Understanding the Different Types of Skirts

Just as the role of the woman has changed, so has their selection in the types of skirts available. These skirts are made in all materials including denim, cotton, spandex, polyester and lace, a woman’s skirt choice depends on the occasion, her style as well as her body type. Luckily, making the selection easier, some skirts such as pleated skirts are made to fit any woman’s personality.

Basic Types of Skirts

  • The Straight Skirt

The basic skirt worn is known as the pencil skirt or the straight skirt. It’s given this name because the skirt lengthens a woman’s torso and gives the waist more definition.

different types of skirt

Although it’s fitted at the waist, starting at the hips the skirt hangs straight down with a pleat or split at the bottom. Wearing a wide belt with this type of skirt helps to give the waist more definition while a thin skinny belt focuses on a smaller area. Even though this skirt can be worn anywhere, most straight skirts are worn in casual or professional business-like settings.

  • A-Line Skirts

A-line skirts are similar to pencil skirts except the bottom of the skirt has a slight flare instead of a straight line. The skirt’s shape resembles the capital letter A. These are usually worn by women with fuller legs who want to show off their legs while hiding problem areas. The loose waist allows a woman to wear it as high as her natural waist or as low as her hips. However because of the skirt’s flare, this skirt looks best with a shirt that stops right at the hips or a fitted casual shirt and a thin belt.

  • Pleated Skirts

fashionable and stylish pleated skirts

Pleated skirts are full skirts with a fitted waist. In order to achieve this, the skirt is gathered at the waist then folded (pleated) to give a smooth flowing appearance. Available in short, medium, long and a wrap skirt, a pleated skirt has the most versatility. The fitted waist makes it easy to wear this with a casual blouse, a fitted shirt, a tank top or a cardigan. There are perfect for all women because the skirt can be altered the waist to fit any woman’s size without taking away from the appearance of the skirt.

How to Style the Different Types of Skirts

Choosing a skirt to fit a woman’s particular body type is similar to her signature. No one else can duplicate it. Miniskirts and straight skirts are for women wanting to express their sexiness in a respectful manner. Either skirt can take you from the boardroom to the social scene depending on the shirt. The tiered skirt, bubble skirt and full skirt allow a woman to express her feminine and flirty style. Although bubble skirts are usually worn by teens and young women in their 20s because of their short length, the tiered skirt and full skirt is made in a variety of lengths. They can also be worn with any type of shirt. As an added benefit, any woman wearing the shorter types of skirts can add length to their legs by matching the short skirts with a pair of pumps.

Fashion 101: What to Pair with Skirts

Pleated skirts never go out of fashion. There is something about pleats that just brings out neatness and sophistication. The trick with pleated skirts is that the shorter they are, the more gorgeous they look so you would be better off with some that are at least above the knee. You can wear pleated skirts so many ways and pair them with so many things. What to pair with skirts can be terribly hard to decide. Here are some suggestions.

What to Pair with Pleated Skirts

  • Leggings

With leggings on, you can go as daringly high as you want with your pleated skirt. The fact is that nobody will think you are naked, and it does serve your hips right as it emphasizes them. This is extremely beneficial especially for the very thin as it makes their hips look curvy. This is one of those things you run for when you have no idea what to pair with skirts.

what to pair with skirts with t-shirt

  • Panty hose

Pleated skirt, panty hose and sexy heels are an exotic look. This combination is particularly becoming, and you can go just anywhere with it including the office. It is advisable not to make the skirt too short but do not make it too long either. A few inches just above the knee or midway up the thigh will look perfect. If your pleated skirt is plain, you can go for patterned and printed pantyhose. If, however, its printed, or it has stripes, or checks, a plain pantyhose is advisable to pair with. Heels are in order too as wearing flat shoes will ruin this glam look. Heels are just what to pair with skirts if they are short and pleated.

pleated skirts for petite girls

  • Blazer

Blazers always look fantastic with pleated skirts, and they look extremely official. A lovely blazer will complement your pleated skirt, and you are always going to look good in this combination. The blazer may be long or short, and it is preferable in a plain color and especially if the skirt is not plain.

  • Shirts and Long-sleeved Tops

It is a logical rule not to wear a pleated skirt with a short-sleeved shirt because you end up looking malnourished and it is not a smart look. The rule of fashion that applies here says that if you expose too much of one body part then cover up the rest. Three quarter sleeves are also exceptionally convenient, as they are not too exposing on the arms. They are just what to pair with skirts, and this includes other types of skirts too.

These are a few suggestions on what to pair with skirts. Choose amongst the styles above and bring out the fashionable you.

Tips On Choosing The Perfect Mini Skirt

Numerous types of mini skirt can accentuate a woman’s figure and body structure. The outfit comes in a variety of style and design that shoppers can pair off with a lovely top. Those who plan to wear miniskirts should choose the ideal length and fabric that will complement their overall look. They need to make sure that the outfit will flatter their figure and will make them exude a chic and classy appeal.

Guidelines for Shopping a Mini Skirt

  • Consider the Body Type and Structure: Women who plan to wear a micro mini skirt should make sure that they choose the right length for their body type. Those with long, thin legs can have a hassle-free time shopping for the best skirt that will flatter their best features. However, those who are on the heavy side should wear skirts that are about two to three inches above their knees to prevent overexposure of their thighs. On the other hand, short women can elongate their legs by wearing a mini skirt that is four inches above their knees.

black mini skirt with lace and ribbons

  • Choose the Ideal Color and Print: Solid and basic colors such as black, gray, and brown are excellent for formal events. A black mini skirt will look chic and gorgeous when worn with a pair of classic pumps or kneelength boots. This is also an outstanding choice for women who look for an outfit with slimming effect. Dark-colored skirts give an illusion of having narrow hips and waist. Aside from color, shoppers should also consider the print of the skirt. They should opt for prints that will bring out their feminine side such as floral or swirls. There are also skirts with plaid designs that will look fabulous when worn with boots. Pleated skirts, for instance, have thick fabric and interesting design that will appeal to those who like to wear a chic outfit in the mall or a party.

fashionable mini skirt

  • Determine the Event or Purpose: Those who plan to attend a casual party may wear a denim mini skirt for a relaxed and laid-back appeal. The skirt can be paired with a plain white shirt or a button-down top. Women can also wear sandals or slip-ons to complete the casual look of the attire. However, this style will not be suitable for a semi-formal gathering because of the fabric. Shoppers should consider the event where they intend to wear the mini skirt. They should make sure that they would look decent and fashionable when they wear the right style of the outfit.

Have Numerous Options

It is also essential for shoppers to have several options when they shop for miniskirts. They can check retail shops or online stores when they want to find the best kind of skirt. Before they purchase the skirt, they should make sure that the item fits them perfectly. They should also compare features of different brands and styles of mini skirt available in stores. They would have a chance of getting a fabulous outfit when they consider numerous factors when shopping.

How To Look Chic and Elegant In Short Skirts

Most women prefer to wear short skirts, particularly when they have amazingly flawless legs. This type of outfit is also excellent for women with short legs because the length of the skirt provides an elongating effect to their legs. Those who want to wear a short skirt can pair off the outfit with the right top and footwear to complete the desired look. However, they need to make sure that they maintain their elegance without appearing overexposed in a skirt.

How to Look Classy and Decent with Very Short Skirts

  • Wear boy shorts underneath the skirt. Most pleated skirts with a very short length tend to expose the underwear when the wind is strong or gusty. Women should consider wearing boy shorts or other garments that can prevent overexposure during a windy climate. Moreover, they can consider using a safety pin to clip a portion of the skirt to the edge of the shorts. This can keep the skirt from lifting when there is a gust of wind.

cute short skirts

  • Choose the ideal tops that will complement the entire outfit. Girls in short skirts should wear a top that has a modest appeal, so they could look decent and classy in their outfit. They should avoid wearing a kind of top that exposes their stomach, as this would send the wrong message to others. The length of the skirt already bears too much skin, so they need to make sure that their top is not too much for their short skirts.

  • Consider wearing the right footwear. Another important factor to consider when wearing a short skirt is the type of footwear that goes with the outfit. For women in short skirts, they should opt for flat shoes or sandals that would make them look chic. Strappy sandals will also enhance their great-looking legs, and they will feel comfortable while walking around in a mini skirt. Those who plan to wear stiletto pumps can do so when they are in the ideal location. The footwear will enhance their outfit if it is worn in a nightclub or bar.

pretty girls in short skirts

  • Practice sitting the right way to avoid overexposure. The best way to sit when wearing short skirts is by sitting with knees together. The legs can be slanted for maximum coverage. There is too much risk by sitting in a crossed legs position, as this manner of sitting might cause exposure.

  • Observe the proper way of moving around when wearing a skirt. Women can appear graceful and refined in a short skirt, as long as they observe the ideal movement when walking, getting off the car, or moving. For instance, they should bend from their knees when they need to pick something from the floor. It is important to keep their knees and legs together as they bend. When they sit in the car, they should make sure that their legs are always together as they sit their bottom on the seat.

It is easy for women to flaunt their legs when they wear short skirts. However, they should observe several factors that would make them look gorgeous and decent in this outfit.

All About the Trendy Pleated Skirts

Pleated skirts are classic clothing pieces for women but they are also great examples of clothing designs or types that never go out of style even as years go by. These types of skirts feature vertical pleats or folds created by folding the fabric back on its own while it is being tailored. Traditionally, the skirts were mainly used as uniforms for schoolgirls but stylists and fashion designers have reinvented them and created several styles and designs suitable for regular use or for any other purpose. Pleated skirts for women complement all body shapes and figures, bring out the fun and sexy side of the wearer and portray a more feminine look.

Types of Pleats Used For Skirts

There are several designs and styles of pleated skirts that can be made by implementing any of the following types of pleats.

black fashionable pleated skirts

  • Knife Pleats. Knife pleats are the most common or the basic type of pleat used when creating skirts that feature pleats. With this type of pleat, the layers are created by replicating the same size of fold and observing a single fold direction. Pleats that shall be used in creating school uniforms are larger while the smaller ones are suitable for any other type of wear.

  • Accordion Pleats. Accordion pleats are created in the same manner as knife pleats. The only difference lies on the direction of the folds. Instead of a uniform left or right direction, accordion uses an alternating pattern. This type of pleat is used for purposes of allowing the pleated skirts to expand whenever the wearer is moving.

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  • Box Pleats. Box pleats are created by implementing back-to-back knife pleats or by tucking the fabric unto the pleat existing behind it. The objective is to create large rectangular folds or shapes that feature deep valleys taking the shape of a box. Since the folds are essentially larger, box pleats are not suitable for long pleated skirts but only for the shorter or mini ones. This type of pleats is also ideal for the thicker types of fabric that shall be used in creating skirts like denim.

stylish long pleated skirts

  • Cartridge Pleats. Cartridge pleats can be considered as one of the most complicated folds that need to be created when designing pleated skirts. The pleats or folds created on the skirt’s waistline are smaller and are held adjacent with each other. Thus, it requires much more amount of fabric to complete the cycle. This type of pleat is commonly observed in the design of elaborate gowns, formal and cocktail dresses or skirts, etc. The pleat has also been widely observed as the standard pleat for women’s skirt during the 15th and 16th centuries.

best fashionable pleated skirts for women

  • Fortuny Pleats. Fortuny pleats feature thinner, smaller, or finer pleats that are suited for use when making skirts made out of silk and other light and delicate fabrics.

Wearing Pleated Skirts

Pleats can be added into a woman’s wardrobe for regular use. Mixing and matching complementary shirts is not really that hard. Skirts that feature pleats can generally be used together with short or long-sleeved shirts, any color, tone, or pattern. Perhaps, the only consideration that you will have to note is the skirt’s ability to be worn day or night. The pleated mini skirts are also recommended for a sexier or more feminine look.