Perfume vs Cologne: Pros and Cons

You are probably wondering what’s the difference between perfume and cologne. The main difference comes in when it comes to the strength of fragrance. It is evident in all perfumes and colognes, including the Chrome cologne. In knowing that there is indeed a difference between a typical perfume vs cologne, there are pros and cons that you need to take into consideration when deciding on whether to apply perfumes or colognes.

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Perfume vs Cologne: Pros and Cons

  • Portability – Due to the fact that perfumes are stronger than colognes, they usually come in much smaller bottles as compared to the big bottles that hold colognes. This makes perfumes easier to carry around in bags, which is convenient to the user especially during travel.
  • Intensity of scent – Since perfumes are stronger, their scent lasts longer than that of colognes, making it easier for you to stay fresh without regular application. Colognes need to be reapplied often if you want the scent to last longer.
  • Amount applied – You need not use a lot of perfume, as their strong scents only require application in small amounts. Colognes on the other hand need application in much larger amounts and are thus less economical.
  • Alcohol content (liquid base)Perfumes have less alcohol and more scent and are therefore seen to be safer to use than colognes. Colognes have a high liquid base, which means they contain high levels of alcohol and less scent.
  • PricingPerfumes are expensive as compared to colognes. This is so because they are stronger and long lasting as compared to colognes. This is why colognes are cheaper than perfumes and most people choose to buy colognes, as they are friendly to the pocket and come in much larger bottles.
  • Mode of application – While colognes come in spray and splash form which eases their application, some perfumes have the dipsticks and roller balls. This means they cannot be sprayed meaning it is hard to reach certain spots to apply.
  • Scent strength – The perfumes tend to be so overpowering to first timers, as they are too strong. This is not the case with colognes, which are mild. Perfumes can therefore cause you some discomfort due to the strength of the scent.
  • Public application – Application of perfumes in public can be quite tricky and might earn you some unfriendly stares from people, more so because of their mode of application and the scent intensity, which can be irritating to some.

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Whether or not you choose to use perfumes or colognes, all have their advantages and disadvantages and that is probably the risk you have to take in your quest to have lovely scents that are appealing to you and those around you.

An important point to note is that perfumes are favorable if you have the oily type of skin. This is because oily skin loses the scent fast and there is need for stronger scents. Those of you with dry skins should use colognes. Use the product that is favorable for you, if you can tolerate strong scents, go for perfumes. If you can’t look for mild scents in colognes.