Popular Hat Designs: Influenced by Culture and Style

If you are looking for a new hat, then there are many different popular hat designs that you can choose from that could suit your style. Here are a selection of hats from culture, which have influenced style and fashion in so many ways.

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Examples of Popular Hat Designs

  • A baseball cap is a very popular hat with young and old alike and indeed one of the most popular hat designs of the 20th century. It is a soft cap that has a rounded crown and a bill that is stiff that acts as an eyeshade and projects from the front. The front of the cap often has designs or logos of various types most notably sports teams or sports wear companies for example.
  • Polo hats are defined as a type of baseball cap but they differ from the baseball cap because they have an unstructured front crown and have an adjustable buckle at the back. They tend to be constructed from different types of materials but the most common is a cotton twill blend fabric, and although made famous by polo sportsman they are very popular as casual wear today.
  • A bucket hat otherwise known as a fishing hat or a beanie hat is a type of hat made from soft cotton that has a wide downward sloping brim to give shade to the face. The hat could be worn by both women and men for different purposes today, and is typically made from durable and hardwearing cotton fabric. It also has two (2) metal eyelets, which are often put either sides of the hat to keep the person cool on hot days.
  • A Panama hat is quite a traditional style of hat which hails from Ecuador and is constructed from plaited leaves of the toquilla straw plant known as the Carludovica Palmata. Panama hats are one of the very popular hat designs among aristocratic men who wear them especially in the summer months.
  • A Beret is a loose-fitting, brimless hat that is often constructed of felted wool or even hand-knitted. Modern designs of the beret are quite closely associated with those that come from the Basque region of northern Spain, but it has been used quite heavily in France particularly the early to mid 20th century and is extremely versatile in the way it can be used. It has been used quite recently in ladies fashion in particular.
  • A Pork Pie hat is a hat made of felt and dates back to the 19th century. It has a flattened top and a short crown, which is characteristically indent around similar to a ‘pork pie’. The brim is generally quite small and is worn flipped up. They are often associated with jazz artists and have since proved one the most popular hat designs of 20th century culture and have been used in many other types of styles and cultures such as popular music and film.

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With these various choices, you can then pick out the ones you prefer. Keep in mind these popular hat designs and chose which ones define your style and culture.

7 Helpful Tips in Buying Hats

Buying the right hat is something that should not be taken lightly, as getting the right hat for your head can make all the difference to your style and look. If you are looking to buy the perfect hat for a particular occasion or to go with an outfit then here some helpful tips in buying hats that might aid your decision.

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Guidelines in Buying Hats

  • Think about the shape of your face. Different types of hats fit different shapes of faces so experiment with what types fit your particular shape of face so as to get the right look.
  • Think about your style. Try and determine what would look good with the types of clothes that you buy on regular basis. What type of hat would look good with the look that you go for? For example, polo hats look great in more casual wear than in smart wear.
  • Think about use of jewelry and accessories. Try and balance the appearance of the hat by accessorizing and adding some tasteful jewelry that will really add to the style and look that you are going for.
  • Go shopping with friends. It’s always good to get a second opinion and some great tips on buying hats from a trusted source. Why not take along a friend or two whose opinions you respect so that they can help guide your decision as to what looks good and what doesn’t. It can really help you make the right decision.
  • Make sure it’s comfortable for you. Going for something that looks cool is always a good thing, but it’s also got to feel good as well. If it’s too big or too small, in the long term it’s going to feel quite awkward wearing it so comfort is a big factor when choosing a hat.
  • Think about your budget. How much have you set aside to spend on your hat? It can make all the difference in determining what kind of hat that you end up buying. Don’t leave it as the last thing on your clothing list, but consider it a vital part of your clothing collection. Of all of the tips on buying hats here, this one is vital!
  • Ensure it will get noticed. A bland and boring hat that everyone else is wearing is not going to stand out from the crowd. Why not try something stylish that stands out from the kind of hats that others are wearing? Something tasteful but also unique will always make you stand out in a good way!

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Consider these tips in buying hats so that you have an idea on which hats would look good on you. Happy shopping!

Sports Hats

Sports hats are trendy and timeless headgear accessories that just about anyone can wear; men, women, children they all find a special place and identity when sporting a vintage, snapback or a classy polo hat. And in that sequence we are going to look at the mentioned sports caps varieties and the tweaks they have to offer.

Vintage Sports Hats

If we remember the glorious days of the Chicago Bulls or Cleveland Indians sports hats, then we are pretty much acquainted with what vintage is all about. This hats fall in a class of their own as the only hats that bring back epoch to contemporary establishing a trend path followed by many baseball and NBA lovers. Vintage sports hats are a perfect head gear for you and your family whenever you head out for a sports games; nothing beats the thrill of watching the Cleveland Indians go head to head with the Chicago White Sox; and the fans showing their support and adoration with the vintage hats in the colors of their team. There are a lot of vintage sports hats out there that feature some of the epic battles in the name of sports.

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Sports Snapback Hats

The snapback hats bring an even more vintage feeling to cap wearing. These are the special sports hats worn back in the day and have snaps at the back that get adjusted to fit perfectly on the head. This makes the sports snapbacks hats special in that you don’t need to look for specific sizes; the special snaps allow you or your kid to share the glory of your best team in sports. Snapbacks come in two types; the closed hats and the truckers. The difference is vivid in the truckers for they are made of a mesh at the back. They are perfect for breathability especially for female hair; so with a snapback you can have all the fun you want cheering great NHL teams like the Red Wings, Predators or the Canucks.

Polo hats

Anyone who knows the brand Polo understands that it’s a brand associated with sophistication and class. Polo hats are headgears made for the purpose of ostentation. They can be designed from canvas, wool or leather and will bear a designing uniquely trademarked to this grand fashion house. They are various designs and ways to wear Polo sports hats; it can be a rich brown beret made from the best wool from Argentina. It can also be a baseball style cap but the rim is wider and circular; this is known as the Pampeano Polo and is worn by players and patrons of the Polo spot from which the name originates.

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Polo baseball style hats are available as well and have an embroidered logo of the designers at the front. They come in a wide variety of colors for you to choose from and you can never lack a cap design that matches your outfit. Polo caps go beyond the sports arena and are ideal street fashion icons you can spot only in the sophisticated people. Just about anyone can own a sports cap; they are available in the market as originals or replicas. Replicas are the cheap sports hats available and you can get them in a wide selection as well but expect less from these cheap copies.

Golf Hats

Golf hats are a wear fit for men, though there are a variety of designs for women as well. They vary in types and designs as well. We see them mostly worn during golf tournaments and events by golf players. To some extent, the hats complete the total professional golfer look. They are durable and also a way to go for anyone under the hot sun.

Golf hats for men have different brands of many designs and are an essential kit to anyone especially under the hot sun and also as a protective gear. There are the main types of golfer’s hats, the main ones being:

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  • Panama Hats – This is a unique collection that has even hand woven hats that are made from straws, reeds and dried leaves. The others are generally hand stitched. They are a traditional wear that has recurred in the recent times and been modernized. Panama hats are mostly in use during the summer time or during the tropical weather. In the fashion industry, they are used in matching suits in accordance with designs and materials.
  • Gambler hats – more or less suited as a panama hat as they are similar in design. They are also a handy type that helps protect the eyes from the burning sun due to the extended crown. They are more fit like the panama hats.
  • Coconut hats – Are hand woven hats that are made from straws. These hats are exclusively made from coconut straws and leaves that are dried under the sun. They are lightweight and handy to anyone for cover.

From these main types, there are other shapes and designs that are made for the golf hats for men. One of the designs included are the golf bucket hats that take the shape of a bucket. Bucket hats are used in different occasions and sports but golf hats have been fit into shape and design of these bucket hats.

Golfers have made hats as part of the exclusive wardrobe that gives a more relaxing and a more subdued look. There are golf hats for men as well as custom golf hats made for women. Women hats are lighter and simpler in selection and wear, basically from the designs and even color. Women opt for hats that are fit for their head shape and the hair styles.

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Some of the popular designs in the hat industry are the Polo hats that vary in size, type and quality. They vary from designer to designer, famous one being Ralph Lauren who founded the collection himself. It has become the most recognized collection in sports, from the t-shirts to the hats. They too have a wide selection of golf hats that will suit your style and sporting needs.

Polo Hats: An Icon for Expressing Oneself

Hats have become symbolic and iconic for many people. Clothing labels and emblems have also resembled class and position. In the case of the Polo hats, the company founded by Ralph Lauren, it has stumbled upon a valuable clothing item that has a specific representation for the wearer. By choosing what you put on in the morning, even down to what accessories you choose, you portray a message to the public of who you are, what you like, and what type of personality you possess. There are all different styles of Polo hats that offer you the many different styles you need in order to feel like a unique individual.

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Types of Polo Hats

  • Polo Hats for Men: This type of hats resembles ball caps. It is in one solid color with the Polo logo on the front of the cap. The emblem is that of a Polo player on horseback. Polo hats cross youth, ethnic and genre barriers. This is a symbol of the polo company and an indicator of the person wearing it. It is an all-purpose hat, worn almost anywhere and at any time.

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  • Polo Winter Hats: The younger hat enthusiasts have found a way to distinguish themselves through this type of hats. These hats are in a knit cap or beanie styles. It would imply that these are worn in the winter, but that is not necessarily true in every case. Often and throughout the year, young people can be seen wearing these knit caps for fashion. They show their independence and avant-garde attitude toward themselves, their culture and society.

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  • Polo Snapback Hats: Probably to the most extreme side of fashion are the polo snapback hats. The polo snapback hat is an example of the type of hat defining the person wearing it. It is an oversized ball cap with an enlarged bill. It is mostly worn by those wanting to identify with the gangster culture prevalent in America today.

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Often as individuals, we are enamored with trying to be or represent something that is different than our reality. This is true mostly with teenagers, considering their developmental stage at the moment. Sometimes people that have learned to identify with the gangster lifestyle depicted in so many music videos and video games will dress in the same fashion as these shows. The type of Ralph Lauren Polo hats all signify something specific in the heart of the one sporting them. However, these hats are not only inclined to those with needs to be defined in a group. Many young professionals choose this brand because of its comfort, reliability and quality products.

What we wear helps to define who we are to others around us. We pay careful attention to what others see in us. We spend valuable time getting ready for our day looking and deciding what we are going to wear. The main reason for this is because we know that what we wear denotes something about us, like the Polo hats. The perceptive individual will realize this fact and be conscientious about how they represent themselves to others.