews and seek information about it. The Chanel Le Vernis is one of the more popular colors that women order quite frequently, and some of the prices are not cheap but customers really do feel the price is much worth the product.

Famous Colors

There are many colors to choose from when purchasing Chanel polish, and some of the more famous colors for the year 2013 are:

  • Black Pearl
  • Vamp
  • Jade
  • Rouge Noir
  • Gold
  • Paradoxal
  • Chanel Graphite
  • Quartz

cute chanel-inspired nail art

Chanel is one of the most popular nail polish brands today, though there are many women who would rather use plain brands of polish instead of using this type. There are still many ways that women can style their nails and may look to have been done by professionals. Women love designs of all types and many are very easy to apply and take care of.

Famous Designs

  • Animals
  • Flowers
  • Nature-Trees, Plants
  • Glitter and Multicolored nails
  • Rhinestones
  • Diamonds

There are many other designs available and women can get the design of their choice for a price.

Most Popular Nail Polish Brands

A nail polish can reveal personality and elegance. All of us have unique nail polish attractions, might be due to the shade, quality or healthy mineral formulations. Regardless of what distinct qualities are essential when choosing popular nail polish brands, utilizing the large number of accessible nail products, determining the brands that actually work best and are affordable are useful tips.

opi best nail polish brand

Some of the Most Popular Nail Polish Brands

When you try browsing for nail art designs or nail care products, these are the brands that are usually mentioned in beauty websites, blogs, and online shops. Check out these popular nail polish brands and see if you have one of these in your stash.

  • OPI – Founded in 1981, OPI Products, Inc. started as a small dental shop and began venturing into professional nail products when its key people noticed nail technicians buying acrylic porcelain that were actually used in dentures. Now, OPI produces professional nail care products such as nail polishes, nail treatments, and body creams, both for regular and professional use. OPI boasts of nail polishes and finishes in 260 colors and still counting. Their nail polishes come in unique and fun names like “Are We There Yet?”, a glittery silver nail polish called “DS Radiance”, and “Not So Bora-Bora-ing Pink” which are as fun and dazzling as their colors.
  • China Glaze – This brand has set another standard in professional nail care and is one of the most popular nail polish brands for regular girls and salon professionals. Their nail polishes or lacquers contain China Clay, a material used to give porcelain a shiny finish and is used as a hardener for your lovely nails. They also take pride in their DBP (dibutyl phthalate), toluene, and formaldehyde-free products. From neon to glittery colors, China Glaze has something set for each girl.
  • Orly – With their leading products in nail care and treatments for regular and salon use, Orly has been a household name since its debut in 1975. They created the original French manicure, a manicure style with a natural look that has captured the eyes of many women. They have also been recognized widely by award-giving bodies and magazines as among the top names in nail care and for their trademark Gripper Cap. Their nail treatment products include nail lacquers, top and base coats, strengtheners, quick dry agents, and polish removers among many others. The Flash Glam FX, a collection of glittery polishes and shimmers, is a surefire hit.
  • Sally Hansen – This brand is the namesake of the company owner, Sally Hansen. Together with her husband, they created “Hard as Nails”, a nail treatment and strengthening product which made the company rose to great heights. Their innovation has led them to creating nail art effects for consumers such as nail polish strips, crackle overcoats, magnetic nail polishes, nail art pen, and the French manicure white tip pen. Their Hard as Nails trademark has also branched into collections such as Xtreme Wear and Diamond Strength No Chip Nail Color.
  • Essie – It was in 1981 when Essie first showed its 12 nail polish colors that were said to be unconventional. It has partnered with many companies in launching various nail polish collections and is now a part of L’Oreal USA. Their various colors include sheers, plums, reds, blues and greens, corals, and pinks and roses.
  • MAC – This high end makeup brand is also famous for its nail polish collections which made them pricier than other brands. Their nail lacquers are in three long wearing finishes: cream, pearl, and frosted. MAC provides a no chip and no streak formula in their nail polishes for a flawless application. They have ventured into creating bold press-on nails and are famous for their collaboration collections.

mac snob nail polish swatches

These popular nail polish brands go from affordable to mid-range to some a bit high-end on the pricing scale. All of these brands create nail polishes that have a luxuriously sparkly finish, and they are also long-lasting that is perfect for those with busy hands.